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  1. Has she been able to enlarge the display, adjust contrast etc on her computer screen ? That helps reduce copy errors quite a bit if she's not printing out. The other thing she needs to do is study group or math help center.
  2. the b12 is related to the memory. when her levels are restored, she may regain her ability to recall.
  3. I believe people are experiencing people in their circle with so many tears over small things that they come to ignore all the tears. People that cry for everything exhaust their audience to the point they have nothing left to give for the big pains. As far as someone ignoring the pain - emotional or physical -- of a cancer patient, its a well known fact that many people choose to drop the person as soon as they hear the diagnosis. They do not offer comfort or aid. Its as if the person is already dead.
  4. If its an adult crying, its very common. Its sad, so many cry for little things that the big things (cancer diagnosis, death of a parent, etc) get ignored.
  5. Jazz Festival in Burlington, consider dinner at the Windjammer eta: consider taking ferry on the way down to Albany, consider stopping at Saratoga Spa State Park and maybe Cohoes Falls
  6. The only trouble we had with that list was finding editions with large enough print that it didn't strain the five year old's eyes. They make good read alouds if you haven't invested in an e-ink reader. Usborne and Childcraft are also good places to find interesting reading for 5 to 8s. and for silly boy fun, try Andrew Lost series by JC Greenburg. ime Magic School Bus readers like that series.
  7. Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B, 1 cr each grab a Dolciani ...lots of concepts are broken down into small steps and the graphical explanations click with some Aleks for exercises and problem sets
  8. keep the plastic bins to the 18 gallon size or less and you'll be able to move them in/out of storage spot. Another help is to tape the content list inside a ziplock to the side. I passed all the wedding duplicates student next door and her friends were quite thankful and insisted on giving me garage sale prices... stockpots - 1 strainers - 1 that fits in stockpot , I for veg, I for pasta knives- we have the four basics that get used in the kitchen..santuko, boning, paring (2 different sizes), chef. the bread knife and carving knife get pulled out of storage when needed...however bread knife is only when company comes as fresh bread doesn't last long enough to get the knife out crockpots - 3. large, med, small. also have a rice cooker. one of the four is in use 4x/week if I'm busy out of the house - however you have a little, so I would put anything that's not cool touch away for the duration, and all else must be gated off until its no longer a possibility to be pulled over and onto the little. casserole dishes - loaf pan, 9X13, 8x8, corning ware large french white round; these are on a high shelf as they only get used occasionally an easy way to figure it out is put everything in bins, then as you pull from that, put what you use frequently in the work triangle. what I use most frequently are 2 cast iron pans. They eliminate fishing for most casserole dishes and baking sheets. after that, it's a 12 inch skillet. What I needed but didn't know I needed with preteens was a 5.5 quart sautee pan that could go in the oven. I like your solution of outside authority and've found a way to communicate!
  9. totally agree. At 22 my rent for a one bedroom in a complex was a quarter of my gross. I could have moved down into student housing for less. That is no longer possible due to the low wage growth, taxes, and the profiteering as well as the scarcity due to the vast number of people who won't consider building their own affordable housing (since the commercial developers aren't interested). The best insurance we ever had was the HMO..catastrophic was covered. If I had to go thru my catastrophic event now, It would be app 25k out of pocket each year for two years plus high premiums. Back then it cost me about 20 copays plus reasonable premiums, med was $100 a year to me without insurance. Now med is $0 to me and $100 a month to insurance. ..and its an old one, from the 70s. socking the twenty somethings for boomer profiteering on basics isn't right.
  10. It would be quite expen$ive, when you consider the number of children whose parents die before they are 25. Would we then give them SSI and free college tuition plus fees and living expenses, as well as a car/transit pass? we know their aunts and uncles won't and likely being that young there won't be much in the way of insurance, and that plus what equity there is in the home will be used for the final hospitalization expenses plus burial. I'd rather see people who are not developmentally up to their age be in a PINS or a social security disability program after high school graduation at 21. This idea of all children being forced to operate at the level of the disabled is ridiculous. And its ridiculous to call a person who has a Master's Degree at 21 or 22 anything but an adult.
