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  1. Trollis (my paternal grandmother) Byron (my maternal grandfather). This one may not be as unusual. He hated his name and always said he would pay us NOT to use it on any offspring 🙂
  2. I just told my kids about this and said we should be sure to go outside and listen at 8 p.m. to see if anyone around here is doing this. My youngest agreed enthusiastically and then proclaimed that we should do it anyway. My 16yods answers, "NOOOOO! We don't want to be THAT family!" - lol!
  3. Well, I went out this morning and had a list for us, my in-laws and my ds who lives in his own apartment. Limit of two on milk so I did my in-laws shopping list. Checked out, went to my car. Came back in and did the other two lists. So I ended up with three gallons because my mil contributed one 🙂. No one said a word and if they did I would have shown them my list which was clearly showing three households. If you are in a pickle with the limits I would just make multiple trips in and out on the same trip. No guilt because otherwise you're making multiple trips per week.
  4. Filing and payment extended to July 15.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I do have all the McGuffey Readers and a few years ago we were working through them together but life happened and we got away from it. I'm going to pull out those readers and come up with a plan. Thank you!
  6. I will look into these resources, thank you! I had some books from a long time ago when I was helping on of my older kids through speech therapy. Her spelling is decent and improving all the time and she does great with pronouns and plurals it just the verbs. She was giving me an oral narration today and, as usual, I corrected her and it was almost every sentence that she made an error in. She's a very cheerful soul so my correcting doesn't bother her, she just repeats and goes on her merry way 🙂 . I'm going to dedicate a chunk of time to further research and get a plan in place by Monday morning. I have time to work on this now since all other activities have ceased. Thank you!
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to handle a large family, too. My son, wife and 3 granddaughters haven't been here since last Friday. Son and Dil have both been at work this week (they alternate work hours so kids haven't been out). Dil just texted to ask me to babysit next week and I know they will want to come over tomorrow or Saturday. What do I do? We are over the 10 people limit the minute they walk in the door. . .
  8. My 10yodd constantly mispronounces past tense verbs. Everything has a "ed" on the end whether it is supposed to have a "t", "d" or just irregular verbs that don't have any ending. Here are some examples just from the past few days, "gotted", "wented", "goed" "jump-ed" (two syllables). It hurts my ears and I have spent the past three years or so correcting it every time which is frustrating for her and for me and has resulted in no or very little improvement. Maybe it will still resolve with age but she's heading into fifth grade this year! It seems like if my method of correcting everytime hasn't work to this point, than maybe there's something else I should be doing? Does anyone have any ideas? At first, I thought it would resolve when she learned to read but it didn't. Then I thought that when she learned to spell more words that would solve it, but it hasn't. She generally has grade-level spelling skills so she will for instance write, "I went to the store". But if I ask her to read it she will automatically say "I wented to the store" until I point out that there isn't an "ed" on the end. If you ask her where she went, the response would be "I wented to the store". I've been homeschooling a long time but have never faced this particular issue before. Thanks!
  9. I saw a chart yesterday saying that 5 percent of people with covid 19 have stomach upset. I know it's probably a slim chance ....
  10. Meeting went fairly well last night but I'm pretty sure our pastor still isn't really understanding how serious this is. Officially he only cancelled the Wednesday night service and says "let's wait and see " on Sunday services. He wants to have one service on Sunday morning with no other services, which won't really help. Now I'm praying that the governor shuts down churches this week to make it easier for our pastor. It was hard to be there, look around and wonder if the same group will ever be together again 😞.
  11. I completely agree and I am not happy about it but we do have a pretty small group for the pm service. The most vulnerable usually do not return for this service. Probably if the two deacons families had just decided not to attend (our family and one other) the service would have been cancelled. We've decided to go back for this service which we are assuming will be the last, possibly for a long time, out of respect since the pastor now seems to be willing to listen. If services are not cancelled going forward, we will probably have to make the hard choice to not attend.
  12. Things were much more serious this morning but we realized after the service when our deacons were discussing whether to even come back tonight that our Pastor had honestly never even thought about shutting down. He had tears in his eyes hearing the deacons even consider it He just called and tonight's service will be a song service followed by an open discussion if what to do. He's really been mentally whalloped by this so now I feel badly for not being very sympathetic with my earlier post. I realized on the way home that our Deacon's families had been more directly affected than he had earlier in the week. Both involved in educational institutions that have been shut down. It wasn't on his radar that the church would need to shut down, too. There are less than 10 of us that aren't in a high risk group. Even our Pastor is diabetic and over 70 so at risk. I'm guessing we'll be shut down after tonight. I'm going to go early tonight and do what I can to sanitize before the service.
  13. Our small church is still meeting. I'm frustrated because our church is full of elderly and high risk people. I think the deacons and Pastor should have made the decision easier for them by cancelling. (And my dh is one of the deacons! ). I'm praying for a good attitude as I head out the door. On Wednesday night after I mentioned not shaking hands, our pastor went down our pew and shook my kids hands with a laugh. I really have a bad attitude this morning 😞
  14. My dh's parents live less than a mile away. We've been in contact via texts and phone calls but they are self-isolating. Fil broke 8 ribs 10 days ago. Both are at high risk. I will shop when they need something but unless they get sick and need more assistance, we are staying away.
  15. I was at Meijer yesterday morning at 6am and it was empty -lol! I mean of people! Shelves were full. That will be my shopping time until this is over. Did get the bright idea to make a pickup order for Sam's to avoid going in but first pickup available is 8am on Monday so I'm going to wait a bit on that in case I need to add anything to it.
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