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  1. Sorry, a search with 'UB math placement' will pull up a chart in pdf.
  2. My dc feel more secure with controlled access. Its been great here, combined with the drug laws, all the trafficking and violence around that has moved off campus.
  3. This school had a gap in their plan...they had opened access at dismissal.
  4. There is also an opinion that mainstreaming emotionally disturbed students does not work well. Funding for public schools is so low that its very difficult to give an E.D. student a preK-6 placement where they can thrive rather than be stressed out all day. Health class and the bullying also is not helping with relationship issues, it could be a lot better in many schools -- instead of hiring a psych and a social worker to damage control. Additionally, others believe support for grandparents or grandparent aged people who are caring for youngsters needs to be more available. Additionally, others beleive college costs are so high that students wanting to go into psych are deterred...they need more than a Bachelor's Degree, and they need to eat. I"ve seen a couple of opinion pieces here and there on all these, but they are drowned out by ideologists who want to treat symptoms rather than causes.
  5. The next invention I want is the IV alarm to ring the nurse's phone/beeper/station. I got good at shutting that thing off, its like a fire alarm in the abiity to make the patient wake up from a sound sleep.
  6. That really depended on where one lived. When I was a kid, the security system was one's dogs. Still is around here, the camera is in addition, just to make evidence easy. Locking up vehicles was done when I was a kid, it was a safety measure in case someone's child was too curious.
  7. If its major surgery, someone will stay with them until they are awake and aware and able to function. After that they don't stay overnight, but take turns during the day and evening. It alleviates a lot of confusion.
  8. You'll have to set your boundaries, she doesn't get to pick what you wear. I haven't been given anything personally of MILs but I've received a few costume jewelry items when she has done a group order. I donate them to the library fund raisers. Someone else of that age group will enjoy them far more than I will. When mil asks, I just say that my mother gave me plenty of jewelry and it would not honor her memory to leave it in the drawer. If pressed, I remind that my husband is my jewelry supplier these days and start talking about what each piece means and where it came from....that's usually enough to shut the convo down.
  9. Have you thought about displaying the pieces? Maybe a shadowbox, alongside any extended family photos or portraits?
  10. I am not sure where you are where you are and are going, but you could easily take a technician job that is shift work and then become a supervisor...perhaps in a QC lab. That would give you the medical and a compressed work week which would allow you to do certs to move up or have time during the week for the family.
  11. I would point out the trashbin if I could catch Dad's eye before he stashes the trash on a shelf. I do not expect a dad to be familiar with store layout, they just don't shop that much. Otherwise I would leave it, as I'm not interested in acquiring toddler germs and I know the store employees will clean it up later. I would ask the cashier to call someone to clean up the food in the floor.
  12. People are free in our country to think and do what they want , within the law. If we enforce selectively, there will be people who take advantage. The parents of minors are responsible for supervision. Unfortunately many parents can't be everywhere at once and some are in denial. Others are looking, but it gets past them and the PD...... I don't know about you, but my kids strongly dislike Valentine's Day and Columbine Day..stresses too many students out. some students don't even go to school on those days. How would you feel if the marginalized kid next to you received no valentines, but everyone else in the class did ? what could you say or do to mitigate that emotional blow?
  13. They discuss alternative schools and find a suitable one. The student may be on homebound instruction until a spot opens up. Any one can attend public school until they age out at 21 if they have not earned their diploma. An uncompelled student can drop out, or go on to a college or work or whatever his life is going to be. A compelled student has parents or guardians who will work with the lawyer, school district, and possibly the family court judge to find a suitable setting.
  14. Yes, that is why I used the qualifier I did. Its also possilble that it doesn't matter to a student who enjoys math, as they often extend on their own.
  15. Tutoring is free at an engineering school...they have math help, peer tutoring, and office hours available for nonminorities, before one needs to consider a paid tutor. Here's Purdue's offering - , Supplemental Instruction appears to be quite helpful. Many engineering campuses are aware that their students have the ability, but did not have the opportunity in high school to access the honors level of math or develop the study skills, so they are gap filling as they provide the on-ramp. The problem with going to the CC is that very few have coursework aimed for future engineers...even when they do, the calc is usually Larsen level, where the U brings them up to Stewart or higher. That translates into a rough transfer. The better on-ramp is at the engineering college, not the CC, especially for someone who has ACT 34+ in humanities. Its not more math, its higher quality math that the future engineer needs. imho
  16. I live in NY, which has much tighter gun laws (not that criminals respect them). My school district is as tight as a military base, I believe they consulted the military as well as the PD to come up with their protocols, security and communication equipment. After Columbine, all schools had to come up with a discipline plan. My district moves disruptors out of the classroom immediately if middle school age or older. The violent do not go to a mainstream class again until parents/guardians have met with admin and if needed, the family court judge, and determined what will enable the student to enter ready to learn ...most often they take an alternative placement. This stops ED students, but it doesn't fix what ails them. It doesn't stop students who have the mindset that they will get revenge at all costs to any slight, whether they are sn or not. To answer your question, to remove the security from the general school population, you have to remove the students who in the past would have been in an alternative setting because they are emotionally disturbed, or because they are gang members and subscribe to a credo that means they get their revenge. You cannot provide enough mental health care to cure the ED at this time, but you can fund the research. Its going to involve genetics, supplements, etc. as well as foster care for those who live with abusers. Alternative school doesn't always have the funding to show the perps who are not ED other ways of maintaining their self worth...they are tied to their way of life, and they need their elders to persuade them that there are other ways...some larger cities are doing this. Right now, inclusion is the PC law of the land and alternative school won't be considered until there is an injury at a high enough level. So, large group attacks are now with bombs which can be circumvented with good security, individual attacks go on. You may think, yeah, no one dies. But do you want your kid to go around sliced up, raped, etc? The parents here didn't -- but it took a huge knife attack -- so we now have the aides, the alternative settings, the social worker, the psychs, the prison feel. Not all communities have that much money or that few ED or revenge beleivers. And most families who come to school for academics voted with their feet and left, as the money came from not offering college prep and not having any electives. That just ups the fraction who believe in revenge.
