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  1. I've never heard that, but I have heard people say that the sociopathy is evident very early on -- the abuse of critters, the trying to evoke strong emotions by hurting others , etc -- is seen very early in the dc who are eventually moved to alternative school as part of the agreement to avoid the juvenile justice system.
  2. The govt subsidizes food for the homebound, through the Meals On Wheels program. Its a hot meal cooked and delivered daily by volunteers. When you compare their menu to the school menu you'd be shocked at the quality difference. Or maybe not, depending on the school. Last time I went to Oregon, I wanted to eat at the schools, since the photos in the newspaper showed some pretty good meals. You'd never see that quality here as the school meals are made from frozen things that are reheated, with the occasional NY apple also served. There are no cooks, and there is no kitchen..its just ovens to reheat trays.
  3. I think you haven't read my other posts. The children here can't play outside and the elderly can't walk because of the min wage workers at the group home -- they won't respect the driving laws. Yeah, i could film the next time they do the 'brush off' as they call the move where they swerve onto someone elses's driveway or sidewalk so they can brush my sleeve...but then I'd be out the lawyer $$ and have to spend my time sitting in court. Cheaper to drive or use my own exercise equipment. Oh, yeah, that group home -- its illegal. Residential neighborhood not zoned for a business, but they arranged an exemption and didn't compensate the neighbors for the resulting loss in home value. I'm not advocating for anyone of any economic circumstance to use a vehicle for harm or intimidation to a pedestrian or a bicyclist. Most folks around here are filming with a dash cam, not to prosecute the scofflaw, but to prove to the insurance that they aren't at fault. Maybe you could do similar if you have 'wealthy people with cars' who 'want the right to run over the poor'. As far as ecs not affordable to poor...sorry, but here its the middle class. The poor have scholarships to every sports club and many academic ecs. The middle class kids are the ones who don't do swim club, lacrosse, etc. because its way too much. I'm not dismissing your lifestyle..but really, we are talking a state that pays each resident from its oil trust fund. That covers a big chunk of the $200/mo lease a vehicle would cost or the gas to get to the ecs. Its not going to help with insurance for under 25 unemployed people..and that's the big hurdle I'm seeing for those who can't find a job at home and be on parent insurance. I didn't own a car as a youngster either...I find it kind of funny to see that my college runs a shuttle bus now to grocery stores and laundromats when generations walked. The weather is nowhere near as frigid. Same for the college near age 70 something friends moved in because it was walkable, but the college runs shuttles right past them and their grocery wheeled carts. Really many of these solutions involve people following existing laws or taking personal responsibility and not passing their bills to others.
  4. The police are only involved if a fight or battery situation results in a certain level of injury. OR the parent wants to prosecute. Most people I know drop the case out of court when the perp parents agree to pay the medical bills...they want the perp to get help, not a record.
  5. Truly poor people have community resources and receive premade meals already from those resources. After that, what we are seeing here is that premade meals from the grocery are priced very well. Cars...sounds like your community needs to work on that. What's going on here is large communities cooperate and have bus services via their church or group when public transport and car sharing doesn't work out. The elderly and disabled have public transport here, its subsidized by the county govt. Other people have cars so they can get to work...and the big expense isn't the car, its the insurance, tolls, and taxes. Its just not a big deal to not have a car as the grocery stores all deliver, and the taxi is $5 each way to any destination in town...far cheaper than the cost of insurance, registration, gas etc. Scouts are $125 a year and it includes the dc paying their own way via work. Music lessons...thats personal choice, many have bartering available. It sounds like you are looking for people to give money for disabled and elderly. Most of my state's budget is going for that purpose. Maybe you should do some advocating in your state.
  6. 1) depends. travel needs to be done for purpose of unemployment benefits. Childcare and eldercare now become more time and your direct responsibility since there is no income to hire help. The garden grows larger. Or your time goes to looking for a new job or retraining for that new job. 2) chores are not all exercise. You dont move a whole lot for many indoor chores. "Just more anecdotal evidence"...go ahead, dismiss other people's way of life....if you can't hear the tree when it falls, it doesn't really fall... I agree with your point that people need to take personal responsibility. But I already know from personal experience that you cant out exercise poor nutritional choices. Most people need to practice portion control, and get off processed carbs. Others have medical or genetic issues. There's no magic one size fits all solution, and there is no nanny that is going to get after all these people to get them to change. The only solution I see is what the grocers are doing...premade meals, heat - n - eat, and make those nutritious instead of junk.
