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  1. I can see that. I have Lingua Latina on my shelf but could never get going on it but we use First Form Latin 🙂 I have one kidlet doing Latin but the two youngest love Greek. I've been trying to get them interested in starting Latin. Maybe Duolingo will spark their interest (and get them off Minecraft).
  2. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut on this but how in the world is Duolingo going to effectively teach Latin? Latin is not a spoken language and Duolingo is all based upon the spoken language. I love Duolingo. Have one kid doing French and one kid doing Spanish with is but the purpose of studying Latin is to learn the discipline of the grammar and the vocabulary. Ok, I can see Duolingo succeeding at the vocabulary but the grammar? Anyone else have doubts about this approach? I probably should get on and play with it before I judge it . . .
  3. It is amazing! My dh grew up in Japan. He left the states when he was 9 months old. Only way to communicate was airmail which took more or less 10 days. You could call but cost was prohibitive. When we were first married in 1988 it cost around $1/minute to call his parents in Japan which was a bargain! Now, my son and family have been overseas and will eventually be moving there but I can instantly text them and, of course, video chat. It is truly amazing!
  4. It sounds like you are worried about him. I can understand that. My dh started running half marathons about 6 years ago after never ever running before. He followed an app to prepare. Maybe your son has been doing that? I didn't really understand his excitement about the half until I went to my first one to cheer him on (until last year he had a group of friends running with him and I never went). It's an exciting place, so many runners, so much fun and so exciting to see so many reaching their goals. Be prepared to see him exhausted at the end but don't be too concerned. There are lots of medical people available all along the race route (at least I assume that's normal). If you would like to be more involved, you may want to look into volunteering on race day. Our race is always looking for people to help at water stations and along the route. My now 22 yods decided when he was 16 or 17 to run a half with my dh. Only he didn't train . .he was coming off a long basketball season, decided he was in great shape, and ran about two miles a week before the race. Lol! He finished but had to walk while the "old men" he was running with waited in him. Lesson learned!
  5. I'm sure it depended on location. I grew up in rural Ohio in a very small school district. There were 60 in my graduating class. It wasn't even small town, I mean there were two tiny towns, the elementary school was in one, the middle School in the other and the high school in between. We were mainly farm kids.
  6. I walk by myself pretty much daily. We live in a pretty quiet, rural community with no animal threat except for dogs that get out of hand once in a while. I do carry mace with me but rarely has anything worried me enough to even put it in my hand. Once in a while a dog will startle me and once in a while a car moving slowly will creep me out for a moment. The last time this happened and I got my mace out of my pocket, it turned out to be the lady delivering newspapers - LOL! Woods and darkness sometimes gives me the creeps but usually it's the cornfields that line both sides of the roads that worry me more.
  7. I wondered what caused the school to suddenly change. It sounds like this club? program? whatever has been happening for years. I'm not exactly clear from the linked article as to when this was happening. If it was during a study hall time or lunch it doesn't seem like it was detracting from the kids studies and wouldn't be a problem. I'm guessing that this was something that had been going on for years until someone decided to complain and therefore now it has to be gone. Of course, I'm from the era when religious class happened once a week in the classroom when I was in elementary school and then during middle school we had to walk a block down to the church (during school hours) because we weren't allowed to have the class in the school building. So we met there, had the class and then walked back to the school. Those who didn't want to participate stayed at the school or (during elementary school) went to the library instead. My snarky side wants to respond with a comment about pep rallies occurring during the school day. I'm probably very biased but a worship meeting is probably helping more kids to become better people than the obnoxiousness that is a pep rally.
  8. Just got a notice that they are back up. My son hadn't had trouble all week but he does his math at 8:30 eastern time so he is probably beating the crowd.
  9. Yes, at least I can find my sons' and daughter-in-law's. The last time I checked you search by their email address. Of course, you have to know which one they use for Amazon purposes.
  10. Depends. I don't mind in the afternoons or evenings but it really bugs me during the time we traditionally are schooling. Especially family who knows our routines well enough to know what hours that normally is. So don't drop by at 9 when I'm trying to get five math lessons done and expect me to be really hospitable -lol! Emergencies are different of course. Related to this . . Why do people think that morning is a great time to call me and chat for a while? Yes, I would ignore but these are people who quite often need me for some reason. Also, don't call during school then spend 5 or 10 minutes asking whether I am teaching, what I am teaching, and apologize for interrupting and then give me information that could have easily been left in a voicemail (which they refuse to use), or a text ( which they refuse to use) or even (gasp!) wait until afternoon. Hmmmpf . I'm a bit grumpy today . .
  11. My mother-in-law inherited a goose and goose clothes from the previous owners of their house. My kids have many fond memories of dressing the goose. I.n fact, my youngest was just wondering what happened to it as it is no longer on the porch. Mom must have gotten tired of fiddling with it. Too bad because my youngest would have loved helping her with it now.
  12. I cam back to add that the only time I increase the time is if I have a thicker pork roast or beef roast than the recipe calls for but you can get around that by cutting it into smaller pieces.
  13. I usually leave the liquid the same and the time can usually stay the same at least in my experience. There should be, in general about 1 cup of liquid at least. Just read your recipe and I would so it exactly as she says even with the extra meat. 35 minutes should be plenty of time. I think I may try this this morning, too ☺️
  14. I had that prep and was told I could mix it with anything clear . I used true lemon with cold water.
  15. I had a 10-11 year old do the water-only showers for at least a month one summer. We could not figure out why he always smelled. Finally I caught him when he just came out of the shower still damp but smelling like a wet dog instead of shampoo and it dawned on me to ask about his soap use -lol!
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