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  1. I enjoyed your post on the OT.

  2. Good job. I have a long post with quotes, but maybe it isn't the best approach. ;)

  3. Hi! It was good to see you post!

  4. Whew, thanks for the save Crissy. Not an actual kid!

  5. :lol: I was thinking the same thing! You crack me up!:lol:

  6. Loved it!

    ...and your idea of blasphemy and God's might differ greatly. For a Christian that believes God's heart has been revealed via scripture, this wouldn't be blasphemy, it would be reading the Very Clear writing Right There in The Book. :)


    Science can be "so easily denied" because science has a looooooong history of being, well, wrong.

  7. I really liked the way you defended MFW. :)

  8. 23_28_100.gif Well, if that's the case - we should have done it 8 years ago, LOL!!!!!!!

  9. Wonderful posts on the AAS threads!

  10. I think it ended well with yours being the last word. :) There were other good ending spots too... but plenty of bad ones.

  11. How are you doing Paige? Drop me a PM. :)

  12. We are still really struggling with consistency. A toddler is so challenging, and it seems someone in my family is always sick. Thank you for the confession. I think that helped me more than anything.:grouphug:

  13. Thanks!:thumbup: (close as I could find to a high five)

  14. I like you. :)

  15. Did you get my new samples?? :)

  16. This reminds me of something... you are too much!

  17. Oh, thanks a lot Peek. I had to edit my ignore list twice because I was too curious as to Parabola's response.

  18. Thanks for the microwave info. I always suspected... and people were saying microwaves left more nutrients than other cooking methods. :001_huh:

  19. You now have a fan.

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