  7. You might have missed some posts....many people post while on an exercise machine. 3 jobs? ha ha ha. You might have missed the economic situation in other states ... we are just now coming back from the recession and seeing help wanted signs here. Its been almost a decade. People around here have time to take their dc to ecs because they lost their jobs in mass layoffs. They are organizing and running the ecs in hopes of giving the children skills, so they can hang on to jobs when they are in their twenties. Or not fail out of college; down here college prep means prep for CC...and AA degree that leads to nowhere. You need an AS to find living wage. By the way I grew up rural some years. We didn't bike and lounge all summer, we didn't get off the property unless we had paid work; we stayed and did chores. Lots of chores. I have fond memories of helping on the gp's place...dug out the fish pond, etc etc. No machinery to rent back then. Idle minds are the devil's work was the going phrase...we had very little free time....working the 4H booth at the county fair was considered free time.
  8. even if you don' t use a road for a vehicle, you will still pay your fair share in order for goods to be delivered, as well as mail, ambulance, police, and fire..or are you arguing for abolishment of those services?
  9. Where do you live that roads are free? I pay tolls, gas tax and gas fees, and part of that goes to pay for roads. For years, I paid a tax on my phone bill to pay for transit in my school district pays a payroll tax to NYC transit...and we live half an hour from commuter rail, 100 miles from the subway. No one from here can attend a NYC public school, we don't have school choice. Those that commute pay taxes to NYC, as well as an entry fee via via commuter rail or bus fee or bridge toll. I don't even get one bridge pass a year to drive in for my money. and why do you think people without vehicles shouldn't pay for roads? how is your food going to come in to the city? even the Amish use roads to deliver to the cities And topic in my town. The amount of city folk buying homes and violating building code by illegally renting them to three families has meant the sewer system is needing expansion...load is 3x what it would be if it was one family to a home. Those who didn't triple up are of course paying more than their fair share. Same for water...oh yeah, water ..water belongs to the city....outside of city, communities and individuals have to dig well$, can't tap in to the city aquaduct that runs right by... really its not a city vs rural thing you as you are setting up. its people moving, violating occupancy codes, and not contributing to expanding the infrastructure needed for the dense housing, the roads, the schools, the sewer, the water -- instead dumping all that cost on the existing residents who do not have the wages to afford the massive influx.
  10. Here, we have a revitalizing downtown, but the next town down the road is great. The difference is the mix of businesses. Some businesses just don't want to update to fit the current customer base.....I knew one lady who went out of business, decrying a box store. Said box store offered the same brands, but a lower tier that fit with the wallets of the potential customer. Lady was offering high end only, and depending on tourists from the City. Tourists didn't stop in, she hung on. Box store, amazon and wally world split the biz and lady finally realized nothing was ever going to come her way during the last recession and closed. The current business in that spot is doing quite well. A smaller difference is the landlord's willingness to keep up the property. weeds, trash, potholes, broken bottles laying around just don't attract customers the way flowers and level sidewalks do.
  11. Ah, that's because of genetics. I do eat to change the way I die..I almost died from downstream effects of the poor nutrition related to the folic acid poisoning. Its not looking like a quick easy death due to the epigenetics, so I course corrected. There are better ways and of course its a little too early.
