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  1. This was my reaction when I read the news. So ironic . . .
  2. I was relaying this news my 11yo, 13yo and 15yo this morning. I looked at my youngest and told her that meant that she would be the only one unvaccinated at our house but since she turns 12 early in September it wouldn't be a long wait. She looked sad and then said ( with an eye roll), "Mom, you know that as soon as I turn 12, they'll lower the age to 11 or younger anyway!". It made me laugh. I was surprised that they were all three so enthusiastic about the idea of two shots!
  3. I haven't seen anything referring to it as compulsory at this time.
  4. It's hard for me to think about sending a kid off to preschool at 3 or 4. Kindergarten has become so much more formal than it was when I went to Kindergarten and I'm afraid that the idea of "preschool" will become more formalized with this proposal. Little kids need to play, and use their imaginations. If they can keep that atmosphere, that will be great. On the other hand, if it stays at a true preschool level and does NOT become mandatory in any way I can see the huge benefit to kids who have parents who need the help. My own daughter is a single parent at this point and I can see how this could be a true benefit for my grandson and her as she navigates his next few years. The community college program I have reservations about mainly because I think it will essentially turn into another two years of high school with there being little value to it. Of course, I may be proven wrong 🙂
  5. My granddaughter suffered from a lack of oxygen during a forceps delivery. She was placed in a hypothermic coma for three days. That was a long three days but today she is a perfectly normal 4 year old. They did monitor her closely for the first two years, watching for any signs of developmental issues but she hit all her milestones right on time.
  6. Is it possible I've been here since 1999? Maybe 2000? My oldest is 29 this year and we started homeschooling when he was 7 almost 8. Back in those days I had 3 kids and WTM was the first book I read about homeschooling along with Mary Pride's Big Book of Homeschooling? (I think that was the title). So I've been homeschooling for 22 years this year and still have 7 to go if my youngest stays home. Makes me a little tearful to think of what life would have been like without the encouragement of all of you here over the years. There were times where I didn't know any homeschoolers in "real" life but I could always come here and find others who were having similar experiences and who had great advice.
  7. I usually add a few days on either end of one of the big homeschool conventions to give myself a break. The one I usually go to isn't until August this year and I just mentioned to dh that I may need to get away earlier than that. I usually do feel a bit guilty but not guilty enough not to get away!
  8. Could it just be cultural from his native country? In some countries it would be impolite to indicate preference as a guest?
  9. Of side effects? For the second shot, I was slightly worried and made contingency plans for the few days after (including telling my kids that Easter dinner might not happen) but aside from a very slight headache and a slight sore arm, it was a non-event. My dh has fatigue for a day or two but a good night's sleep seemed to solve it. My 17yods had his first Pfizer yesterday. Said his arm was sore this morning but that was it. He doesn't have a very high pain tolerance so I was surprised he wasn't complaining more. Hopeful that all goes well for you!
  10. We've already decided that unless something drastic happens, we are going to continue grocery pickup forever. Saves us money because of no impulse buys plus I don't forget things as much. Also, my Saturdays are days off again! No shopping for three hours! It takes my about 30 minutes to meal plan and make my order. Also, kids know that if we are out of something, they'd better add it to the list or they are out of luck until next week.
  11. That's interesting. The only people I know who've had reactions (fever, unwell, serious headache, overall achiness) are women, too. My mom, my mil, our Pastor's wife all were out of commission for at least two days. Well, my dh said he felt chilled for a day after the first shot but it didn't keep him from going to the A10 championship game with some of our sons so I'm not sure that counts 🤣. I get my second shot late on Thursday. I've already warned my family that Easter dinner may be cancelled.
  12. Sweet potatoes are an issue! Usually our store has the huge ones so I ordered an appropriate amount and then I got these tiny, skinny versions instead of the normal ones. I waited until the next order, ordered the same quantity and finally had enough for our clan 🙂
  13. We've always had to put either my dh or myself as a joint owner on the car in order for their cars to be added to our insurance. So far, each kid has then replaced that car when they were well over 21 so at that time they don't need our name and can get their own insurance.
