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  1. You have been on my heart and I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! May you be flooded with the pure joy loving our children can bring to our hearts.
  2. Hi Derek, Thank you for your response. How wonderful that you were able to see a whole new side of your ds through live classes! I am always so thrilled when we find just the right fit!! We did our first live online class this year for Geometry. The overall experience has been a mixed one. Since we have nothing to compare it with, it is hard to know where to go from here. The experience your ds had with his class at WHA sounds closer to what I think my dc was hoping for and expecting from a live online class. Although my dc did very well grade wise in the class my dc does not want to continue to take Algebra 2 from the same provider. I am very willing to find another provider. My goal has been to ask questions and try to get as much insight into potential options as possible hoping to find a better fit. I appreciate your input very much! Thank you!
  3. ((((((Hugs Moonhawk)))))) Praying you have the strength and the wisdom you need in the midst of this very challenging time!
  4. The My Father's Dragon series! You can buy all three together on Amazon or individually. They may also be available for free at other sites. Three Tales of My Father's Dragon: My Father's Dragon; Elmer and the Dragon; The Dragons of Blueland
  5. You are in my thoughts and prayers this evening!
  6. Here's a couple of things I came across while researching classes. I have no experience with either of them but thought they might be worth looking Into. You might find something that meets your needs at Here's another site I came across that definitely offers a self paced course.
  7. Mirabillis, Thanks you for posting the links above, I am thankful for the opportunity to read through those threads. Gr8lander, Thank you for sharing your experience with Teaching Textbooks and how well it prepared your students! Derek, Thank you for sharing your experiences with WHA and DO. It is helpful to have more insight into both those options! I appreciate hearing your thoughts on the value of live classes. But the reality that they can provide scheduling challenges. Gratia271, You made some valuable points about the importance of finding what fits for each individual student. It has always been my first priority to find what meets the learning style of each of my students. Thank you for sharing what has worked and not worked for your students!
  8. ((((((((((Hugs)))))))))) Praying you are able to find the help you need to make it safely through this time!
  9. ((((((Hug & Prayers)))))) Continuing to lift you and your family up in prayer!
  10. You may find this website helpful, it has a wealth of information. There are designers who post on the site will give very helpful suggestions & advice. You can post your layout there and get very specific feedback.
  11. Mirabillis, Thank you for the very detailed response to my many questions! WHA is one class I am considering and really appreciate the information you provided. You mentioned that you will be using Jann in Tx for you dd. What do you feel makes that option a better fit for a less mathy child?
  12. ((((((Hugs))))))) Bless your sweet heart! I am sorry things are escalating again. Continuing to pray for you and your family! Praying for strength in the midst and for the help your dh needs.
  13. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers this morning!
  14. We live in an area that gets very hot, however it is almost always a dry heat. We set our air conditioner to come on at 76 degrees and then it shuts completely off at 11pm. We have the heater set at 66 degrees in the winter and it too shuts off at 11pm. We do not run the air or heat at night. We have already had to run the air a few times in the last couple of weeks. I love the temps between 66 & 76 when we do not have to run the air or heat!
  15. ((((Hugs)))) I am so sorry you fell and are injured. You will be in my prayers!
  16. Thanks Everyone for taking the time to share what you have used and your experience with each Algebra 2 course. I so appreciate having your personal insight, it really helps me have a clearer view of each choice!! For those who have used a live online course or a recorded one that included submitting work for grading, I have a few questions. Was the instructor seen on the screen or was it just him/her writing on a white board? Were students permitted to ask questions in class? Was finished homework gone over during class? Was homework submitted and graded? If so what was the turn around time? How were tests & quiz handled? What was the typical turn around time for test/quizzes to be turned in & grades/ feedback given? Was the class somewhat relaxed or more formal? Did the instructor tend to stay on topic or often get side tracked with non related topics? I would appreciate any other information you think might be helpful for us to understand the working of that class. Thank you!!
  17. He is absolutely adorable!! So much cuteness!! Congratulations!!!
  18. ((((Hugs))))) & prayers for you, your Dh, Jenny and your family! May you have the strength to face each moment of this heartbreaking time.
  19. You are on my heart and in my thought and prayers. Trusting the Lord to provide what you need during this time!
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