  12. I have no idea what paragraph one means. If you want to clarify, please do. In my post I pointed out that there are people would like to move about freely, and get exercise, but the impediment is the other people who consider them prey...that's a lot of elderly women and a lot of children who would love to be outside walking around.This is a worldwide phenomenon, don't know why you want to deny reality. And in view of yesterday's Chicago shooting in broad daylight, and the slashings last week in Greenwich Village (NYC), I wonder what your motives are. The fact is a lot of people live in areas that are walkable, but they don't walk because they don't want the 'inconvenience' of being the victim...its not like hospital and PT bills are going to be picked up by the neighbors, nor will a salary be given or a job saved for not showing up to work. I could care less about heart attacks and murder rate comparisons, both are down. What I want to do is enjoy my life and the use of my property and the town I pay taxes to without being held randomly hostage to someone who is preying. I want the same for you, and everyone else in the world. I'm not wanting to gate my community in and leave you to wolves. What I said..the community safety and walkability depends on who lives there and what predators are operating, is truth. All our communities are walkable, we just have to get out on the sidewalk. We can do laps in parking lots...some of the senior centers here have done just that since they can't find parks where people will restrain their animals. What you said, ymmv, is always true on a post where someone is describing their neighborhood. It doesn't negate the fact that we have many predators walking around and some are staying in to avoid them. Others are talking and sharing solutions.
  13. People are agreeing on what is healthy...definitely not sugar, hfcs, and simple carbs in the quantities that the morbidly obese are downing. Some of them are trying to fine tune it further. The rocket science part is the blood sugar roller coaster -- people who don't understand the difference between a simple carb and a complex carb also don't have enough math skill to understand what is happening to their blood sugar as they go about the day, feeding every two hours. No desire to test and adjust insulin. No desire to give up sugar, hfcs, simple carbs, junk food despite what the blood sugar is. No concept of what fiber is. They aren't getting off the roller coaster and they will continue to pack on the pounds until they reach the limit of what they can ingest.
  14. The 'feeds on sugar' refers to the PET scan. The patient who rejects the idea that blood sugar rises when overeating calories or simple carbs seems to pay attention to the PET scan and grasp that sugar needs to be lower or the cancer wouldn't grab it for the PET scan. They still don't understand that overeating or eating simple carbs raises blood sugar....I'm guessing because the hormones come in to play and they see a morning blood sugar rise before they eat.
  15. I am not so worried because NYC has heavy security, but the predators still are out. Like Chicago yesterday, I know there will be a response...but I don't want anyone to die. I want everyone to be free of human predators and enjoy this beautiful country, and have the peace to go out and talk to their neighors without looking over the shoulder to see that the next car coming down the road isn't going to swerve and hit them or their kids or discharge a robbery team.
  16. They are talking reality. I went to NYC last week for medical..first thing I did in prep was look up the slashing reports, then plan my route and time for safety. I got lucky. Out here rural, people don't walk in town any more, the cross country team is all that's left and they have a mandatory safety protocol that includes PD sweeping their route before and during....the issue for all is the scofflaws, the mentally ill stalkers, and the opiod thieves/users. The town is walkable for those who can manage sidewalks that aren't smooth if they don't fit the prey profie..mostly that's older men walking and college men running while the school team is don't see the women or dc out any more unaccompanied. Right now we've got opiod thief activity all over...apparently pawn shops have lists and these people are robbing to order. If I go up to my son's suburb though, the whole place is walkable and the ladies are out in force. The people in the neighborhood make a place walkable far more than anything else. I don't believe I should have to move. I've been here 25 years, the town has been here over 100 years. It was a safe place, lovely for children and the elderly until the last ten years, and that's due to a very small amount of people ignoring zoning laws (putting high traffic group homes and businesses in residential neighborhoods), the mentally ill, and the criminal.
  17. That's a good point. Your fil, as you've written before, is exercising his free choice. He can do as he wants. Eat like he grew up, or join the junk food nation. Pretty easy to see who chose what path in his age group....or smell. I figured out who was lying to me by that unique smell that comes when they aren't treating their diabetes...and then there's the times visitors aren't welcome, because they've had heart surgery. Role models, yep. Bad and good. Where I live, we have Manhattan pricing for fast food, so its not a huge issue. Its the dollar menu at one, the soda, the yogurt, and the convenience foods.
  18. rolls with toppings (egg, cold cuts, butter,fruit) if its a breakfast rather than a mid-morning sweet pickup. In the latter case, assorted minimuffins, danish, and fruit.