  11. he needs to know the next step..what should the response be? you show him that explicitly, based on family values. for candy options are many.... call Sheriff Parent and gleefully watch the punishment? eye for an eye? /golden rule? teach the sib a lesson (a la salt in the sugar shaker) send a bill, then send a bill collector? turn the other cheek give the sib more candy, since he is obviously needy focus on the positive...candy rots teeth, so it was a good thing get mad as heck and explode for amusement park...don't set up for failure. Know which rides are closed to him before you go and prep him for that by explaining and showing the safety reasons. He doesn't want to be like a hot wheels car flying off the track, right? managing emotional control is also a learned skill, taught explicitly for some. you could also do some social stories, or just the Highlights goofus/gallant discussion.
  12. a lot of this doesn't happen now due to security, fire safety, and sexual harrassment prevention guidelines...depending on how seriously your district is lawyered up here: in school lessons are group, cancelled if only one shows up; a 1:1 does not happen unless the pianist doesn't show up for a rehearsal for a solo audition and its the week before the which case its 1:1 long enough to get another kid out of study hall. End of day picking up the instrument from locker is limited, there will never be just one teacher supervising, always two. there is no wandering the hallways or hanging out in the band room. a student is in the assigned classroom or in transit to an assigned adult in an assigned room if not exiting during nonpassing time. must have document from the receiving teacher and good reason. hanging out is not a good reason here. All passes pre-approved and on office list if going to a teacher's classroom, list is reviewed by an AP. practice rooms are not available for student use unless a student is auditioning for area all state or higher or is in musical. Privilege is lost if misused. erasers aren't thrown at percussion, a designated percussionist near the inattentive is sarge. we have no section leaders, no audtions for chairs, as the parents are out of control cut throat nasty. Our band director is beyond excellent at not allowing the parents to influence his program or prevent poorer students from excelling. if you have that situation, make sure your dc's instrument or equipment is locked up when not in his hands.
  13. I'll suggest you do what the college kids sometimes do with slob roommates, until your other cook is ready to his stuff up and put it in his closet. He can get it out when he has the time to cook, he can clean it, and he can return it to storage. If he fails to clean it and return it, put the dirties in a plastic bag , seal it, and bag + clean stuff go back in the box. Small kitchens have no room on the counter for seldom used things. He should know that, and you might ask him, once you are done giving the side eye, to professionally set up the kitchen for you..he should know how to make an efficient work triangle.
  14. just for a change, here is one that would never have happened in my day: day after Halloween, there is a candy toll to get in to your middle school classroom. seems certain teachers are on health plans enforced by their spouses that mean they didn't get anything at home. There is also a school wide costume parade during the school day on the last school day before Halloween. In my day, Halloween was only in middle school as a vocab set and culture lesson in FL. Probably read The Headless Horsemen in 8th English. any costume was for a private party, if we went out t-or-t it meant we were there are the responsible babysitter taking littles around. my band teacher did wing erasers at the young men in percussion who wouldn't pay son's told me he was not allowed to do that, he had a whole paperwork procedure. Made me think of the Christmas Story movie. in my day, we played baseball in the spring at recess, 2nd grade on up. all organized by the dc. no kid whacked another with a bat, and people that weren't interested didn't spend recess interfering. everyone brought what they had, and expected to lend a glove or a bat to a kid that didn't have on to bring. today, there is no running at recess and the dc can't bring anything from home.
  15. send your hubby out for a lottery did indeed use one of your nine lives , but someone was watching out for you and gave you early warning so you don't use up another....take care and get a lot of rest ...
  16. I don't think the teachers' job is to resolve the type of conflicts that would get a child suspended. It is the parents job to give the child the skill of controlling his temper, and to play successfully in a group without hurting others. If they can't, its their job to get help..they don't get to pass off their responsiblity to a teacher or to a police officer. When I was a kid, delinquent boys would actually be moved to an Uncle's home for a fresh start plus an apprenticeship...haven't seen that in the last ten years. I feel, as a parent whose dc's school changed to full inclusion, that academics are severely neglected..the school is doing the minimum to get everyone to pass, which allows many children too much free time. and idle time is the devil's work when the lack of funding means the librarian has been let go, no e-readers can be brought in, and thumb twiddling is encouraged. That's a huge opening fo bullying to grow.
