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  1. These forums are hostile to Christians who quote scripture, and cheer on the liberals who ignore it. It is something I have really gotten tired of. I am going to bed. Hope you feel less grumpy!:)

  2. I enjoyed your posts. Yikes, quit while you are ahead. :) You seem angry now.

  3. I went back and read through the thread and you were not rude to me at all! Actually my response was rude. I am sorry. I am going back to edit. It was obvious that you thought that I disagreed with you, when actually I was trying to agree, but you were not rude or mean to me at all with your response. I apologize if my response made you look or feel worse. I am going to edit it now.

  4. :grouphug:It started out well.

  5. Your not a question mark anymore!:hurray: Nice Avatar!

  6. I have not been recognizing about half of your posts because of the avatar change, and I am just now realizing it. duh.

  7. Dayle, I had to give you a thumbs up for your reply in the lying thread. All other words fail me. I agree with you. Great explanation.

  8. they hadn't expected it to take 4 years. Well, it did. And many were caught off guard even when warned. It is similar at this time. Good point!

  9. I appreciated your post about history and there being no hope if one is relying on man.

  10. Sorry I messed up your thread. :blushing: I informed lovemykids how to read the original of posts that have been edited.

  11. I totally agree with you! I wasn't worried about the swine flu at all until I read that post.

  12. Thank you for commenting on my thread. I will look into it!

  13. Love the avatar. Should we start a Nerd Herd fan club thread?

  14. 176 Thank you for sharing the good aspect of churches.
  15. BOO! I see you posted today. :P

  16. Wow! Your website is superb! Very impressive.

  17. Oops! this was meant as a PM.

  18. Bravo! Great allowance insights!

  19. I got your reply. :)

  20. Keep me updated please. I am worried about you.

  21. Wonderful wonderful post on the locked thread. Thank you

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