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  1. I'm mostly thinking for the generator, but we haven't really stored it over the winter, so I am wondering about that.
  2. I did, It does look cool. I am actually watching your thread very closely because I have a very active 13 yog who doesn't play a sport but likes to "do stuff outside"
  3. This is the hockey thing, no skating, year round, so less like hockey other than using the sticks. More like miniature golf I think. can you tell I want one? 😆 https://www.hockeysaucekit.com/ In case anyone else is interested
  4. Archery, slack line, one of those balance board things you stand on to work your core, I saw this hockey thing on Facebook that I really liked, it’s basically little nets that sit on a pad, but hockey sticks are expensive if you have to buy some new ones.
  5. Not really I think, although family members (who probably got their info from Facebook) keep floating the ideas that once the presidency changes hands the price will sky rocket, or that there will be a trucker strike etc. Also, we are too far south for blizzards or being snowed in, but at least twice since I moved here we have had ice storms that knocked power out for multiple days and we just bought a generator so was just wondering about gas storage.
  6. I like the idea of recipe first, then talk. I plan to put a recipe or meal idea (not everything has to be a “recipe”) then some helpful information, like tips for menu planning, budgeting, shopping etc
  7. Nope, this is an outlet for me and a way to help others
  8. I wouldn’t worry too much. You can always check on them and reevaluate if they seem in distress or in danger of suffocating each other from huddling up too tight
  9. This has been so helpful! The blog is intended to be aimed at participants of the SNAP program and food pantries, so no monetizing to keep it sleek and more accessible.
  10. I've never done a poll before, I hope this works. I am trying to create a blog and after looking at tons of cooking blogs, I noticed most of them are very long posts that are very chatty, often about stuff completely unrelated, but gives you a glimpse into the life of the author. Other than two blogs that I read regularly (both of which are very visually simple with no ads etc) when I am looking for a recipe or something, I usually just scroll past all of that chat to the recipe. If they are very long, I just find it frustrating, but I know that I may be in the minority since so many blog
  11. Our little rural family dollar is the last place around with toilet paper, and they didn’t have a lot. We should be fine for that. I’m waiting til Monday then going to Kroger for cheese that’s on sale and then I feel like I will be all stocked up again. I am planning to buy a lot of cheese haha. But really though, some days I feel silly stocking so much when I have 2 girls working at the grocery store. For Lysol, I buy the little brown bottle of concentrate and mix my own. I get it at family dollar, would that work for you? I don’t know if they still have any as I have enough to last at l
  12. You guys gave us so many suggestions and she is working through them, thanks!
  13. The most recent orders from the library were Elvis and Post Modern Jukebox. She has also been going through and listening to her Grandmother's records while she is there. Oh, and she has on library order the Andrews Sisters
  14. We had no issues with depression. I just asked ds what was the worst about it, he said that it was tied. The stomach issues I guess were pretty bad, but short lived. The peeling lips didn’t feel bad but said he felt like he looked awful as they really peeled. Overall he said he was definitely glad he did it as it made a huge difference in how he looked
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