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  1. LOL It worked then! :P

  2. Excellent post.:grouphug:

  3. Oh thank goodness! I am so glad to see you edited.:ohmy:

  4. Is that a new avatar?

  5. Aw, your deer is cutesy again.

  6. Thanks! I thought it was time for a change.

  7. I see your point about parental rights as well. I have this weird feeling that someone will see that homeschoolers use that book and decide that all kids must be in public school. You know?

  8. Thank you! I really needed support, that was scary!

  9. Thanks!:thumbup: (close as I could find to a high five)

  10. No, I was just ordering some of their hands-on supplements. :)

  11. No... I gave up and sent an email to orders asking to add rubber bands to my order (of pento thingies) :P because I already have geoboards and they haven't gotten back to me either. :( I thought about trying to get the TM used... but I decided to get the AL abacus manual instead.

  12. I went to find you to send a message and you weren't on my friends list!:scared:

  13. Good job on all counts!

  14. Okay... she is adorable according to your photos. I am assuming you didn't borrow someone else's kid. What is it made of?

  15. I really appreciate the way you stay reasonable and helpful. Okay, I give up, what is your avatar?

  16. I totally disagree with Secular mom. I didn't want to muck up the thread. :grouphug:

  17. Actually, very helpful because I was considering Sonlight.

  18. Yeah, well, I didn't want a big deal but I didn't have a choice... professor.:lol:

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