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  1. We ended up going the non-insurance route for psychiatrist (the dr is private pay only, doesn't take any insurance) to find someone who works well with my kids. Is that a possibility where you are? Have you looked for a psychiatric nurse practitioner? One of my kids found a way to handle auditory stuff - always wearing one earbud at school. Something about the music input canceled out some sensory issues. It was written into the 504. It did have to be on a non-Internet iPod though so there would be no issues with possible cheating on tests. School - same kid as above couldn'
  2. Both of my parents have a lot of siblings, but neither was among the youngest. My parent whose parent was born in 1890 was the second child of six.
  3. All four of my grandparents lived in the U.S. as adults. Three of them were not born in the U.S. My oldest grandparent was born in 1890.
  4. I was in college. One of my kids likes it so much that we have 2 DVD copies... because the cases have different pictures. So we had to buy both.
  5. I had the "pleasure" of a colonoscopy earlier this year. I mixed the SUPREP with Gatorade. I wish I had mixed it with plain water. The Gatorade intensified the sweetness and saltiness. I managed to keep it down, barely.
  6. Could be you have drier skin. My kids had a cheeping chick toy - it had two metal circles on the bottom, you held it in your palm and it cheeped. I couldn't get it to work because the skin on my palms was too dry. I also have trouble getting store produce bags to open. My sweaty handed kids have no problem opening the bags.
  7. You're not alone. I really enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to next week.
  8. True. I was thinking more along the lines of prices varying due to HCOL vs LCOL area. But yes, we have experienced the difference in facility quality. In our situation, Medicaid pays and I don't know what the sticker price is.
  9. Can you call a couple of places near where your mom lives, for price quotes?
  10. 2000. My dh got it for me because he didn't want me to be stranded somewhere with a broken down car and a toddler, unable to call for help. He also got an external battery pack for the phone - that was pretty clunky.
  11. Yes. Stonewall's Jerquee. It is not the same texture as beef jerky, but it is chewy and savory and comes in different flavors. Some flavors are GF.
  12. Sorry - my book, which I no longer have, was paper. I didn't know there was a PDF of the book.
  13. I wear the "regular" width in Birkenstocks. The narrow is too narrow for my forefoot. I have not seen knockoff Birks in anything but narrow width. Something to keep in mind if knockoffs don't fit your foot correctly. Try on different models in-store. You may find that some fit better than others due to arch height, etc. For me, Florida and Milano fit great, but the Granada straps are in the wrong place for my foot and are very uncomfortable.
  14. One of my kids has been to Helsinki and Tallinn. Kid votes "yes, visit both - and don't miss the Moomin park in Helsinki"
  15. No cake smashing for us. There was no cake at all, actually.
  16. At your daughter's job, is she working with clients on the phone or face-to-face? And is she doing data entry, or answering questions for existing clients? Data entry: If she is working with them on the phone, she can ask them to spell out their name/street name, etc. In my job, I do this all the time - both with my clients, and as a client of other organizations. It's very common. As a PP has said, names often have multiple spelling options. If she is working with clients face-to-face, could she have them fill out a form which she enters into the computer at a later time?
  17. Ultimate shorts? One of my kids has a pair of the Hydro shorts, and they are long, lightweight, and flowing. ETA: they are athletic/athleisure though - not sure if your dd is looking for something dressier.
  18. My mom made chipped beef on toast. The meat was a stack of slices rolled up in a jar; she cut it into strips with kitchen shears. The gravy... no idea what it was made of. I liked chipped beef on toast. Probably because it was already cooked and thus couldn't be overcooked into dryness.
  19. Liver Canned spinach Butter on sandwiches Pot roast - I would guess there is some way to prepare it that doesn't end up with a very dry texture. My mom didn't use a meat thermometer; instead she cooked the meat extra long to be sure it was done. She did that for all types of meat, but I remember pot roast being the driest.
  20. It sounds like your kid and my kid had pretty much the same Spanish 3 experience. Awful. And that Spanish 3 experience shows why a 504 is needed. Just wanted to add - you can get accommodations from the CC without having a 504 in high school. The evaluation should say what accommodations are needed. My older kid had no problem getting accommodations from the CC based on what the evaluation recommended - didn't have a 504 in high school. The disability services office was super helpful.
  21. Can she take math online, using a provider that is approved by your state? One of my kids has taken several academic classes online (some due to schedule conflicts). I had to pay for the classes, but the school accepts the credits. Fine arts is what keeps my kid in school right now. There is no way I would agree to drop a class that keeps my kid attending. Push on the 504. Their reasoning is wrong.
  22. What are the new screening questions? Just curious - my kids are now teen/young adult.
  23. Another vote for Olukai O'hana.
  24. I think Luna protein bars are vegan.
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