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  1. um I am a Salafi and am part of a large Salafi group where i live. I in no way support any sort of violent leanings and neither do any of the other families we know in various places. the link you posted its a big sweeping generalization that makes it look like anyone who is Salafi is a terrorist.
  2. i own it but i haven't done it yet because i am doing turbofire but if you have a general question i could probably answer it. but if its about experience i can't help you
  3. i was going to say the same as others that it sounds just like montessori schools . i would be interested in seeing how montessori there compares to the normal schools
  4. well we are really super conservative muslims. my son is only a little over 3 and has autism so right now we aren't teaching him anything about religion because he wouldn't be able to understand it. we plan to include Islam into every subject we study at home and we also mention other religions in the context of what islam says about them. we do let him play where there are non- muslim children such as the park,support groups for autistic families,library storytime. we will not allow him to have friends who are non muslim.we also will not allow him to be friends with deviated muslims( or muslims who are not considered to be on the right path.) I don't want to have to explain to him why his friends are doing things that God says are wrong or evil in many different issues. i would not want him to hurt that child's feeling nor do I want to put him into any temptation. my family is non muslim( my parents are conservative christian and i have jehovah witness family members as well) but they also know what we don't allow and don't give me any problems about it. i do and plan to teach my child to talk to everyone who speaks to them and treat them as human beings regardless of what religion they are from. Because this is what God tells us to do.
  5. thats really so great! i am so happy for you!
  6. i purchased the processing program level 1 basic concept and vocabulary round up vocabulary and syntax round up i saved almost 30 dollars and the processing program was half price so i really got a good deal. the round up books come with cds and have tons of flashcards. i plan to use them to help build his language comphrension and for matching, coloring sorting etc. i really want to try some of the decks next. i would have never known about this company if it wasn't for you ladies here so thanks!
  7. we are dealing with this situation now my son is 3.3years old. he has autism and is non verbal and he can't understand really anything being said to him other tan eat, sleep, put back, stop and sit. There is no way he would be ready for JK here(ontario) next year. they are pushing it for social reason and we were told he would have an IEP and most likely a aide to stay with him. I was like seriously ?! he can't understand door ,table, teacher nothing what good will an aide( who he can't understand do?) I know its not mandatory for jk & sk but they do push it
  8. I just wanted to come in an say thanks for everyone who was praying for us these last couple of days. we have offically got our diagnosis for Classic Autism today and next wensday i will go back to the hospital for a parent workshop for new diagnosis parents to find out about services etc. though i was told there are some places with shorter waitlists and more funding that i can apply for. so happy right now. we also found out he is not low functioning but mid functioning. seriously this is the best news we have gotten in a long time and i feel so much more optimistic now.:D
  9. thank you for starting that thread and reminding me of it i will check it out tonight when i can make notes etc. thanks everyone
  10. i am going to look into all of this and try it out thanks so much
  11. yeah the wait times are so crazy long. I am not sure about the university thing but i am going to look into it and see if there is something available. and I agree it is so hard seeing him punch himself because he is so little. he uses his hand and if i make him stop he goes to find objects to hit himself with.
  12. He is not currently getting any services other then my at home attempt to do some ABA and speech. we did have consultations for private services but he needs alot and for OT,speech, and ABA we are looking at over 500 a week which we can't afford at all. He is on a waiting list for speech he should come off it sometime next summer. once he has a diagnosis we can put him on the waiting list for other services. as well as possibly get some funding to pay for services until we get off some waiting lists. wait list are a yr or more for any type of service here in ontario. i am not sure if we will get immediate feedback or not. a friend of my DH got his friend who is a ped. to refer us to this psych. at the hospital( for thurs.) to help us along ( we are on a waitlist for an assesment for 1-1.5yrs). he has texture issue and is so strict on foods he won't take anything but 3.25% milk in one bottle with the same green lid and nipple if you change anything form that he will not drink anything period. he is so set on his ways and weird about everything we did look into prompt but his receptive language is so severely delayed he doesn't even understand basic instructions yet(other than sit,eat,put back,go). they suggested we start with OT and ABA and then speech. because with his behaviors and his receptive delay we would lose alot of money with no benefit because he can't make it through a session.
  13. I was really hoping y'all could send some prayers my way. we got an appointment with a psych. who specializes in ASD on Thurs. not sure if we will get a diagnosis or just a consultation, but hoping for something helpful to come out of it. And we can get closer to getting some services. Son(almost 3.5) is regressing again and lost the few words we worked hard on. His behavior is starting to get unmanageable,aggressive and He has starting punching himself in the face. And i am just really getting burned out and tired.
  14. :grouphug: sorry for your parents being in and sorry for your brother as well. i can't imagine that was something easy to announce at all. I am assuming he probably ran through the worst case scenario reactions before typing that email. i think just give it time let it sink in then decide how you would like to continue the relationship with that family i have many many friends in marriages as 1st or 2nd wife and a good friend of my husband just took a 3rd wife. my husbands grandpa had 3 wives as well so its not really anything big for me. being muslim its religiously ok for us to have up to 4. My family is not Muslim (they are christian) and i told them before i got married that it may happen at some point and i am ok with it so i am letting you know in advance. that way they have all the time to get whatever emotions they feel about it out of the way. Also i think this board is quite diverse and i don't think it is fair to say anyone's lifestyle is disgusting or damaging to children, or you think they are religious nutjobs. even if that is what we may feel in our hearts we shouldn't just outright offend other board member
  15. :grouphug: praying for your family and your son. hopefully things get better and you all get a break
  16. I used to love Bill Nye growing up. I read about this and I just wrote it off as his opinion. I'm muslim and we believe in creation. Not in the same exact way but in general.I believe God created everything period. The details he alone knows and I don't need to know. My kid is not near the age to deal with this but no way am I going to tell him God is a liar.
  17. :grouphug: sorry your having such a hard time i hope it gets better
  18. i currently am dealing with this decision right now. we have a 3yr old who were sure has autism and some other things going on. he is non- verbal and regressing. right now he needs at least 10-15 hrs a week of ABA therapy as well as speech and occupational therapy. All which we can not afford to pay for right now.so i am working with him on what i can at home. every dime and ounce of time right now has to go to taking care of him and it is physically,and emotionally straining on both of us. we have no family to help us out (both our families live out of country.) I would love to have more kids but realistically right now i can't handle more than him and we would not be able to pay for therapy for 2 special needs children.
  19. sending prayers your way. have a safe trip
  20. I know how you feel. we have 1 year wait for speech therapy. 1-1.5 year wait for autism eval. and then another 1-2 years after that eval for aba therapy(not private we can't afford it.) i think governments should really do something about this wait times.
  21. same with my son i am black ( african american) and my husband is from Algeria( which is north africa and he is canadian) he is light skinned and looks arab. my son is white with dark brown hair and honey brown eyes. yes he could apply for a scholarship like that even though you would not think he was black if you saw him, unless you knew i was his mom. most of the people i know who used race for scholarships to prestigious schools they got in because they actually look black( some schools like to visually have the diversity not just on technicalities).
  22. there is a montessori ebook called montessori at home if you google it you should be able to find it easy(sorry i can't get to the link right now). i think its less than 10 dollars and using stuff that can be made fairly easily I haven't used it because i am planning to use Montessori for all subjects once my son is ready(he is special needs). I have heard many people who don't go the traditional montessori route like it. also check the blog chasing cheerios. they have some prek montessori stuff you may like. hope that helps
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