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  1. Yes, see fruits are not works. I know someone who has only been to church a couple of times (yes total) and is not involved in "ministry" but this person's family and neighbors see the changes: more loving, more joyful, less judgmental, more generous. Fruits.
  2. Well I think we have also learned that different denominations and churches will handle things differently as well. :grouphug:
  3. 2 things... yes I even know of a pastor who has had a crisis of faith. He just doesn't understand how a loving and just God could punish someone eternally for only a few years of sinning... he has considered moving out of the country where he pastors. We have had some good discussions about what some teachings and conceptions are and what the Bible says and doesn't say... and like I said I know many who have been where you are. :grouphug: I think that this really depends on your relationship with people. Someone (agnostic) in my life thinks it is fine for her friends to be Christians, but when I became one she attacked me (even her husband saw it) and cut off all contact with me. I am just waiting it out for now. My point is that some people may be understanding with you because they aren't close to you. :/ Okay... I will stop before my big mouth screws things up even more.
  4. Yeah, Momoflaw, James jumped all over me for using the word accept instead of receive. I looked the words up in several different ways and for all I know they are synonyms unless you have learned his particular theology. I have many friends who are Calvinists or Spurgeonists and I just don't agree with them (but I do NOT call them false teachers like some people. Goodness! I hate divisivness! Anyway... James' pickiness had me worried. YES. Each and every one of us. Thank you.
  5. Yes. He told me that we could meet him at the church, at the library, or our house, whatever we are comfortable with, and there is fellowship time in the fellowship hall after every service. (Which I am very excited about! One of the problems with our old church was that everyone would just listen to the sermon and then leave.)
  6. This issue though, of law and gospel, is the biggest issue for me in choosing a denomination. I spent 30 years in a cult being convicted of my sin before I heard the gospel. My children will not go through that despair. The more we hear the gospel the closer we become to our Savior and the less we sin, not because someone is preaching law at us, but because He teaches us individually. http://www.ligonier.org/learn/articles/gospel-broken/
  7. Well, if that is what I should agree with then that is a relief. I have a friend who is in seminary to be a Lutheran pastor and he jumps on things if my wording isn't quite right, and I was worried.
  8. Okay without quoting me, tell me if the Lutheran Church is going to deny me membership/confirmation if I believe this: "God's Grace is free for all and compelling but not overwhelming. The Holy Spirit is central and takes the initiative at every point in the Christian life. He draws us, He guides us, but we respond or not. That is free will." I like their very humble approach to salvation being all God's doing, but I feel this issue is a paradox, just like the others.
  9. I am so glad that you shared this. I am not saying my way is better, you just seemed to think showing up at a religious service that one does not agree with just for the social interaction is better, that's all. The reason I brought it up at all is that I know a lot of people that judge solely based on attendance.
  10. okay, but I have variety of Christians and non-Christians over for board games, video games and karioke. :cheers2:
  11. SAME HERE! I have gotten so downhearted about it. I have even thought that in school they can't eat so often, so maybe putting them in would fix it. kwim?
  12. Oh fun! A nativity for the yard (I saw one last year with everyone bowing to Jesus and blubbered so much I had to run to the bathroom and couldn't fix myself) A new vacuum. (I have hard floors and mine won't pick up a piece of catfood, I have to use the broom for that?) Christian Books, HOD Preparing, Sonlight's church history an MP3 player A membership to Curves or a tanning bed My niece (who is shunning all of us, prayers please)
  13. There are many concepts that our human language just can't convey accurately enough, nor can we fully grasp. I say where there a paradox is found, let it stand. I doubt I will find a church where I agree with everything, but if I feel something is a paradox in God's Word and they don't, then that might be okay. :iagree::grouphug:
  14. Oh I see, the OP is not judging others. She is one of them.:grouphug:
  15. Thank you. We can only measure our own, and once again, the listing is in the book of Galations, fruit is not works.
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