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  1. I want to buy sprouting seeds for the kind of sprouts you put on salads and sandwiches - alfalfa, clover, etc.

    I used to be able to find packets of them locally but can't find them in stores now.

    A couple months ago I ordered a pound of seeds from Amazon but was disappointed because many of the seeds didn't sprout.  This was not an issue with the seed packets I had bought before.

    Any suggestions of where to buy?  I'd like to get at least a pound at a time.  We all like sprouts.

  2. What you stated about OCD should qualify your child to receive accommodations (504).  Your school may need psychiatrist's letter or some other documentation - it has been long enough since we went through the accommodations process that I don't remember all the details.

    The one thing I do remember is that my child first had a 504 but it was not sufficient accommodations.  Child had to fail high school classes before the school would get the IEP process started.

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  3. If your son decided to enroll in the insurance plan that his employer offers, it would be his primary plan (because he is the subscriber).  If he also stayed on your family's plan, that plan would be secondary (because a person other than your son is the subscriber).  You don't get to choose which plan is primary.  

    You might check with your family's insurance to be sure he could still be covered under the policy, if he will be working full time for an employer that offers heath insurance.  Sometimes there are exclusions.




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  4. Lining up things, for example all the Playmobil people would get lined up by hair color in rows, instead of being typically played with.  Lack of typical interaction with other kids. Sensory issues - textures, sounds, smells. Small motor and gross motor difficulties. Had to be explicitly taught social responses.  Very literal.  

    Years of pediatrician visits with the same doctor, who was very surprised by the diagnosis in mid-teens.  I do wonder if it would have been caught sooner if we had not homeschooled -- maybe a teacher would have noticed?

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  5. 3 hours ago, mathnerd said:

    I have had this one for over 10 years. I am not sure if this is better than others in the market, but, it gets the job done. Only thing that I don't like is that it is noisy.



    We have that same set.  One of my kids cuts their own hair with it and also my dh's hair.  Maybe they have improved it because it doesn't seem noisy to me.  

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  6. Yes it is a thing and in fact we just sent a domestic bird express mail cross country recently.  We checked the temperatures along the route to ensure it wasn't forecast to be too hot, the bird was shipped in a special bird carrier (has to meet certain specifications), was shipped early in the week to eliminate any possibility of sitting in a postal facility over the weekend, and was in transit under 48 hours due to one end of the journey being rural - it would have been 24 hours otherwise.  The bird arrived just fine.  I'm sure it was stressful for the bird and I felt bad about that, but its new living situation is ideal.  We had no other way to get the bird to its destination.

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  7. If you are able to stay with the Cobra, before making a decision to change to short-term I would look at:

    deductible on Cobra (and how much has been satisfied) and copay amounts

    deductible on short-term policy and copay amounts

    premium cost for each plan

    are your doctors contracted with the short-term plan

    does the short-term plan cover all the medical care you typically need

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  8. Forgot something.  Don't forget about prescription drug coverage.  Some MedAdvantage plans include Rx coverage.  Traditional Medicare, with or without a supplement, doesn't include Rx coverage so you'll need to choose an Rx plan. To compare those, compile a list of his meds and go from there.  

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  9. Oh, I forgot to say - you might want to check whether your FIL has any retiree benefits for medical coverage.  Some employers pay part/all of the supplement cost for their retirees, or offer secondary insurance coverage, or contribute toward the cost of a MedAdvantage plan, etc. This is more common with unions, but other employers also offer these benefits.

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  10. Yes, traditional Medicare exists.  Typically, the monthly premium is deducted from the recipient's Social Security check.  The individual is responsible to pay the first $198 in annual medical bills (the $198 is at contracted rate, assuming the individual sees doctors who are contracted with Medicare) and then is responsible to pay 20% of medical expenses after that.  The issue here is that there is no annual cap on medical bills.  You could pay 20% of however much care you end up needing.

    That is why some people choose a supplement plan ("letter" plan) which pays some or all of the amount the individual would normally be responsible for paying.  The coverage depends on which letter you choose -- you can find a chart online that lays out the coverage details.  The cost for these can range to upwards of $200 per month.  Many companies sell them (AARP, Mutual of Omaha, etc.) but every "G" plan has the exact same coverage even if different companies charge different monthly premiums.

    Some people prefer to get a Medicare replacement plan instead ("MedAdvantage" plan).  This takes the place of Medicare + supplement.  There may or may not be a cost to the individual in addition to the monthly premium deducted from the Social Security check.  The plan may also cover some things that Medicare doesn't normally cover, like dental care or eyeglasses.  Usually these plans assess a copay for doctor visits, and they usually have an annual cap on medical expenses.  BUT you will find that some plans require the individual to get care from a restricted network of medical providers; if they want to see an out of network doctor, they'll usually have to pay the entire cost of the visit.  And if the individual travels and wants to get non-emergency care in another geographic area, this could also result in the individual being responsible for the whole bill. 

    And I'll add here, that if your FIL has minimal assets, he may qualify for a Medicare/Medicaid plan that will have a smaller network of doctors, but can reduce his medical costs. It is a Medicare replacement plan similar to what I described in the previous paragraph.

    Boy, that sure got long! 

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  11. 14 minutes ago, Arctic Mama said:

    Braggs is my least favorite for taste. I like Thompson the best, followed by Red Star.

    Thompson Nutritional Yeast

    I had no idea there were so many brands!  Next time I go to the store I'll see if the bulk bins are still labeled (no bulk sales here due to covid) to try to figure out what brand I've been buying all these years. 

    ETA: I know the bins have had small flake and large flake.  I've always bought the large flake.

  12. 54 minutes ago, mlktwins said:

    Did you get started on your SAL?  Would love to see how you are doing - if you want to share :-)!!!  

    I did get started, thanks for asking!

    I decided to use 16 ct Aida and I outlined a couple blocks and started filling in two blocks and realized two things.  16 ct Aida is just too small for my old eyes and it gave me a terrible headache.  And some of the colors I chose were too light.

    So I started over with 14 ct Aida which is so much easier to see, even though you'd think there wouldn't be much difference between 16 and 14 ct.  I'm planning to work on my SAL more today, and I'll try to post a picture by the end of the weekend.

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  13. 14 hours ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

    Canned pumpkin.  I know that it's not the "season" but I mix it in the dog's food. 

    Adam's peanut butter - someone mentioned the creamy but I can't find my favorite chunky either.


    Ditto on the Adams.  Sometimes my aunt finds the chunky at Safeway (she should not be going out shopping but she refuses to listen to me!) but what she really wants is the no-stir chunky which none of my local family members have seen in months. 

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