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  1. Hmmm...going to have to add this movie to my Netflix queue. We live in North Pole, AK...yep, it does get cold! We have been enjoying a "warming trend" this week and it has been about 32 degrees. But I think we are to get cold again. I am hoping that the -50 temps are behind us for this winter though! BBBRRR! Bring on SPRING!
  2. This year we are on our own as Dh is deployed. By the time Thanksgiving Day gets here we will have gorged ourselves on 3 or 4 "Thanksgiving" dinners. So...the kids asked if we could do something fun and different this year. They asked for a Chinese feast! So, we are making egg rolls, Asian pork ribs, sweet & sour chicken and fried rice. And we will come up with something fun for dessert! We decided we don't need to go shopping on Black Friday so we are going to have craft & sewing day. We will also probably play games or watch movies.
  3. Thanks for the info on Pilillau. I am looking at vacation rentals now. I want a relaxing, romantic Hawaiian vacation. And I really appreciate the help & ideas from those of you are there and have been there/done that! It helps so much to have an idea of what to do & where to go before we get there.
  4. Thank you all for the great ideas! I am still looking for a place to stay. We have reservations at the Hale Koa, but I really want to be outside the city for part of the time we are there. I found Pilillau Army Rec Center, but we can't book there till 4 months out because we are not Army. I know there are a lot of things that Husband wants to do, I'm just excited to be getting out of the Alaska Interior for a while during winter!
  5. I would love more info....we looked into Bellows, but the online reservations shows no availability for the time we will be there. Are there other military places to look into? We are at Eielson....outside of North Pole/Fairbanks. It gets so cold up here and winter seems to last forever! I will be so glad to get away for a bit.
  6. ...when he returns from deployment. And I can't wait. So excited! From Alaska to Hawaii. This will be my first time to Hawaii, he has been there for work twice. Now I need to find a place for us to stay. I'd like to find a beach condo or cabin for us...where to look? And what are the "must do/see" things? Thanks!
  7. We are at Eielson AFB, Alaska... $3.39/gallon at Safeway & Fred Meyer $4.20/gallon at the Commissary. Not sure how much butter is.
  8. We have bought several refurbished items from Mac and had little to no trouble. We have a refurb iMac, MacBook Pro and several iPods. The only item we have had any trouble with was son's iPod and they ended up totally replacing it with the warranty. We really like their warranty and Apple Care as well. No trouble and will probably buy refurb again in the future. I am currently looking at an iPad...
  9. We are currently in Alaska. My Dh is Air Force and we are on out 2nd tour in Alaska. The first time we were stationed at Elmendorf AFB, outside of Anchorage. We are currently at Eielson AFB, outside of Fairbanks. We love Alaska and hope to retire to the Anchorage area someday. We like the Anchorage area much better than F'Banks...winter here is just too cold!
  10. In Eagle River there is a Nature Center, the drive out there is beautiful. There are hiking trails and you can usually see moose along the trails. We love going out to Girdwood to Alyeska ski resort. There are some wonderful hiking trails out there. Also Portage Glacier is wonderful! If you feel up to the drive through the tunnel to Whitier, it is beautiful there, but not much to do....it is a port town where the cruise ships come through. Seward is great, beautiful drive, and Exit Glacier is pretty amazing...you can hike out to the glacier, but you can't walk on it anymore, it has receded so much. Denali is fun! A bit of a drive from Anchorage...about 4 hours. We are stationed outside of North Pole, Alaska and make the trip to Anchorage a couple times a year. Used to live in Eagle River.
  11. We are currently stationed at Eielson AFB, outside of North Pole, AK and about 20 miles from Ft. Wainwright. We were stationed at Elmendorf, in Anchorage previously. Anchorage gets more rain and snow than Fairbanks area. A lot of people have said it is more "dreary" in Anchorage. BUT we loved it there. We are looking to retire to Anchorage someday. There is a lot to do in Anchorage, it is a city. Alaska is wonderful for outdoor sports & activities! Hunting and fishing are big here. It is more expensive to live in Alaska, but not terribly so.
  12. Full House, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Who's The Boss, Charles in Charge, Saved by the Bell, Brady Bunch, Punky Brewster, Robin Hood, Doc, Diagnosis Murder, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. My Boy likes: Nightrider, Avatar, Magyver, A Team, Simon & Simon,
  13. Didn't have the opportunity to pray for your need to get the papers signed, but will be praying for Travel Mercies to bring you and Katya home to the family! How very exciting to be at the end of the long journey to adoption!
  14. Congratulations!:hurray: Will be praying that the waiting period passes quickly and the adoption remains unchallenged! What a blessing for your family!:grouphug:
  15. Oh my goodness! This is so sad. We have been sick here this week so we stayed home from church today. I hope your Mother In Law doesn't end up sick...
  16. Sounds wonderful! I'll join you....after I get back from picking Ds up from CAP at 8:30~
  17. I need to order my kids' uniforms for choir. The order is over $100 and I was wondering if anyone might have a discount or free shipping code? We are in Alaska and the shipping adds up! Thanks!
  18. our update... We have had nothing! We have our house in Mississippi listed for sale sine 7/08 and listed it for sale or rent in 6/09. Due to a military move we are now in Alaska and the house has been empty since mid June. I know that God is in control and will take care of us in His time. But it is so hard not to worry and fret over this. We have dropped the price on the house from $199,000 to $165,000 this is currently $2000 less than our loan. Please continue to pray that God will move on our behalf. Heather~that is so frustrating! We are praying for you guys.
  19. I am so glad you enjoyed your trip and your visit with GM! What a tremendous blessing to have such good times to remember with GM and the children.
  20. I'm sorry Aunt is being so unreasonable. I hope you find a way to make everyone happy and the trip is wonderful for your family.
  21. We usually ordered cake from Costco so I can't help there. Costco is like Sam's Club.... I'll ask around and see what I can find out for you.
  22. The first thing that needs to happen is the red cross needs to be contacted to take care of arrangements with the military. This is so very sad for this family. My heart is breaking for this young man and his young family. What a tragedy.
  23. We just returned to Alaska. We lived in Eagle River for 3 years while Dh was stationed at Elmendorf AFB. We are now in Fairbanks as Dh is stationed at Eielson AFB. Around Anchorage some of our favorite things to do: Eagle River Nature Center is really nice. There are some nice, easy hiking trails. There is a $5 parking fee. Thunderbird Falls is beautiful. $5 parking fee Moose's Tooth for pizza can be pricey, but worth the expense for us. Portage Glacier area is beautiful! Fun hiking trails there as well.
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