  17. I'd look for a federal job or retrain for a federal job since you will want benefits if you do end up retiring before medicare eligible. In the meantime, you could try insurance adjustor....I know a retired engineer that does this, he contracts for himself and makes above the median as he mostly investigates industry claims that draw on his engineering knowledge. Another very offbeat suggestion is municipal Water Treatment ...lots of work there if you can get in, but really depends on what your skills are and what the city you end up in has a need for.
  18. Sure, but the number of budding psychopaths is small in comparison to those that really will do well with counseling combined with parenting education for the parent(s). Whats tough here is the full inclusion...the classrooms are beyond belief in the sensory distractions, really does not allow small children to center and control themselves. Most parents pull their kids to private school if they can't get out of that, but the poor don't have that option, and the schools aren't funded well enough to allow enough 1:1:6 classrooms. The most violent elementary aged peer of my abused child, gifted. It took 11 years of counseling and police intervention with the abuser...but the kid made it. The bottom line is hurt people hurt people..but if you don't show them the warmth of humanity and no one intervenes, the kid will not find the humans and grow up to make a rational choice. That kid had 2 friends in elementary...the only 2 kids with educated parents who were surprise they were from LEO fams and parents were able to guide on the issues and boundary setting. He's doing well...finally obtained an education appropriate to his ability via the military and is starting not to be in constant fight/flight. The psychopaths though (there were two) are abusers and use others as operatives...already been prosecuted as teens, time will tell if they learned enough in military style boarding school to stay out of prison. No one seems to have a program for them, since they arent sn...its up to the victims and the justice system if the parenting didn't convince them to use their powers for good.
  19. Walmart...they have chairs that are comfy and fold up and will fit all sizes.
  20. There are people researching visualization skills who are seeing a correlation between good 3D visualization skills and success in engineering. Some schools are screening and offering a visual/spatial development course in an effort to improve retention: for ex, one of the common screening tests was developed at Purdue. The OP's art skills may have developed her 3D skills enough to give her a good chance at success if she can review and nail the concepts and skills she doesn't firmly have from A2 -- using ALEKS assessment as the basis of know/don't know as well as inviting her to the board to explain the unit circle and what one can determine from a graph or an equation of a function. Some eng colleges are offering a math review over the summer, in person during summer session. I guess I lean towards using some of the time for topping up to mastery of A2, Trig, & PreCalc, then relaxing. (gotta have some play hard after work hard). Sites like have a lot of opportunity for students to play with concepts that they may not have been walked thru in their high school course as well as fill in little gaps. Looking at Purdue's Civil Eng program, its very doable...they don't start Physics until second semester: Good ramp up and allows study skills to be acquired. I would have no issue sending a student who already has good work habits. The tutoring and Purdue's Supplemental Instruction program will take care of weak spots in math, and her English proficiency will make the gen eds reasonable.
  21. Yes, it gave way to heroin and prescription pain killers when psuedoephedrine was put behind the counter in the U.S. Its back, cheaper and purer. Like heroin, its now $5 a hit. Keep in mind heroin is a downer, meth is an upper.
  22. use ALEKS assessment instead of RE A 28 on the ACT with an ALEKS>75 = Calc at UB. she won't have a problem if she's willing to use tutoring as soon as she has a question. My kid landed in that range, had no issue other than the math center hours conflicting with his work hours..he learned to find peer tutoring. Over the summer she could read up on the idea of calc. this 'are you ready' site may also be helpful:
  23. The student would fund the gap year, possible with help from a relative offering a room. On the Regents Exam..did you vet the test? The RE in my state will sometimes have questions that can be difficult just because of convoluted way of asking or an expectation that a particular calculator method was taught. i would trust an Aleks assessment more if the student did not take a course that specifically included RE objectives. Look to see if any of the schools do a summer math prep . The engineers I know in school now who are taking nonengineering for fun are keeping up with their music, or they have a language class. They have the room because of the courses transferring in. with your brain...I had similar. Bloodwork picked it up - B12 and D deficiency, as well as anemia at times. The cause for me is genetic and there is a supplement that provides what my body can't make. I feel better now than at any time in my life.
  24. One does not have to live at home for a gap year. On the course load...does she have enough AP/DE that she can lighten her load, so she doesn't have any 17-19 credit hour semesters? will she consider co-op?
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