  17. Ours will not put the kid on out of school suspension unless it was a criminal offense. Any violent or drug offense on campus mean the dc becomes a homebound student until the judge decides the next placement. Whether the dc is on inschool suspension, out of school suspension, or homebound, they must complete the work if they want to be eligiwble for credit for the course or a future placement in night high school or alternative school. There is no summer school for students who reason that they can be truant or nonworking all year, then come to summer school for a few weeks, do the least amount possible, and get credit and grad. The bigger problem here is the why try? attitude....why try, I can't win, so I won't play the game. Then they try to spread it... 'you're a fool, doing all that work when you only need to do enough to pass'. Gepetto is busy showing Pinocchio options, but all those kids with no active dads aren't getting anywhere and aren't buying in that they need to gain skill. In my day, Coach took care of all that at football practice...but we didn't have rural megahigh schools back then...these days with sports dropped as 'nonessential' and 'too expensive', there is no one to put these young men in line.
  18. dishwashers do take forever now; unload is a task for the dc as part of breakfast prep - little one sets table, big one puts remainder away with the drying -are you using rinse aid? if the trouble is the way the dishes are positioned, consider two loads. we had to make a dinner procedure that works for us and the layout of our kitchen, since dh was raised not to do anything but hand the dog a scrap and depart from the table. Our dc have unload dw and set table , everyone takes their own plate in, scrapes it in the trash, and puts it and utensils in dw. one parent cleans off rest of table & stores leftovers, other parent loads dw and handwashes items that should be handwashed. Ds removes kitchen trash weekly to outside trashcan. Parent that finishes first takes dc outside and supervises them if weather is good, otherwise is in charge of whatever they do indoors. Enjoy your trip.
  19. What worked for me if I wasnt' stopping for fuel was to task the older kid if he was along..he could dump cooled coffee on the lawn, then bag the trash and put it in our trash can. If he wasn't available, I would do that first, then unload toddler to safe spot before unloading perishables. Its quick if you have your trashcan by the driveway. If raining or I didn't have time, the tidy up job waited for evening and was done before unloading remaning nonperishables by person not taking child care responsiblity at that time.
  20. Every school has a discipline plan which is supposed to be followed. The elementary incident would not be a suspension here if she was under treatment and had IEP or 504 plus she would have psych support going forward. The 11 year old would be suspended, most likely in-school suspension. Schools posts their discipline codes..perhaps you can find it on line.
  21. There already gun safety courses for teens. It's not about shooting practice, but about how to be safe. I took one as a teen, as my youth group offered it. It has been valuable every time I am around a teen who has been allowed a gun (or even a younger kid with a bb gun) as its very obvious they have not been taught safety topics such as: a. how to secure a range b. when it is appropriate to have a loaded weapon c. how to store the weapon d. purpose of said weapon e. how to transport weapon Additionally the course included what to do if discovering an unattended gun. Yes, I"ve had that happen. It's part of visiting other people's homes, and at the time I took the course, guns weren't stored locked, so curious dc were showing their parents' weapons off to visitors. Their training had consisted of 'don't touch', which of course meant curiousity. Knowing what to do kept us all alive. I'm for gun safety, food safety, water safety, relationship safety, and first aid as one high school course, to replace the very lame health class.
  22. sounds like she has vision issues, when was her last exam? but do you feel sloppy handwriting is also a part of it? what device screen is she reading? can she read the correct sign or numeral , before she even tries to write it down? what if she enlarges the screen? can she read numbers of the calculator keypad and display without error? has she tried highlighting the part she is copying, then comparing? don't discount the bf, learning to deal with copy errors is usually a part of K-12 math ditto on kiana's recs can she get evaluated?
  23. the copy errors are the dyspraxia She needs to make sure there are no vision issues and then work thru the possible causes. what does she do? I had poor vision and gross & fine motor at that age, I had to give myself lots of room on the paper , consciously plan, and pick a writing tool/paper combo that gave me good contrast and some resistance to my fingers (Bic flair marker on a yellow legal pad) . she's got to reason thru, try a few things, or work with a specialist. the college is only responsible for supplying the accomodations, not for identifying the reasons behind her difficulties.
  24. Why is she miscopying? That's got to have been a known problem from K12. The common strategy my dc uses with online math -- the type where the computer shows a problem from its databank and the student works the problem on his paper, then inputs the answer --is to print out, work the problem, then if answer is wrong, seek help at math center. He eventually realized he needed to get with the study group before inputting any answers. In between, his strategy ,worked out with OT/Math teacher in K12 ,involves lined paper and giving himself a lot of space in between his solution lines so he can check his work for copy errors. If there is a vision issue, she needs to use her glasses or adjust the screen. She may also enlarge her printouts. -- just a btdt parent here
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