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  1. For college online, there is no late work accepted at all. If they have conflicts coming, they need to get the work done ahead of time or drop. The syllabus rules. For high school, we worked with the online instructor. One of the b&m high school instructors was having difficulty spacing the assignments out, so we had to have flex with the online or drop. Extensions are on a case by case basis in high school. The teachers do not coordinate and it will happen that 4 papers are assigned due in three weeks and that isn't going to happen, so someone has to give.
  2. the student doesn't have to be ruler accurate, just close. They have been discussing this concept for a long time in the classroom, and should have a mental picture of the fraction bar chart that is hanging on the wall.
  3. That is a talking point against economic migrants from second and third world countries. Essentially, too many that don't believe in the Rule of Law mean no Rule of Law, hence no civilized behavior. Recall the German New Year's Eve celebration? In a civil society, all buy in to the rule of law. No one will be disrespecting another or another's private property. No one brings their child up to be a thief, ignores the drug or alcohol laws, or hurts others as a way to resolve a disagreement. The violence...the odds aren't that low if you are in a drug area. Meth is an upper, it requires cash, and the people are up enough to go burglarize. Opiod is a downer, other collateral damage there from the nonparenting. When you hear a rustling outside the house here, you assume it is a skunk. Having served jury duty, you know the signs of a home invasion or a robbery. Rustling ain't one of them. Clan warfare? Propaganda. Lots of town meetings, lots of help being given to addicts and much that the PD mission has noticeably changed.
  4. Those laws vary by state. Reasonable belief has to be established here, and no one is going to believe a kid standing next to a house without any burglary tools or weapons has intent to physically harm a person in the locked up, closed window, etc home. So probably not a good idea to arm a child if he's going to be approaching homes.
  5. The bumps these children are experiencing are the usual..relationship difficulties, learning in school difficulties, coping with adults and children who are actively excluding them, bullying them..... as the years go by and they don't develop the emotional control, yes, you have tragedy. I would go further, and argue for not mainstreaming until the emotional development is up to to where the mainstreamed group is. It is not appropriate to stress a child for over a decade, then be surprised when the stress manifests into targeted anger. I would also say that funding special needs adequately on both ends of the spectrum is necessary. Being a NYer, some things seems to be working here. We are not mainstreaming ED high schoolers with no support (lots of psych, social worker, etc), our high schools have much more security, we do have many more gun restrictions than FL..the NY Gov and the CT Gov didn't do nothing in terms of preventative measures after Sandy Hook and 9/11 or this latest terrorist with the truck by Stuy. Perhaps others could consider these ideas and actually help the troubled youngsters.
  6. I have a friend who shared her solution of small house, 4 teens...Rubbermaid boxes. They can be stored outside, they are $5 each on sale here from the grocer. She had the family put all the seasonal stuff in them, then made sure the lids were closed and stacked them outdoors. As each moved out, they took their boxes with them. A few others stayed in her vehicle, where she filled them between trips to town. Donate in town - freebie table at event, library book sale, church thrift shop, or if going to larger town s.a. or goodwill. since then, the local Big Brothers Big Sisters of America group will come to people's houses for free and pick up donations. You might find something like that in your area.
  7. Good luck to all your swimmers!!! Enjoy !
  8. Do you have any relatives that could hep you by watching the dc as you get your spring cleaning done?
  9. The response to the Oklahoma City 1995 bombing (19 of the 168 were children, most at the daycare in the bldg) plus the restricted driving laws for under 21s make it much more difficult to use the vehicles..but they are still there. Last Halloween it was the person following the ISIS call to use vehicles for mass murder .... he picked the area outside of Stuyvesant High School NYC and hit a school bus. Its also a little harder to fade into the crowd if you are exiting your vehicle. same thread throughout....grievance, push, action. The greivance issue is the difficulty...they haven't become adults, able to handle the bumps in the road of life.
  10. Anatole the Mouse series Eve Titus The Littles Paddington Bear the first Box Car Children
  11. Sorry to be late with my answer. there is no set age, its a maturity level. five is not old enough to be on the road; eight is not old enough to delegate parental supervision to when it involves traffic. I would suggest 8 on the sidewalk unsupervised, 11 - the age of babysitting for delegating the babysitting chore. five and eight are fine for playing in the yard with checking out the long as each will stay on the property without needing closer bike in your driveway or yard, stay off the road. on the insurance..yes, you will be in court if your dc are involved in an auto accident. You have the responsibility of insuring they follow the traffic laws pertaining to bicycles when on that road. The courts are prosecuting the people causing the accidents now. I wouldn't allow them to come close to a neighbor's vehicle...I've had kids do that, and it gets awkward because they can't control their bikes closely at that age and they do hit the vehicle...then you eat the deductible because you know the family has to choose between food and paying for what the kids did, while you are just dropping an ec for your teen in order to preserve neighborhood peace.
