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  1. I love your quote, once again. Is it a quote or your own?

  2. I just read about your DHs job opportunity. I am so glad that it looks like you won't lose your insurance!

  3. I will definitely look into Discovery Streaming. Thanks for the suggestion. I trust you enough to try it.:D

  4. Have I mentioned how much I like you?23_30_126.gif

  5. You have the best sig lines!

  6. BOO! I caught you! I am supposed to be getting the LR picked up. I already did my Bible study though, :001_smile: something I have been working on getting in first thing. I told DH that I was not visiting the forums until Wednsday.:lol: Well, we had a spelling problem yesterday! What's a girl to do!!

  7. I really appreciate the way you stay reasonable and helpful. Okay, I give up, what is your avatar?

  8. Okay... she is adorable according to your photos. I am assuming you didn't borrow someone else's kid. What is it made of?

  9. Thanks for the discipline advice. I will take it! Going to get some books now.

  10. I couldn't agree more! I hope you can add to our parenting group.

  11. I noticed your DS will be using Beyond FIAR. How many FIAR levels have you used? How do they change?

  12. Your little dragon is so darling! I love looking at it.

  13. Aw, your deer is cutesy again.

  14. Did you get my email on How To Teach Spelling? I hope it helped. It took me forever to figure it out. I didn't understand how the student books were much help.

  15. Oh, I did not get this response about FIAR because it showed up in your profile instead of mine. LOL

  16. Bed time for me!! Nighty Night.

  17. Hannah, I was just looking for supplements for our Bible lessons and decided to search the free thread. Guess who posted it? Thank you!!

  18. Thank you! I was horrified that she said leaving marks on that baby was okay, and no one should keep that lady from adopting.

  19. I think we need to be careful for attributing everything (good and bad) to God. The scriptures talk about other sources and situations at play (Satan--being himself and at times an angel of light, time and unforseen occurrances, etc). I was waiting to see what you had to say on that thread, and I really appreciate that you put this part in.

  20. Thanks so much! I will keep you in mind if I have any more science questions. :)

  21. I can't tell you how much I needed to hear that. :grouphug: Your children are not spoiled, from your description. It sounds like they're just average kids who goof up and have to be led back on the straight and narrow frequently. That's what kids do. Please don't compare yourself to other parents. You never do truly know what goes on in someone else's house.

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