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  1. Our school district assigns schools based on the student's address. The elementary, middle, and high school that my children would attend are all ranked 4. The schools that are just outside our boundary restriction are rated 9 and 10.
  2. Hmm. I wonder if I just received the catalog that was mailed out last June? It is awfully battered, and I didn't request one.
  3. I just pulled a 2010-2011 Rainbow Resource catalog from my mailbox. I haven't received one in ages, but it seems like February wasn't the time of year they were usually delivered. The catalog is pretty battered, so maybe it has been kicking around somewhere for a while. Have you received a RR catalog recently?
  4. I vote e-reader. Our library system charges $5 per interlibrary loan. I found a lot of the books my dd wanted to read (but our library has long since discarded) for free on Project Gutenberg, Manybooks, etc. and downloaded them to my Kindle.
  5. Has your dd contacted the optical shop where she bought her glasses? Realizing that accidents happen, many shops offer one replacement pair free or at a steep discount during the year following the purchase.
  6. Starting a new thread because the old one became more discussion of how to handle posting the samples rather than the samples themselves. 13yo girl, 7th grade R&S assignment: Write a descriptive paragraph about (choice of several subjects given), using exact nouns and expressive verbs. Use figurative language in at least one sentence. Student chose "a flower garden" for the subject. The paragraph below is unedited. ************ The early-morning sun washed the garden in clear light. Dew rainbows shimmered on the heavy violet heads of a clump of hyacinths. Daffodills flashed th
  7. Many teachers in my area charge $1/minute for lessons. Lesson fees vary widely, depending in part on whether you live in an urban or rural area, and who the teacher is, their experience level, and so forth. If you're looking for a band instrument (not strings), folks who play trombone, low brass, oboe, bassoon often seem to be in demand.
  8. This looks fun! I just ordered it and my dc can't wait to play it! Killer Bunnies is a favorite in our house too! My younger dd recently noticed that the red holographic bunny (from the red booster pack) is modeled after Rimmer from "Red Dwarf" -- she really got a kick out of this.
  9. One thing that was a big savings for us at Costco: prescription meds for those who have no health insurance Costco has a plan for members who have no health insurance, which lowers the price even more. A generic med that cost us $35 at the nearest grocery store pharmacy was $6 at Costco. If your pet has a prescription for human meds, he or she can sign up for the no-health-insurance plan and receive the additional discount. My regular Costco purchases: packaged romaine lettuce heads Tillamook sharp cheese (hormone free) organic eggs (whenever they're in stock) organic apple
  10. The last time I read any of the Shannara books was 20+ years ago. I don't recall them having s3xual content or much bad language. Definitely I don't remember any vampires in them. What I do remember is that the bad guys were pretty scary, and described as such. Some violence, gruesomeness, etc. and some generally dark parts. Maybe it's time for a re-read, since I suspect my dc will soon notice the Shannara books on the basement bookshelf and ask to read them. But I hope someone else has read them recently and is more sure of the contents than I am!
  11. My eldest finished Singapore 6B at the end of 6th grade. For 7th grade, I started her in Singapore Discovering Mathematics 1. It bombed big time. The way it was set up was not the way this particular child learned. It wasn't like the PM series, but made jumps between concepts. After a couple of months of tears of frustration (hers and mine) I bought the first four books of Keys to Algebra. She's halfway through the third book, understands what she's doing, and likes math again. She's also doing a couple of problems from one of the Singapore CWP books every day. My plan is
  12. I need a writing program of some type for my 4th grader. I have never done any formal writing instruction with her... probably because she complains about any writing she has to do. She doesn't know how to write a paragraph. She can write a grammatically correct sentence, but not necessarily a complex one. So, I have been looking at online samples Killgallon Sentence Composing for Elementary School and MCT Sentence Island. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the Killgallon materials and MCT's materials? I wish I could look at them IRL. I don't even know if the leve
  13. Costco has a program for members who don't have health insurance; they give an additional discount off the cost of the medicine. You fill out a form one time; the information is tied to your club card and you get the discount automatically. Ask the Sams Club pharmacy if they have a similar program.
  14. If I weren't immune to chicken pox, I would definitely get the vaccine if I were planning a pregnancy. The risk of birth defects and/or infection is small, but the outcome can be serious.
  15. You can connect your Kindle directly to your computer. A cable is included in the box with the Kindle. Then you can download books: * directly from Amazon to your Kindle * from another site such as Project Gutenberg, to your computer, then to your Kindle
  16. We had no idea... we knew there was a 707 and a 747 and the "digital" clock gave us six excellent excuses to run around the house every night. BTW, we ran around at 7:57 too and there wasn't one of those yet in the late '70's. :D Poor mom, always dusting... now that I'm a mom, I understand why she was annoyed. :tongue_smilie:
  17. My parents still HAVE and USE the microwave they got in... 1975, I think it was. It's built in one piece with the stove, and since the stove still works fine, and the microwave seems to work okay (though it makes some pretty strange sounds and the lights flicker off and on) they see no reason to replace it. The upper part of the stove/microwave combo has a "digital" clock with numbers that roll around on cylinders. When we were kids, we'd run around the house pretending we were airplanes every night at 7:07, 7:17, 7:27, 7:37, 7:47 -- all the Boeing models. My mom got really tired of this!
  18. No idea how the quality compares, but my kids prefer the taste of the Costco gummies to the Nordic Naturals, and the price is right, so that is what I buy.
  19. I got the WiFi version for Christmas. I'm very happy with it. My dd loves it, and has used it at least 10x as much as I have. So far I've paid for only one book; it was a Bobbsey Twins book my dd wanted to read, and I couldn't find a free copy anywhere. So I spent the 99 cents to make her happy. All of the other 100+ books on it were free downloads, mostly classics. Oh, and I didn't buy the Amazon Kindle case. The one I got was made by M-Edge. I haven't had any issues with my Kindle freezing or restarting. It behaves just fine.
  20. Paperback all the way! I don't enjoy reading hardcover novels. They are too big and heavy, and they make a loud crash when they hit the floor when I fall asleep on the couch and drop them. That said, if it's a reference or school book that I want to last through a couple of kids, then I'll buy hardcover.
  21. I got some speakers like these for a Christmas present a few years ago. Originally I hooked them up to my iPod; then the computer speakers died and I moved them to the computer. They sound quite good for their size, and easily produce sufficient volume for my kids to watch movies on the computer. They are small and easily portable, so if you don't want to leave them plugged into the computer, you can store them elsewhere and just use them when you need them.
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