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  1. I purchased Typing Tutor Platinum for my son last year. He didn't like it but he is an avid video game player and the games were not engaging enough for him. He complained anytime I made him do typing, so I gave up on it. This year he is using www.typingweb.com/tutor/courses It's free and he likes it much better. I think it is more appropriate for his grade/age level. (He is in the 7th grade and 12 years old.)
  2. I do know it is possible to transfer the gradebook from one computer to another. Last year, we had computer problems so had to transfer the gradebook. I contacted Teaching Textbooks and they provided me with the instructions for how to do the transfer, unfortunately I don't remember the details or specific instructions and didn't keep any notes of the procedure so I can't tell you how to do it. Contact Teaching Textbooks directly to get assistance. Their service and support is fantastic.
  3. I did not want my son to forget everything he learned the past 5 months so am having him read Life of Fred fractions for summer re-enforcement and review. I hope it works as planned!! :-)
  4. I didn't know the books were available on audio. Where did you purchase the audio books from?
  5. Hello, I'm considering using the books A History of US by Joy Hakim along with the student/teacher study guides. Has anyone here used these books for their homeschool curriculum? If yes, and you did history every day, how long did it take to read and complete the studies for each book in the series?
  6. I often feel like an underachiever too. I work full-time (I am a full-time telecommuter, which is why I am able to school my son at home now) so we have little time for anything other than the Three R's. :-) I dream of winning the lottery so that I can devote ALL of my time to schooling him.
  7. We're using IEW and SWI-B (Institute for Excellence in Writing -- Student Writing Intensive). My son is a 6th grader and a reluctant writer. I cannot sing enough praises for this writing philosphy/system.
  8. My 6th grade son is using TT6. We love it!! So far we haven't used the workbook. He works the problems on the computer and does most of the math in his head. The students are often instructed to compute the problem in their heads. If my son misses a problem, I have him "do the math" in a notebook, showing all of the steps used to solve the problem. This way I can make certain he is comprehending everything. So far, his errors are simple "calculation" errors and not due to not understanding the math. In addition to working out the problem in the notebook, I have him watch the "how to solve" instruction when he misses a problem. He is getting excellent scores on his lessons and quizes.
  9. Thanks for your responses Crimson Wife and Sue in St. Pete. Your recommendations give me a good launching off point! :001_smile:
  10. Hello, I am looking for a secular science curriculum for my 6th grade son. We are just beginning to homeschool him in partnership with a public online school. Throughout his school years he has been apathetic towards science. His grades have been mediocre in this subject I like what I've read/seen inregards to the R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey curriculum but it looks like its intended for 5th grade or younger students. What I would really like is to find a curriculum that would help him become interested and excited about learning science. I work full-time from home so also need a curriculum that has a solid lesson plan and teaching guides. I appreciate any/all recommendations! Thanks in advance.
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