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  1. A question for gals that host game day ... what do you do about food?  


    We usually start at 11 am and I serve a casserole type dish for lunch (lasagna, chicken spaghetti, ect) and make a dessert.  We have lemonade available.  We also tell our friends to bring a snack to share and whatever they want special to drink.  For dinner we eat leftovers from lunch or go for pizza or I have sandwich makings. It's not unusual for me to fall asleep on the couch while DH and a few people stay up and play games well into the early morning.   


    We usually start at 1 pm and we have pizza about half the time. We provide the pizza and the guests will bring snacks like fruit trays, cookies, and drinks.


    Or we might plan a menu with some sort of main dish and the guests bring side dishes. We do chili and hot dogs pretty often, hoagies, spaghetti...


    People leave between 10 pm and 12 pm.


    Sorry my reply is so late. :/


  2. A lot of older games have been hitting the table at our house lately.  Most of these are games we pulled out to play with DD and she has loved them so we've played them multiple times over the last week.


    I love pulling out older games. :) One of our family favorites is Midnight Party.

  3. Speaking of dh liking racing games...we've played Formula E, a game where you race elephants in India, came in the mail last month. Dh had kickstarted it but it had some component issues so it was very late and we got some extra elephant meeples out of the whole thing. 


    I love Formula E! My husband was trying to sell it, but I am emotionally attached because it was our first quick review, and our daughter was so cute in the video. :) 


  4. Anyone follow the Spiel des Jahres?


    Game of the year is: Camel Up




    Kinderspiel des Jahres is: Istanbul




    DH has played Istanbul and liked it. I haven't gotten a chance yet.  Neither of us have played Camel Up.  Anyone here played either of them?


    I love Istanbul! It has the feel of a worker placement, with the additional challenge of moving your assistants around the board.  I am always wanting to play this one, and I always forget that we don't own it, but borrowed it from a friend.


    Haven't played Camel Up yet.


    We have been playing Five Tribes this week and it reminds me a little of Istanbul... and Trajan. I have really been enjoying it.


  5. Terra Mystica is just the best game ever! We have played with every number of players and always walk away thinking it was a great game. You know how some games you play and lose and you walk away thinking you could get that time back? Not so with Terra Mystica. It is for a more advanced player who is familiar with Euro games, but it isn't so difficult that you can't enjoy your first game. [font=Verdana, sans-serif]I would say it involves heavy resource management and strategic advanced planning[/font] as you build and grow in power. Every decision has a give and take repercussion. You may want to focus on a structure that will benefit your race the most, add to your potential of founding a town, or you may want to concentrate on the structures that score victory points that round. There is an endless potential for variety, with random placement of the score tiles and bonus tiles AND a lots of different races to play as that have unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. So if you have the game down with one race, just switch to another for a whole new challenge. It is just awesome.

  6. Love Letter is a blast. It plays 2-4 and our 10 year old enjoys it too. Everyone is dealt one role card. Then the players try to eliminate eachother by guessing what the other role cards are and playing cards that will get rid of them. My first thought was "This is so much better than Werewolf."

  7. One that the whole family enjoys is [url="http://jumpstartcity.com/events/monsters-and-maidens"]Monsters and Maidens[/url]. Our kids don't enjoy very many games because their ADHD drives their Dad crazy and he can't take playing with them for long, but this one works, and Mom and Dad enjoy it too. It probably won't get funded though. :( I had never even heard of Jumpstart City.

  8. [quote name='LostSurprise' timestamp='1368645357' post='4962145']
    I have never played Canasta...is that a trick taking game? I'm so terrible at those.

    I played [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvFEj49Q6Z0"]Escape: Curse of the Temple[/url] last night. Its a real-time dice-rolling exploration game. Its really fast (10min) and easy and nerve-wracking.

    I gave my dh the 2 player version of Le Havre (Inland Port) for our anniversary a few weeks ago and we played that over the weekend. I really liked it, but I didn't think it resembled Le Havre that much.
    [/quote] I like Le Havre Inland Port, but I really prefer Agricola All Creatures. Escape Curse of the Temple makes me so nervous that I do all the stupid things, like dropping my dice. lol We figured out that the louder the soundtrack, the more nervous I get.

  9. [quote name='LostSurprise' timestamp='1369797811' post='4990377']
    We meant to play a longer game over the holiday weekend but we ended up with [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgA4GAWoQ3U"]Lost Cities[/url], a two-person, set-building card game.
    [/quote]I really liked this one, but DH thought it was too "mathy"... he got bored with it.

  10. [quote name='LostSurprise' timestamp='1370660169' post='5009770']
    [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDMk3XYXRvI"]Morels[/url]. A 2 player game about picking and cooking mushrooms. Basically your collecting sets from a line of cards that's constantly going by.
    [/quote] We love that game!

  11. We have been playing [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htK4eOe2_R4"]Love Letter[/url], [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWEjmlwPtmU"]Marvel Legendary[/url], and [url="http://greyelephantgaming.blogspot.com/2013/06/terra-mystica.html"]Terra Mystica[/url]. Very different games, but love them all!

  12. Oh thank you for the link Dusty. I have my terms mixed up. That isn't it at all, and I might not have known it if not for the link.


    What I was trying to explain (with the wrong terms) is a difference in the central idea of scripture. I am going to steal an explanation from a Lutheran site. I hope I don't offend anyone, and I certainly don't mean to and if I am wrong about this, then I am okay with that.


    Here is the explanation: The Reformed view is that the central idea of the Bible is the soveriegnty of God and that our purpose for everything, and God's purpose for everything... is to bring Him glory. The Lutheran view is that the central idea of the Bible is Christ. For Luther and Lutherans, justification is the chief teaching of the faith without which no one can understand Christianity. For Lutheranism, the way to know God is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ: that sinners have been justified by God’s grace for Christ’s sake through faith. Put another way, Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism (Catholic and Orthodox churches) ask, “What must I do for my salvation?†Lutheranism asks, “What has Christ done for my salvation?†Calvinism asks, “What must I do for the greater glory of God?â€

  13. Hey, how is everyone? Emily is doing sooo much better, and about to turn 11! :) I am wanting to look into allergies as the reason for her esophagitis, it has started bothering her a little again. My parents dropped off a trash bag full of everything they could find that we had left at their house last time we were there, and that caused some upset recently... I ended up not going to counseling back then, because her parenting is so different from mine I was afraid we would clash. I am joining a church! Didn't think that would ever happen! It is a Lutheran church and the theology of the cross is so important to me, that I am wondering if we can continue with HOD, since a Reformed worldview is the theology of glory, so I am trying to decide on that, as we have not been doing history at all and are wanting to start soon. Sorry, I can't seem to form paragraphs for some reason. :p

  14. Well it has been a year and we have been so busy navigating our new life that we have barely kept up with the essentials... have mostly been doing math and unschooling (or hit and miss) with the rest. I am still trying to decide whether we will be doing Preparing. I have been looking at Memoria press because it seems simpler, and Veritas Press because I could work it with SOTW... hmmm I would love to use SOTW instead of CHOW along with the other resources in Preparing... but yeah, we have just picked up science again... we need simple.

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