  19. It varies by person. The last town hall discussion here featured an elderly woman who did not want her taxes to go towards sidewalks in the town...she expressed she had a car, and therefore did not need sidewalks. People who no longer drive due to health and the poor asked for sidewalks because they wanted to be able to walk to the town hall to pay their bills without dodging SUVs and school busses. Looking around, plenty of people are driving their dc the mile or two up to the public school bus stop, and idling while waiting. A large fraction of those could walk, if the public school would put in a protocol to keep winter boots, coats, and rain coats from being stolen, as happened back in my day. There's also a feeling that gardening is for the poor or the see people here who live on three or more acres inherited from the gp and the garden plot hasn't been touched since gp passed..and they line up for holiday baskets at the church. I observe people that eat more because they are on the blood sugar roller coaster and they won't eat nutrient dense food. There's also a large segment (est 30%) who are truly hungry...they can't process the folic acid now added in to the food supply, and they are eating in search of the nutrients they lack because their body can't make due to their genetic variance. Some of them eat whole foods, some don't, but until they get the right supplement, nothing really matters. The fix for that is genetic tesing --very cheap, or bloodwork with norms for thrive, not survive and supplements. I don't know about you, but B12 and D aren't part of the standard of care here at a physical....with all the money unsubsidized people pay for premiums and deductible, that seems a poor choice.
  20. Sorry, I'm in NY, and I'm not advocating blame and shame. I am advocating natural consequences. The doctors here, for the past several years, at state behest, are trying to help the obese. You can research this easily, NY is trying to help people be more healthy. A few years ago, the endocrinologist would give the Type 2 diabetic a referral to a nutritionist, and they wouldn't go. Now, its part of the same appointment, and they are promoting the diabetes reversal eating can research that too -- not consuming fast food, mindfulness, eat whole foods, getting off the blood sugar roller coaster, not overeating even at the buffet, moderating alcohol consumption, etc. Some are even telling people what the complications will be, in case they missed the advertising. As far as examples of people who know better...every 80 and 90 year old who grew up before easy access to fast food is a role model -- many of these people never switched to the high carb/low fat food pyramid. They still garden, they still eat whole foods, they don't load up at the bufffet etc....and that's interesting because these were the people still alive who know the stories of the Great Depression and the food shortages . Now, as far as what to do with the people who can't get the message....those are people in group homes or in a PINS program -- everyone else is capable. I am happy to fund group homes so that they can have whole's a win as the amount of insulin use goes down. The PINS program...perhaps they could have delivery to their homes?
  21. Me, I understand the people who are complaining. Let's do the test of fairness and turn the contribute to my 401k to make up for my losses when the market is down.. and I get to quit what I do annually -- pay more tax to fund state and local pensions when the market is down. Perhaps then you will understand why working families are fleeing NY, saying you are bleeding them dry. Do some research, instead of dismissing the people you are starving. At the minimum, call the gov's office and figure out why NY now has a property tax cap. Figure out why compensation for a state job is, by the gov's own admission, over 10% more than what nongovt pays. Figure out why medical is the highest portion of the state budget. Then naval gaze..why do you want to starve your grandchildren so much they can't afford the rent, their teachers cant get the job done, and they have handouts for food?
  22. Home ec here is a joke due to lack of funding and the gen ed nature. 8th grade is mixing instant pudding, nothing more complicated due to the below grade level reading ability and the lack of cooperation skills. Meanwhile the scouts are out cooking real food.
  23. Poor diet is a mix of a lot of my social circle it's an expression of freedom...the idea that I'll do what I want, eat and drink what I want, regardless of the consequences. It's not just the food, its the other medical advice. And its aided by not having to pay the bill. So my solution is that the bill is paid by those who make the choice. I'm not alone in that, many companies are surcharging employees who are overweight/obese if they aren't working towards a healthy weight. I'd add to that with a tax on junk food and alcohol. Plain fact is they aren't all overeating...they have plenty of social going on and they are adding a lot of liquid calories while socializing..then passing the bill for the consequences on, har de har har.
  24. I'm about seven years down this road..its changed my perspective to cherishing each day rather than planning for the future. Peace.
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