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  1. :iagree: I was coming here to gush about how much I love Mr. Kern's lectures- he is the epitome of perfection when it comes to conference speakers: witty, comfortable, HUMBLE, and wicked smart. I have been positively *gorging* on the audio at Circe- and, well, "seeing" him here is just.too.darn.much.:hurray: I sincerely hope to hear one of your presentations in person one day. Mr. Kern!! The part up above that I bolded- that went straight to my heart. Such truth there. Very humbling.
  2. Oh, what serendipity to have stumbled across this thread at this time in my homeschooling journey. Such wonderful wisdom here. :) In spite of being relatively new to homeschooling and doing more than my fair share of learning my way 'round (read: screwing up :lol:), from the very beginning I've intuitively leaned towards a philosophy of 'less is more'/quality not quantity, esp. in the younger years. That's not a very popular philosophy on this board ;) but I'm utterly thrilled to see that philosophy validated by wise, experienced HSing parents. Literature is a food group in my house. My husband, son, and I are bottomless pits when it comes to literature- and I, too, have been soul-searching recently about WHY I feel the need to *limit* the time we spend on literature just so we can cram a bunch of other soul-less lessons/curricula into our learning. It makes no sense whatsoever when I think about one of the things that attracted me to classical education in the first place was its emphasis on 'the true, the good, and the beautiful.' I've been toying with the idea of doing LLfLOTR with my son next year- having a LOTR year, in fact- and I think this thread may have pushed me into making that leap of faith. :)
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