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  1. A week of church camp, a week of an upper respiratory infection and now a week of my cycle. Could I please catch a break? Is this TMI?

    1. mama25angels


      You have had a rough few weeks. Praying that things get better and nothing else happens.

  2. Booked our flights to MCO for our Sept. Disney Cruise. So close to having it paid off completely! This is our first cruise so I am super excited! Also, today is my 15 year anniversary. In 3 years I will have been married half of my life. Woah.

    1. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      Happy anniversary! I'm not quite to the "been married longer than I was unmarried" point but last fall I did pass the "been in a relationship with DH longer than not" point, which made me feel old!

    2. SanDiegoMom in VA

      SanDiegoMom in VA

      We went on a Disney Cruise last year and it was wonderful!! Enjoy!

  3. Moments of panic as I come to terms with my oldest being a middle schooler next year...

    1. MerryAtHope


      I remember that panic! Most of it for nothing, LOL!

      Enjoy your middle schooler!

  4. It is cold. I don't like cold. Go away winter.

  5. I am starting Whole30 on Monday. Anyone else doing the challenge right now? Giving up sugar and cheese for 30 days is terrifying!

  6. My brother is being deployed tomorrow. I was doing fine until a few minutes ago. I am grateful that his location is a safe one and the deployment is reletively short, but it still stinks.

    1. kdownie
    2. twinmami01


      Sending hugs your way and praying for a safe return!

  7. How is it that a child's birthday party can drain me so much. This is why I only throw parties every few years.

  8. Got our standardized test results back. Pleased to announce that according to the test my kids are normal (read average). I hate those tests.

  9. Seriously downsizing the school room. In my wildest dreams we are "functional" minimalists. Not sure we will ever get there, but I am making real progress towards adjusting to our smaller space.

  10. 8.5 hours of gymnastics per week is killing me. I can not wait until we are done with the extra summer workouts. Good news is that DD8 leveled up 2 times over the summer and will compete on the new level 3 (old level 4) this meet season. At least the extra hours have paid off!

    1. Mommy22alyns


      Congrats to her! My DD was doing 20 hours over the summer - crazy!

    2. Tess in the Burbs

      Tess in the Burbs

      My dd does 20 hours a's crazy but she loves it

    3. AnnaM


      I don't think it would have been so hard if she hadn't suddenly gone from 2 hours up to the 8.5 with virtually no transition. She drops back to 6 once school starts back up though.

  11. I am not finding this year's curriculum search to be nearly as enjoyable as the previous years. I am ready to settle in and I can't seem to find "it" KWIM?

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    2. RootAnn


      That is always a clear give-away to me that I'm not ready to look/buy yet.

    3. dmmetler


      I'm holding off as well.

    4. AnnaM


      I would if the convention wasn't sneaking up on me!


  12. Sent the kids outside to enjoy the beautiful day. Maybe my floors will go 5 minutes without needing to be swept...

    1. Element


      LOL! Isn't that how it goes. I can have a clean house & dirty kids or clean kids & a dirty house!

    2. Critterfixer


      I'm in the market for the T-shirt: Mothers against Entropy!

  13. So thankful for a week off of outside activities next week.

  14. My gymnast did several BHS on the trampoline by herself today!

    1. tomandlorih


      Yay for back handsprings!! =D

  15. Why do my kids insist on eating every day?! I swear I just finished washing dishes from lunch and now it is time to start dinner!

  16. Pretty happy with the scores tonight! K did fantastic! 8.2 bars, 9.125 beam, 8.5 floor and 9.15 vault.

  17. I don't want snow.

    1. Da#1Gal


      This house here has been praying for snow since dec. and only got it once.. :( And only lasted for a day. So WE WANT SNOW!!


  18. Rain, rain go away! My kids are stuck inside and driving me insane!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Never heard that version! ;) I hope they get to go outside soon! Course then they'll get muddy. :/

  19. Finally hit the pay now button on my Heart of Dakota order. Now to start the postman stalking...

  20. Oh for a day of actually being at home. Between my oldests art and soccer and my middle child's gym schedule I might as well just literally move into my car these days! Ah, well, these days will pass and probably all too quickly.

  21. The girls did great. Her gymnastics team won 1st place large team. Her best score was a 9.0 on bars, but she did well on all of the events!

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    2. AnnaM


      Level 2. She would have been level 3 except her previous gym did virtually nothing on the bars with her. I was very impressed that she was able to mount them unassisted today and would have had her dismount but her foot overshot the bar.


      Oh that is supposed to say 9.0 on vault not bars! I think we both wish for a 9.0 on bars haha!


    3. tomandlorih


      Aww! I bet she was so cute! Congrats to her! (and to you too for making it through!) =D

    4. dmmetler
  22. My daughter has her first gymnastics meet tomorrow. I am pretty sure I am more nervous than she is!

    1. tomandlorih


      Good luck to your dd! My dd is also in gymnastics and has a meet on Sunday. =D


    2. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      I know the feeling. Good luck to both of you!

  23. Thank you! Feel free to poke around as much as you want!

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