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  1. I think pulls=runs. Towels nowadays seem to develop runs/pulls easily. I don't know if they're woven more loosely, or have yarn breaks woven in, or what.
  2. Whether I would attempt to do it myself depends on the vintage of the toilet (the last few decades? 1950's or before?) and whether the toilet is installed into a concrete slab. A relative replaced two vintage toilets recently. One was installed into a concrete slab. A plumber was a very good idea. The original installations were... interesting.
  3. Your signature references a child at a Colorado university. If that is the child in question, here is information from Colorado workers compensation: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdle/node/37306
  4. If by any chance your child has seen a therapist whose specialty is working with clients with ASD, that person might be able to refer you to a tutor who has experience working with kids with ASD.
  5. Oh, maybe what I saw was specific sets. I just looked on Amazon and each doll is about $10 there. My mom wants to ship the dolls so Amazon is probably the best bet.
  6. I think the Fisher Price Loving Family dolls have been discontinued. My mom would like to buy some similar dolls for a preschool aged grandchild. Are there similar dolls that will stand up to be played with by a 2 or 3 year old?
  7. We have taken our chickens to the vet. We put the chicken in a large cat carrier (the rigid plastic kind with a metal grille door) with a soft cat bed or towel inside. Some of the chickens are more amenable to this than others, but in the end they will go in the carrier, especially if mealworms or other desirable treats are involved. One of the chickens just had a limping issue resolve. There was no sign of a cut, but the ankle (?) had a little swelling. I think maybe she jumped/flew down from something (the coop?) and landed wrong.
  8. We have a small yard. Dh says about 600 or 700 sf. Five chickens, a coop, a tiny garden that is FENCED OFF because the chickens eat any green thing that they can reach. Including all the grass that used to be in the yard.
  9. Assuming this is to take with her, and she has an insulated lunch container with an ice pack: Salami, cheese, GF crackers (Breton, Milton's, quite a few choices out there now) Tuna wrap on GF tortilla (Mission brand is good IMO) or tuna salad with GF crackers Sandwich on GF bread (Trader Joe's, Udi's, Franz are good IMO) Deli meat and cheese rollups Hard boiled eggs, or egg salad sandwiches or with GF crackers Taco salad (shredded iceberg, refried beans, seasoned ground meat, etc) and a container of salsa, dressing, guacamole Add yogurt, fruit, pretzels (Snyd
  10. I bought something at Lowe's earlier this month and was shocked that the chip function on the card reader was not enabled. I had to slide my card. That's a setup ripe for fraud nowadays. I can't think of any other store I've shopped at this year whose card reader was slide-only.
  11. Based on my local in-network optical shop pricing, with insurance discount, for one pair of everyday glasses with high-index progressive lenses, antireflective coating, etc -- Zenni's price for comparable sunglasses is about 1/5 of the local price. Actually it's probably even better than 1/5, because sunglasses have an extra charge for lens tinting. Unfortunately Zenni says I can't get the thinnest option of lenses for the sunglasses, but I figure given the amount I would wear them compared to regular glasses, it's not a big deal. I didn't know Zenni offers free lenses. Based on what y
  12. If you have bought glasses online, where do you recommend to buy from? I want to get prescription sunglasses but I don't want to pay optical shop prices. I have my current prescription and I know my PD.
  13. This makes me wonder how many dogs allow themselves to be vacuumed.
  14. Moomins! There are crochet patterns for Moomins and some of the other characters on Ravelry.
  15. I have seen fitted sheets put on boxsprings only in hotels. We don't have any beds with boxsprings, but if we did, I would put fitted sheets on them. It looks nice.
  16. My kids said there was a girl who was in some of the later Three Investigators books. They think she was Jupiter's rival. I'll have to look through my set this weekend to check on this. ETA: Google is faster. She's a neighbor girl named Allie Jamison and she's in two of the books: Singing Serpent and Death Trap Mine. Adding my vote for Trixie Belden ?
  17. Ravelry has a load of patterns for crocheted and knitted dishcloths. My advice: When you give someone a COLORED crocheted/knitted dishcloth, tell them to wash the dishes with it a few times before laundering it. Some colors of yarn bleed A LOT.
  18. A can of Whoop Ass soda that dh bought sometime during the summer of 2000. ETA: he bought it as a joke when his brother came to visit. They never got around to drinking it and it has been on the same shelf of our fridge ever since.
  19. Jean, if you made a new post asking if anyone has used that Kaiser division - maybe someone here has.
  20. My old vacuum just died. I need recommendations for a new vacuum! My house is about 1/2 hard surface floor and 1/2 carpeted floor. It also has two carpeted staircases. I frequently use the extension hose and small brush to clean windowsills, bookcase shelves, etc. And the crevice tool gets plenty of use too. So these are essential accessories IMO. Dh's requests: quieter than our current deafening vacuum, lightweight. My request: not $$$$$$$ It would be great to be able to buy locally rather than order online. My previous go-to Sears is no longer an option. ET
  21. Sandwiches: Trader Joe's GF bread and bagels Mission GF tortillas Udi's bread Franz bread Baking: Namaste flour blend (Costco, 5lb bag is around $13). Disclaimer: I have not tried making loaf-type yeast bread with it. We use it for quick breads, pie crust, cookies, brownies, etc. Pillsbury Funfetti GF cake mix Pasta: I like Bionaturae best. Tinkayada lasagna noodles act just like regular no-bake noodles. Tinkada shells or Trader Joe's rotini (both are rice noodles) work great in tuna casserole. Pacific Foods has GF cream of mushro
  22. Please share your essential oil ant deterrent. Dh wants to use commercial pesticides...
  23. High school. I am trying to stay calm and reasonable but it's hard.
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