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  1. Obviously a hot topic for you and many. Thanks for explaining it from your perspective. We, also, have acquaintances who will be affected by this change. Just to one of your points. If they are here on a student visa, their time in the states was already limited, not indefinite and building a life here would already be a bit precarious and based upon the unknown of being granted citizenship or a more permanent visa.
  2. I must be missing something obvious, but if the school they are attending goes to online only, wouldn't these students be able to still take classes online? Colleges dorms won't be open if they are going online. Seems like the general purpose is to cut down on travel which is good during a pandemic, isn't it?
  3. It's a really small church. For us to walk out would be a huge, big deal and we're not at that point. I did not know what to say about the testing because I hadn't heard that particular argument before - lol! I've argued about mask effectiveness, the "it's the flu argument", the "it's all a conspiracy to get rid of Trump" stuff but the test thing really threw me.
  4. I'm sure he thought he was being funny but when he isn't wearing a mask, and one of my teen boys is fighting me on it, it did hit me and my dh the wrong way today. Part of the story is waaay back at the beginning of March, this pastor proceeded to shake all my kids hands after I said we weren't shaking hands (the Wednesday night before our state shut down). There's a little bit of history that influenced my reaction today
  5. My pastor walked up to my row of children who were masked (ages 18 down to 10) and said, "Well, you look like a bunch of bank robbers this morning!". Good grief . . . I almost walked out which would have left them short a piano player. We are about 50% masked in our once-weekly service. The pastor doesn't mask at all, stands in the narrow hallway after church to meet and greet all the people, which are majority the elderly - who are masked at least. We've asked him to go outside, since the weather has been cooperative but he won't because of air-conditioning. My kids slide out past him without stopping and my dh and I do out best but sometimes I get caught because I have to stop and pick up the offering. It's a disaster waiting to happen. I did stop to talked to one unmasked lady today, from a distance of probably 10 feet and found out to my surprise that according to her there was no covid test until this week and that all the sickness and deaths were just the regular flu. I told my dh that I hope my mask disguised my non-verbal response while my mouth made a "hmmm . . . " sound.
  6. It is open air. I've been there. I don't see how they can do anykind of social distancing with 25O in the pavilion but they do have grounds, so maybe they are planning to spread things out a bit.
  7. I read this and smiled because I'm in the exact same position. I've been using Fix-It with my two oldest (at home) together and would be finishing up Mermaid and heading into the next book sometime in the fall. I'm planning to switch over to the Easy Grammar series because I feel like they need a different approach. Fix-It is beginning to feel a bit monotonous to us all. My upcoming 11th grader especially, can seemingly find clauses and identify sentence structure in his sleep - LOL! At least that's what he tells me!
  8. I am not starting my 12yods now. We try to do one kid at a time so we've had him in a holding pattern for a while. 15yods would have probably had his off by now in normal times. The office is back open but all backed up and he can't get in until July. I'm expecting that if our numbers continue up that one might get cancelled, too.
  9. He's 18. As long as he's aware of the risks and is taking reasonable precautions to protect the family (I'm assuming he still lives at home?) I'd let him keep working. I may not be the best person to ask. My 18yods is working in an Amazon warehouse. He wears a mask all day at work. As soon as he comes home he showers and all clothes go directly into the washer. It's been a risk we're willing to assume so that he can begin his adult life.
  10. We are not back to normal though we are in a state that has opened up. I know of at least two families at our tiny church who have traveled out of state in the past two weeks for vacation. My oldest son is out of state on a missions trip this week with 36 other people from all over the states. My brother and his family leave this week to head to FL for a week. Graduation parties all over the place and we're the ones who are judged for questioning the wisdom of it. I was going to visit my parents this week (in state but two hours away) but after listing out the risks, my mom and I agreed to cancel or rather postpone for a few weeks. Normal for us right now means that we are seeing our grandkids frequently, my teens are playing basketball with a small group of friends and our church is meeting once a week. Oh, and my dh's prayer group is back to meeting with masks and social distancing once a week. That's it.
  11. I bought the app. Funny story: I purchased it and it gave me a 7 day trial but then I chickened out and cancelled before the end of the trial. Then the next week decided to go back to it and it ended up being 20% off . . . yay! On my first false start I did the Standing Strong. Then decided on my second start to do the regular which kicked my butt too much and I started over the next day with Standing Strong again but then got busy so I really need to get back to Standing Strong and keep it up. This week is crazy again (my grandgirls have been here a LOT!) but next week should be more calm . . . I really need another quarantine to get started again! (just kidding - I do not want to go back to that!).
  12. Purchased this and then stalled out. Thanks for the reminder. I need to start back in today!
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