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  1. We have stadium chairs but I don't use them in a very crowded gym because of the way they hang over the back. I think that the "elevation" is more important to me than the back. It's amazing how just an extra inch or two helps me feel more comfortable when we are sitting for four games in one evening (basketball).
  2. If you have any universities near by, you may want to check if they offer a community membership. Ours does. It may not be open 24 hours but early morning and late evening may be available.
  3. Maybe they'll accept it since last year was fourth grade and it follows logically that he would be in fifth grade this year. I hate leagues that base it on grades rather than on ages. Our soccer league did grades just one year. One of my littles was on a team and was playing against kids that were a full three years older because of people holding kids back and repeating grades. The size differences really made it downright dangerous. The next year they went back to ages. One year our baseball league made a big deal that all parents had to provide birth certificates at registration. No problem except that I had never gotten physical copies from the county so I spent an afternoon getting them (I think had to get 4 of them and it took extra time because somehow on one of them we had spelled my husbands middle name wrong and had to get it corrected), spent about $40 in fees and took them in for the registration night only to be told, "Oh, we don't need them for YOUR kids. Your kids have played in this league forever. We just are looking at them for new players!". Grrrr . . . . I know I needed to have them on hand, but it wasn't the best timing that week.
  4. I would have been surprised, shocked and reacted with fear. I spend a lot of time sitting in a school parking lot waiting for various sports practices for my kids. The way the school is arranged, both larger parking lots are actually across a road from the school in a neighborhood that, while not necessarily dangerous, is in what would seem a pretty high crime area. People walking cut through the parking lot all the time. I've seen people look in empty cars to see what's available and I've watched them in my rear-view mirror head toward my car until they realize I'm sitting in it -lol! My doors are always locked. I've been approached directly just a few times and both times were in the daylight in the summer so my windows were down. Just startled me a bit. Probably would have scared me if it was darker. I did realize yesterday, that the parking spot I've been using this year, choosen because I can use the school's wifi, wouldn't allow me to pull forward if someone blocked me from behind. I need to switch that up. I do think that awareness is key. I try to make eye contact with anyone who looks like they are up to something questionable.
  5. JanOH


    My oldest was on it when he was 15/16. At the time he never admitted any mood side-effects but he has made me promise that none of the other kids will take it. He calls it the "gray year".
  6. I was asking at the breakfast table for suggestions from my family and my younger dd suggests playing Minecraft in peaceful mode. No zombies. Another of my sons recently purchased the old Nintendo game Spyro on Steam.. My older group were very excited that this was released. You do have to "fight" your way through but I think it has a different flavor than some of the more recent games.
  7. As someone already mentioned, I've found the 1mg extended release to be the most helpful in preventing the middle of the night waking. I was taking up to 5 mg a night and still waking up. When I switched to extended release I was able to lower the mg to 1 and it worked great.
  8. My mom had a mitral valve prolapse due to scarlet fever when she was 7. Her valve was replaced 22 years ago with an artificial valve. My younger kids can hear it click when the room is quiet -lol! They told her at the time that it would need to be replaced in 10-15 years but hers is still going fine. She is on blood thinners for life. I think they monitor her every six months or so. She knew she had a murmur but didn't know anything about the valve until she woke up one morning with major problems. She had the surgery the next day.
  9. You can turn off the import contacts function. You can also delete contacts so I'm thinking it is possible. You could either turn off the import function and manually add the numbers you want or import all and then delete the ones you don't want. I don't have time to play with it right now but will try it later. We use the call function quite often to communicate with our younger kids who may be home while I am out and don't have their own cell phones. We used to keep a cheap cell phone for them but this was cheaper and more convenient because we don't have to charge the Alexa. We have it set up so they can call me, my dh, brothers, sister or grandparents. It's worked out well. I bought two echoes last Christmas mainly for the purpose of being able to talk to my teens from across the house. I had fun for about a week waking my late sleeper with my cheerful voice but then he started unplugging it before he went to bed -lol! They do use them a lot for music ☺️
  10. I was using mine as recently as last year, the basic and the walk away the pounds. Did something to my foot (probably because I was doing walkaway barefoot in my basement - not a good idea). Teresa died and I did it a few times that week but it made me kind of sad so I dropped it for treadmill walking. Thanks for reminding me to get it back out! I've wanted to try ladybug so maybe I'll branch out. Don't forget their deep discount Tuesdays once a month (I think third Tuesday). They usually have some pretty good deals then.
  11. JanOH


    Did he suggest vitamin supplements? Areds 1 or 2 are one brand. There's another brand that I can't remember right now.
  12. I'm so thankful that my boys and my dh don't bat an eye at the idea of someone breastfeeding. Probably because there was so much of it going on as my boys were growing up. My dil feeds her babies here in front of her brothers-in-law and my dh all the time. She is completely discreet about it but is nonchalant about it, too. Maybe some of the discomfort for men also depends on the comfort level of the nursing mom? My sil and I used to joke when we had our babies that we could clear a room of male relatives just by walking in and sitting down -lol! Never stopped us. We just let the guys leave and got on with the job.
  13. Worked out great. My recipe calls for parboiling but the instant pot was fast and easy. I decided that I hadn't made enough so threw another few pounds in. Then I put garlic, pepper, red pepper flakes and olive oil on them, topped with Parmesan cheese and baked them at 450 for 15 minutes. The platter was clean and I decided I probably should have made about 15 more. My teen boys can really go through the wings.
  14. Thank you for this info! Wings in ip now!
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