  14. No, yes, no ....kind of? Baptist At first we shut down which was good but took a LOT of discussion and convincing for the pastor to agree with. Then he got on board. Everything canceled until June then we started back with just morning worship. No mask mandate at that time so our family was the only one masking then when mask mandate went into effect masking required. One family refused despite the leaders speaking to them. It was hard but I just stayed way away from them. They ended up moving away in the fall so problem solved. We've been doing congregational singing which I tried to stop but failed. All wear masks when singing so I figure it's as good as it can be. Almost whole congregation has now been vaccinated (at least the first shot) except my kids. Our pastor is amazed and distressed by the stories of churches in our area which are not being careful. I'm so relieved at how his attitude changed so quickly on the issue.
  15. So excited for the younger adults in my family. Ohio announced moving to include 40 year olds this week and all adults on March 29th. That just leaves my four youngest!
  16. You're right, of course, but in this situation and after I have spent the better part of a year trying to keep them safe through my time and energy, the meaning was pretty clear and it was annoying and I've had enough.
  17. This meme floated across my fb feed a few days ago. I rolled my eyes, bit my tongue and continued on with my life. I'm trying to ignore some of this stuff as I know I won't change their mind and since it seems like things might go back to somewhat normal soon and I'll actually have to see these people in person again I need to start letting it go. There are some relationships that are going to continue to be extremely awkward and some will cease to exist but there are some people that I will have to deal with since there are kid relationships involved or school activities or even church activities. My fil has only had his first vaccination but is done isolating. My mil made the comment that he was "done" and back to his normal routine which involves socializing daily on a college campus. She continued that he "isn't afraid". I couldn't let it go and responded that I wasn't afraid, just taking the recommended cautions and I was sick and tired of being judged for following governmental and medical advice for the past year. She backed off right away, probably taken aback by my response. It wasn't my best moment and I realized how emotional I still am about all of this past year. It would be a shame if he caught covid at this point but if he can't wait 3 more stinking weeks than there's nothing more I can do about it.
  18. I go back and forth on this issue but what convinced me to say thank-you was hearing my younger kids and my grandkids order Alexa around. The tone they used was obnoxious! I started saying thank-you to counteract the tone of "this is what I want and you'd better do it". My kids usually say thank you. My grandkids try to catch their parents not saying thank-you.
  19. We drive 30 minutes one way for all sports that my jr higher and high schoolers participate in. So during basketball and soccer that means 30 minutes driving, two hours wait time and 30 minutes back. Crazy thing is that one kid attends school this year at the same place so morning drive 60 minutes to drop off first some and return home, then drive second son to join first son at school for basketball practice, wait two hours for that and then back home so a minimum two hours driving a day plus two hours sitting. It's amazing what you can get used to. I get accustomed to the crazy schedule then a break hits (like Christmas) and I realize how crazy it is and then we go right back at it.
  20. Our state announced the age going down to 50 starting Thursday! I was able to get an appointment for Thursday afternoon and my husband for Tuesday afternoon. (We decided to stagger just in case of reactions). I got the last slot at our health department for Thursday. Tuesday was empty when we signed up my husband.
  21. My mil (82) received her second Pfizer shot about a week ago. She was flat out sick for about three days and felt "wobbly" for a few days after that. She really reacts to a LOT of medication in an extreme way so I expected she would have a hard time of it. She's back to normal now. Editing to add that she suspected she had a Covid way back in March 2020. No testing available at that time to we've never known for sure. I wouldn't think it would have affected her reaction to the vaccine since it was so long ago. My parents received their second Moderna at about the same time last week. My mom (79) who is not in good health with diabetes and kidney failure, said she went to bed early that night because she didn't feel well but then felt fine when she woke up. My tough father (87) said he "may have felt a little off" but no big deal (nothing is ever a big deal for him - LOL!) Editing to add: Neither one had any known Covid symptoms and were being very careful because of my mom's fragile health. Our governor announced today that the age group for the vaccine is being lowered to 60 this week. My dh and I will be in the next group after that! I thought we would have to wait a bit longer so the news was a welcome surprise.
  22. Tenaj


    So sorry 🙁. I don't have any little kids but I was mentally complaining about my dh this morning, too. He doesn't want to work but I'm busy so he just keeps entering the room I am in and sighing loudly. So I interrupt what I am doing to see what's up and it's just "I don't feel like working today" . I just told him that when the kids act like that I make them run laps or stairsteps -lol! He went back to work. . .
  23. Her interpretation of what the Dr. Said was that diabetics are being affected with more side effects after Pfizer than Moderna.
  24. My mom is diabetic and her primary care doctor warned her to get the Moderna rather than Pfizer. Mom didn't have any real control over which one but when she showed up was glad to find out it was Moderna.
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