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  1. I did the same thing but it appears to have been ignored 😞
  2. One of the colleges in our area has had up to 200 students in quarantine but the highest number of actual cases has been less than thirty. I took that to mean they were doing a great job, being proactive and cautious.
  3. My dh and I were talking about the POTUS situation earlier and we are guessing that we'll never know actually how bad/good his Covid fight is going unless/until he recovers or passes away. They can't make every up and down public because it will affect national security and economics. We'll probably get updates and leaks but it's going to be a while before we actually know what's going on. The nation's stability is more important right now than minute by minute knowledge of the President's health. Of course, if he has to turn power over to the Vice President, then that would become known
  4. I'm mean and I would sit them down and lay out what is required and inform them that if the requirements aren't done next week then the job and volunteering is done. Those are optional things that are privleges in our house.
  5. My kids have been lobbying for us to buy a limo for years 🙂
  6. Completely off subject but there are free pop-up clinics all over Ohio where you can get tested for free with no symptoms. OP:. I would be annoyed, too.
  7. Email corporate and complain. I think they will make price adjustments for you on your account. I had some rotten mushrooms placed in my order, contacted them through the email, which wasn't local and received n apology, credited my account and some extra coupons.
  8. If this was recent, Kohl's has had this problem for years. My son was married 6 years ago and registered at Kohl's for table settings. I forget how many came broken. I think my dil finally gave up and picked something on the shelf at the store.
  9. Just had my 15 year old in for a regular physical and he was having a pretty bad outbreak at the time. We will not use Accutane due to a situation with one of my older kids so I was anxiously awaiting the ped's opinion (we had just been using over the counter stuff). He put him on the low-dose antibiotics plus Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Gel in the morning and Adapalene at night. He's been on this regiment for only 24 hours and the difference is amazing. This afternoon he said, "Did you notice my face, Mom?". I don't think the Accutane even worked this well. I'm hoping it contin
  10. I have a relative who lives in a third world country where mail is completely unreliable. She needs me to mail something to someone here in the states who will be traveling to her country and I had a surreal moment when I was telling her that because of covid, funding, and the election, I was concerned about the timing of that envelope making it to it's destination!
  11. My son works for them, not in management, but in a warehouse. We've been pleasantly surprised by how well they treat their employees even at that level. He was hired during the pandemic as a temporary worker but still had benefits available to him and was recently hired as a permanent employee.
  12. Yes. I think I've lost a valued friendship (maybe I'm wrong -time will tell). I walked into a building to speak to her and put a mask on as per our local mandate at the time (now a state mandate). She would not speak to me. I tried to get a conversation going, she would not reply except in one syllable words. It was noticeable to someone else across a large room who asked about it. It makes me want to weep to think about it.
  13. We've had a similar year 😟. It's no fun!
  14. Oh, we have a ton of colleges in our area. I wouldn't even want to hazard a guess. I think there are five within 15 miles of me. The Christian college near us is doing great for now, 5 cases at the moment. My dh thinks the major difference at this point is the partying atmosphere.
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