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    I am a Single mom of one 3.5 year old astronaut in training
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    Rural PA and every other weekend Washington DC
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    Occasionally I sleep.. its my favorite hobby
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    I work FT in a Nursing home, go to school FT, and am a single mom.
  1. Can anyone recommend some summer poems that would be fun to memorize for a 6 year old. Thanks
  2. thanks !! WE use the ipad more then Id like depending on how I feel which varies day to day.
  3. Can I get some IPAD app recommendations for a first grader.... I would love to find one that teaches him chess and other fun but educational apps.... Thanks
  4. We read aloud whenever Im up to so most days (I have cancer) so I think I will just continue to encourage writing but not worry about it at this age. we are reading mouse and a motorcycle now
  5. Im looking for something to prompt/encourage writing for a almost 7 year old.
  6. Im finally headed home from the hospital after a 6 plus month health stay (I have stomach cancer and have under went several serugeries and am still undewr going chemo) my son is out of school and im looking for a reading list for his as both to read on his own and to read to him myself. Thanks. Karen any suggestions for other things he should do other play let me know:) Id love to work on math and maps with him over the summer.
  7. I have cancer and am looking for books to read to my 6 year old about cancer/people with cancer. Any recommendations would be welcome.
  8. last wednesday I was diagnosised with stomach cancer and have been in the hospital since while have 100 test and trying to get me to a place I can be outpatient and hopefully get better.... I need some stories and books to help my son understand what is that is making mommy sick. HE is 6 any suggestions?
  9. I have a 5.5 year old and am looking to purchase a microscope.
  10. On the bus though we could do it at lunch or some other point in the day I guess. I found magnetic rods on amazon which I think we could use those on the bus. So that should solve the scatter problem. But is miquon open and go? My son is not a huge fan of workbooks and writing and I get resistance at this point from them which makes it hard. Rightstart is great but manipulatives get lost and forgotten by my son between multiple work sites, home, bus, and train, and they aren't easily replaced. Its also takes preparation time on my part.
  11. I think we will get this to try.
  12. My son gets a lot of screen time already. While I'm not opposed to using tablets and laptop for some things I would like it not to be our primary curriculum. I would prefer the screen time be things he can do while I am working and busy. I don't mind carrying some manipulatives I just want everything for his day to fit in his backpack. I also don't want to have to spend a ton of time packing his bag with different manipulatives and things everyday and making sure I have the right things for the day.
  13. We love the mall. We spend many days wandering the museums and having picnic lunches :) We also like the spy museum.
  14. I need an open and go math for a kindergarten age child. We usually do math on the bus or train so something that doesn't need a lot of manipulatives. I am thinking maybe miquon or mm?
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