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  1. Mexican takeout from one of our favorite places. They are really struggling.
  2. Your mom's quilts are beautiful! There is even an Easter bunny quilt! The display reminds me of one of my mom's favorite jigsaw puzzles. Thanks for sharing the photos.
  3. I don't think our family is seeing any savings. I am still working, same commute, so no change in gas money. College kid had some classes cancelled that weren't possible to be held online, so some tuition refund. No bus pass fee this quarter due to online classes only. Groceries are more expensive because of less choice of items -- sometimes the expensive brand is all there is. I'm not inclined to visit multiple stores to try to get the best deal; I get what there is and pay however much it costs and get out of the store quickly. No music lesson fees at the moment. I guess that saves
  4. Thanks, everyone! I started the dispute and indicated deception. I never would have made the purchase if the item description had indicated that it would ship from Asia. I have a printout of the original listing and it clearly states the item was located in City, State, USA. With any luck, this will be resolved quickly.
  5. This is why I do the shopping. I make a master list by aisle (I shop for our family and for my mom during the same trip) - so I can be as efficient as possible, load up the cart quickly and get through the checkout and out of the store. I have always been the one who does the grocery shopping. No reason to change that now unless I get sick.
  6. I'll Fly Away. I know they made a wrap-up episode, but it was kind of an afterthought to try to tie up everything that the show left dangling, and it just wasn't satisfying to me. I would love to watch that show again.
  7. In mid-March, I bought an item on eBay. It was listed as shipping from a U.S. location about 1000 miles from my U.S. location, and stated would be delivered by March 24. I haven't received it. Now when I look at "My eBay" the tracking number doesn't look like a USPS tracking number, although it says USPS tracking. When I looked up the tracking number prefix, it appears that the item was shipped from Asia although the listing clearly specified that the item would ship from the U.S. I have a copy of the listing at the time I made the purchase. eBay now shows "We removed this listing fr
  8. Just checked Home Depot website. No liquid Lysol available within 100 miles of my home. I haven't seen any at the grocery store in the last month. TP, though, all the stores here have TP. Some have pallets of it, some have just a few packs.
  9. I will have a bigger stash of liquid hand soap (little/none available locally for the past month), cleaning/disinfecting products (haven't seen any on the shelves for a month), hand sanitizer (last seen on March 9, unless you count the overpriced 1oz bottle of strawberry scented sanitizer I bought last week). Probably will wear a mask while shopping. If no one is wearing a mask, everyone avoids the person who is. Now that everyone is wearing a mask/scarf/bandanna/balaclava, we all just avoid each other.
  10. Yes. One of my kids made me a special lunch to take to work. The other kid made dinner and dessert. Friends and family texted & emailed me. I got a couple of cards in the mail. Starbucks gave me a free drink. It was actually a better birthday than usual, plus no stress from a celebration with the extended family (which is the "normal" way of celebrating).
  11. I wear a cloth mask when I go to the grocery store, post office, etc. I have seen a lot more people wearing masks the last couple of days.
  12. My last shopping trip was March 27. No liquid hand soap; haven't seen any for a couple weeks. 3 small bags of flour (I bought one of them). Not much sugar. Haven't seen hand sanitizer since March 9 - I got lucky when I asked at the counter for it that day - last time I saw a bottle on the shelf was in February. Cereal and bread shelves were half empty. Tofu has been low/gone for months but I think that's an issue unrelated to COVID-19 shopping. Produce is often dilapidated and low/missing stock, which makes me wonder if the stores are stocking overnight like they claim, or if there is
  13. Double Stuf Oreos. ETA: before I knew stay-at-home orders were coming, I bought lots of food/supplies. But going into stay-at-home, Oreos were the only specific thing.
  14. I would smell the brown rice before cooking to see if it's rancid.
  15. Alcohol wipes - the kind used to swab the skin prior to an injection.
  16. Is the doctor still licensed? If so, I think I saw an announcement looking for providers willing to work for a teledoc service. I'll check when I get to work - can't remember which insurance platform I saw the announcement on.
  17. I went to Trader Joe's this morning. The only things they were out of that I noticed: flour, and some bare shelves in the alcohol section. They allowed only a few people into the store at a time. They had signs up at the entrance saying only 2 of any item per customer and only one shopping cart full per customer. They also wiped down the cart before the customer was allowed to use the cart.
  18. Currently, there is not enough staff to handle online pickup & delivery. The union is advertising here, hoping to get workers who were laid off when restaurants & retail closed. Stores have back room capacity and some have cold rooms where they hold orders ready for pickup, so there can be a lot more product in a store than shoppers will see on the shelves. Pickup/delivery can pull from those areas (I know because a couple years ago I was lamenting the wilted salad mix and the produce guy said, "I'll get you one from the back room - we have new stock back there for pickup/deliv
  19. I used to think my job was lonely (I am usually the only one in the office for 6-8 hours of my work day) and I didn't like it. Now I love it!
  20. Walgreens says they will deliver prescriptions, no charge.
  21. Regarding thermometers: I opened up one of our digital thermometers (can't find the other, sigh, story of my life) and got the battery size. Just ordered a cheap pack of batteries from eBay. Even if they're not long-lasting, a ten pack was $2. And while I was on the site, I bought a couple of digital thermometers - one for us, and one for an elderly family member who I bet doesn't have one. They're unbranded; I'm guessing dollar-store quality but it's better than nothing.
  22. Wondering if this will be the grocery shopping experience in the near future.
  23. Governor Inslee just said: All K-12 schools in Washington state closed through at least April 24. No in-person courses at colleges through April 24. Classes that are labs or clinics can continue if there is social distancing. The "at least" portion makes me wonder if it's going to end up with schools closed until the new school year in August/September.
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