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  1. 23_28_100.gif Great insight on the Sweden trip.
  2. 23_32_3.gifYou are awesome! Doesn't matter if I could have planned it better myself. Doesn't matter if I could have saved money with printing it myself. All that matters is that it's in my hands and getting done. In other words, I bought myself peace.
  3. 586 I am so proud of this one, I had to share. :D
  4. 54 Yours was the best reply! I am impressed!
  5. 176 Thank you for sharing the good aspect of churches.
  6. http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?p=955098#post955098 We are trying to get more information on McRuffy Phonics on this thread. Would you mind popping in and telling us how you liked it?
  7. BFIAR is on the sale boards!
  8. We Shall Remain A documentary series on PBS about Native Americans!
  9. km_hug.gifMy DD has said things like that too.
  10. anim_21.gifIt feels like this doesn't it?
  11. ;) I got tired of "western", "baptist", and "non-denominational" broadsweeping in the EO group... I suppose I will have to look elsewhere for info on early Christian history.

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