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  1. I appreciated your post about history and there being no hope if one is relying on man.

  2. Oh wow! The quote from your daughter in your sig sounds just like mine. She has not been hanging out with my MIL that much. Where does she get this guilt trip idea? I would not take her to McDonald's or let her have candy today, so she said she hated herself.:confused::confused:

  3. Checking up on you... Ho are you doing?

  4. I finally uploaded these geography note-booking pages and wanted to share with all of you. They are at the bottom of this post.

  5. Love the breastfeeding comments. Glad you thought of it, because I didn't.

  6. Oops! this was meant as a PM.

  7. Loved the nutritional info. I did not do all of the research. I figured God told Noah to eat meat. There must be a good reason to do so. :)

  8. Hannah, I was just looking for supplements for our Bible lessons and decided to search the free thread. Guess who posted it? Thank you!!

  9. Your post on the subject of the mohawk was undoubtedly the best one.

  10. Love the avatar. Matches your user name to a T.:D

  11. I went back and read through the thread and you were not rude to me at all! Actually my response was rude. I am sorry. I am going back to edit. It was obvious that you thought that I disagreed with you, when actually I was trying to agree, but you were not rude or mean to me at all with your response. I apologize if my response made you look or feel worse. I am going to edit it now.

  12. These forums are hostile to Christians who quote scripture, and cheer on the liberals who ignore it. It is something I have really gotten tired of. I am going to bed. Hope you feel less grumpy!:)

  13. Yay! You have an avatar now!

  14. Oh, it is now 2:30 AM. I just made some pudding with Jake's whole milk. He is getting one sippy cup of it a day starting yesterday. Trying to wean him a little.

  15. Yeah, I am trying to get the floors clean with the kids in bed. Aunt Flo arrived today and I am always sleepless with a headache. Had a very bad afternoon.

  16. I will definitely look into Discovery Streaming. Thanks for the suggestion. I trust you enough to try it.:D

  17. On my profile page, I can see that you are online! How cool is that?

  18. Hi! Thanks for all of your ASL advice. We have not learned much so far. The alphabet is difficult. Would love to have you as a contact!

  19. Hi Jennifer! I thought someone who helps out with WP questions would make a great "friend". Then I have your screenname handy to follow your posts! I am not a stalker, promise!

  20. Hello! Thanks for the response to my post. I need to go to bed too!;)

  21. Thank you so much for responding to my post. I think I will take your suggestions. We need some drastic changes around here. DD takes so much energy. Wow! SWB is your friend? ;) Think she would turn me down? :lol:

  22. I thought of you right off as a "friend"! I still don't know how to request one. :lol:

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