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  1. A "duh" moment for me - lol! Why not? I have no idea except that I've always had two different styles of bottles one for hot and one for cold. Now I feel stupid 😀
  2. I'm shopping. My plastic Contigo with a straw/flip top has a perpetual mold problem (YUCK!). I need to replace it but want something without a straw or complicated mechanism that needs cleaned all the time. I have a stainless steel Contigo with the Auto-Seal top that I love but use it mainly for tea so want something else for water. I like the idea of the insulated stainless steel so it would stay cold for at least a bit. Bonus points if it comes in pretty designs 🙂 Any recommendations?
  3. My kids have dubbed them "million-leg spiders".
  4. We have had them ever since moving into our house 20 years ago. My eldest likes to tell the story of the first night he slept in our basement and woke up with one on the wall in front of his face! He moved his bed and angled it out from the corner after that! We have been able to decrease the population as the years have gone by by decreasing the amount of moisture in our basement ... Or maybe we've just gotten rid of their diet?
  5. Mine matches. I thought that you couldn't keep a phone number that didn't match the area you lived. I've had our carrier check with us if we are out of our area for a while to make sure we are still primarily using our cell phone in a certain area the majority of the time.
  6. Potatoes in most any form. Mashed, boiled, baked but not french fries. I grew up in a meat and potatoes farmer's family so I've held on to my love for potatoes. Ironic since my dh grew up in Japan so we are a rice family. Marshmallow Creme. Dangerous . . . Try not to even buy it.
  7. An easy one that we use quite often is to put chicken breasts, a stick of butter and a package of onion dip/soup mix in the crock pot. Chicken can be frozen. Cook all day on low (I usually add some broth if the chicken is not frozen to keep it from drying out). Shred for sandwiches. We use leftovers for chicken and noodles, or chicken pot pie, or tacos.
  8. We have a reverse osmosis system under our sink which filters our well water. We love it.
  9. I had that problem until I bought a couple of black metal bands from Amazon. I haven't had any trouble with the bands since. I do have to be careful with certain fabrics because it will snag but I usually put it in my pocket on the days I'm having trouble with it.
  10. We have one in a shared room and it's been a wonderful solution for my guy who needed a quiet space. It does get warm in the summer but he runs a fan and opens the flaps. He never complains about it. In the winter it's great.
  11. As soon as my kids have their driver's license they go on as an authorized user on our credit card. I don't like debit cards for purchases like gas (too much potential for fraud) so this has been our solution. We've not run into any issues with it so far. It's really for my convenience. We pay their gas but quite often they run errands for me or cart younger siblings around for me. If I need to have them pick something up at the store, they use my card and , of course, it's there if they have an emergency.
  12. Ha! I didn't know it was such a big thing. The only person I know selling it is not obnoxious about it and I haven't seen it from any other source. Thanks for the alert!
  13. My "Mary Kay Lady" just switched her company to a new called Crunchi. I can't recommend because I had just purchased a bunch of MK stuff so I haven't used it yet but thought you might want to look into it.
  14. It makes me sad when I realize that people get overwhelmed with all of us but it's just one of the results of having a large family. I am super-aware of this issue and try hard to keep things under control when invited as a family somewhere but there are just a lot of us. As far as your nephews go, could you continue to do fun things with them by just taking two at a time and rotate who you take? We've never had the policy that if you invite one kid you have to invite all 🙂. In fact, I encourage our kids to do things away from their siblings. My parents for example will call and ask for "two kids this week". The next time it might be one or three. It's fine for us and gives the kids time to develop special relationships with the relatives. My in-laws will often call and have an activity planned and say "we can buy tickets for two kids - does anyone want to go?". Often the kids figure out who's turn it is -lol! As far as hosting, I am always most comfortable to accept invitations for my clan when my offer to bring something is accepted. If you want to host, plan a potluck or picnic. I rarely invite large groups (my extended family is numbering 38 now) unless it's nice weather and we can spread outside.
  15. I've had two go through it and my third is about 2/3 of the way through the guide. It's a nice program and all three have enjoyed it. The map drawing portion is fantastic. There are some games assigned to be made and played that my guys feel are busy work so we just skip those days.
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