  12. a/c you don't want to give up if you spouse has medical issues....better to set the thermostat a bit higher I don't give up food quality...I shop more than one store and garden to give me savings. Our water quality is so poor this year that I have to do a rain barrel..hope it rains in July. cable/internet goes first...easier now to hop on wi fi elsewhere or hit the library for my search needs
  13. For clarification, I am not deriding Wall Street as a goal..that's some people's cuppa, Ivy is a known ladder to onboard. Just not our cuppa.
  14. here, no. adult should be eyes on if the dc are off the property
  15. You have to look at pocketbook and fit. For us, there were some Ivys of interest, but we don't fit the demographic and really my dc wasn't interested in undergrad with students who are aiming for Wall Street or those who are doing a lot of gap filling...too much experience with that crowd at the high school. A tech school was a much better fit.
  16. The Mother Jones article from 2015 titled "Inside the Race to Stop the Next Mass Shooter" is interesting.
  17. quiet hours start at 10 pm...respect for the neighbors who work and the school kids.... anything after that is indoors with windows closed, quick & quiet departure if we aren't in shouting distance, we do what what we please...
  18. Those people are able to compartmentalize. Others are not, hence the witch hunt. angry at a person with ten secured guns? why not angry at the parent next door who arms the angry or mentally ill teen and skips the safety class? kids who have paras so they dont hurt others with scissors in elementary need to learn to cope with life, not get rid of everything and everybody that annoys them. special ed needs to do that job, and we all need to decide what happens when the dc age out or drop out if the job is not done.
  19. That's very true. It's always been that grandmother homesteaded, she slept in the afternoon 'cause every night was a raiding party after her chickens. 2 legged varmints, every one of them... and they all had the land and the money to keep their own chickens. Her shotgun kept her alive, the dogs kept the chickens alive. It hasn't changed, that sector of society (and no, its not always citizens, remember the biker gang attack in 2013 on Manhattan's West Side Highway with the Range Rover family?) has not agreed to be be a law abiding sector. History is repeating itself here. You are observant, so let me ask you? are you seeing a reduction in anger towards others as you are out and about? People not making remarks about your vehicle choice, your dc who bring their own lunch, your grocery selections, your being out in the day instead of in paid employment, your 'advantage' given to your children in literacy?
  20. My son had similar and she was the only one teaching, so he couldn't drop. He learned to find a person who had already taken the class and actually knew the language so he squeaked through. Bad midterm though, he was expected to memorize and spit back material that wasn't covered in class. And so weird that they didn't have lab to work out all their newbie questions.
  21. Consider, in NYC: Trinity Church - St. Paul's Chapel Fraunces Tavern Museum Morris-Jumel Mansion Hamilton Grange Nat'l Memorial New York Historical Society
  22. Its nice you are hearing these opinions in class, let me know when/where they are published. Right now the gun stuff is drowning out the analysis of the grievance/spur/carryout sequence in the opinions that are accessible to the public. In my district, your student would not be kept in district if there was a specialist that could help out of district. He would have placement options in all the other districts in the county and also any that he would be eligible to attend via McKinney Vento. One has to think out the box for these children, one solution proposed is to make special needs a state program, so the money goes with the child rather than bankrupts the districts that have very little local tax base.
  23. I agree that children aren't valued in this area...its the little things like a hungry baby drawing glares because the glarer doesn't understand baby cries and doesn't have the decency to offer to help an overwhelmed mom; then the 'breeder' comments. I think, though, people are selfish. The boomers here voted to not have to pay school tax at the rate everyone else does...that strained everyone else, the money didn't fall from the state capital to replace what a McMansion normally contributes...and families are doubled up in starters which of course doesn't pay enough school tax for all the dc stuffed in. It just astounds me what elders are spending on alcohol, cruise ships, second homes, etc and then they ignore their dc and gc's poverty and sky high rents. I don't see this in the midwest though...but I am from an area where families immigrated far earlier than they did here and still value education.
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