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  1. Pain spurs the need to let others know one needs help, things are not right and the one cannot fix it.
  2. have you done poker chips? pick a color for 1, a color for 10, and a color for 100 and write those numbers on each chip with a permanent marker. Use those to play store. if you have no poker chips, just cut out some cardboard circles and use them.
  3. I wouldn't assume Honors Physics and Eng make for a tough year, just plan for studying appropriately. What kids here do for AP science is take an online class...the school doesn't offer honors, AP, or Ind. Study. AP has a lab component, so if you don't cover the labs in independent study, you may lose points on the exam.
  4. Are you looking at the list price tution cost, or the cost considering your finances?
  5. High school can be five years, medical is a common reason. She can finish preA this year, A1 next, Geo, A2, then CA one semester, Trig the next.
  6. Took both for Physics The SAT subject was high school level and simple, he needed to prep though as some of the material wasn't covered in the high school Regents Physics course. The AP Physics 1 exam was the first year it had been changed, 2015, and he was well prepared from class and bagged his 5 easily. Good course, college level thinking reqd. I would not do this at home without a mentor. Plan your timing. We got stuck with the June SAT IIs and had another immovable audtion an hour later..
  7. At 9 he should have a routine that tells him what to do if you are occupied. Usually that's spelling, vocab, a reading assignment in science, social studies, and LA and whatever is next in his long term project. Practice the recorder or instrument. Practice math facts. Study anything he'd like to study.
  8. I just add it to the recipe. A young man will hoover it up.
  9. supervised study is what i'd do, if its a study skills issue. actually its what i did with spanish and my 15 yr old; also helpful was asking the instructor to give my some prioritizing clues.
  10. swiffer for the floor....
  11. so far it appears to be just as overhyped as the last one. Good for the garden though.
  12. Yes. The layout of the house on the plot of land matters, as does which windows get the morning sun and the afternoon sun. The porches matter too..I've been in houses that would be light filled if the porch roof had been more thoughtfully chosen.
  13. No problem, there are plenty of delivery trucks and busses who will be larger than you. However, I would expect to spend extra time parking if not using a parking garage or lot where the attendant will park it for you. In NYC some lots don't upcharge a minivan, but some do. all will have a larger fee for the suburban. Do get a parking app for the city.
  14. Neutrogena Deep clean scrub available at Walmart for washing face prescription clindamyacin for killing bacteria - apply to erupted area takes about three days to clear up eat healthy..skip deep fried, etc
  15. I don't care about the town prioritizing aesthetics. I care about the town keeping services up and not taxing families out. Unfortunately that is what has happened, the silver set has used their majority to spend on senior services and give themselves tax exemptions while the schools, roads, etc are languishing. The PD have figured out how many tickets to write per month to make up for the loss in funding, but that state isn't making up for the Property Tax shortage - that's all falling on the families who aren't exempt. Most of my neighbors have moved and the homes are now illegal multifamily rentals, featuring one family or one shacked up couple per bedroom, cars parked on former lawns etc. The drug dealers moved in, etc etc. You bet your boots I won't be retiring in a town like this. Its looking like the insular religious groups from the city are buying in, since they have no need for the public schools and qualify for tax exemptions, so yep, we've got buyers in sight. My next home will be in a more economically diverse area, where boomers don't live.
  16. I am so glad you will be able to sit down with the Dean. My kid had a similar experience, but since he didn't have time to self-teach the whole course, he had to settle for a crash course from a friend who knew the language. It was of course a req'd course for the major, only one prof that taught it, and he switched majors rather than continue with a staff like that. Oh well, he'll learn it anyway as part of his grad school prep.
  17. Hold 3.14 up to a mirror Does it resemble PIE in your font? Pi skyline art fun:
  18. Great idea to have a baseline now, you'll thank yourself as you get closer to 41. It will give you peace of mind that you've taken a peek and rec'd the all clear...if your gma had the most common form of bc, it took ten years most likely to get to the point she could detect it. If you have any, you'll grab it at a much earlier stage..and that's good. Have all three of you done genetic testing? And has your doctor been looking at your Vitamin D and B12 levels?
  19. We had a family party. Don't recommend that unless those that don't want to celebrate with the grad have the sense to decline. Recommend a nice weekend trip or outing escape room sounds like lots of fun.
  20. The need I see in our community is food for seniors who aren't interested in cooking. We need a senior diner, the current ones are serving high salt processed previously frozen meals. If you can basically grab the old school lunch ladies - the ones who peeled potatoes etc -- and serve a homemade nutritious dinner for $5 a plate, you'll have all the biz. You have to want to work for your money though, volume is where you'll make it as they aren't going to go for $15 plates since the senior center is giving them lunch at $2/plate.
  21. Use Polya's steps. Remind that the problem is solvable using the toolbox you have. I also would give a week. Playing with k and x is distracting; the key is understanding what is being asked : Find k so that the expression has the same value for any x value. what does that mean? don't manipulate any symbols until that is understood and stated in their own words 5(x-4)- k(2x+1) the expression k? k is a constant x? x is a variable how can the expression have the same value for any x? don't manipulate anything until that is answered. if they can't get there, pose the same question with a simpler expression. Let them chew on it.
  22. I agree that IS can come from being over challenged. Reach exceeds grasp..the antidote to that one is realizing you have to level up and maybe change a lens. I've seen it with my son and friend...friend dropped his Eng major after the first physics test - had struggled in Calc 1 in high school, so figured struggling in Physics 1 meant he didn't have the IQ he thought he had. My son also struggled in his first challenging class...his impostor feeling came from not having the lens, the way to approach that subject....I kept open communication and we discussed all that. His bud has the lens, and my son was willing to hire him as a tutor and he came to see. His roomie came from a garbage high school, and looking around, realized his feeling came from needing to level up. They've moved on. Mentoring is a good thing. My older boy and his bud though had IS from public school telling them they were too stupid to be in honors. They didn't have any problem learning in scouts, but the school only uses multisensory in a few classes. Most honors public school classes here are lecture - no book, no labs, no applets, etc. They weren't interested in repeat and spit back, and were frustrated in finding sources to answer their questions as the internet hadn't become cheap when they were in high school. They couldn't get the grades, but they had test scores in the 90 or greater percentile. The gc of course told them that wasn't good enough. The dissonance there was enough that their mothers got them to go to U...and that turned out well. The profs and grad students were very good at guiding them to gap fill and expressing confidence in their abilities and... they wanted thinking, not spit back. The lads could get discussion on the finer points. I had no surprise when my son's Bio prof rec'd a teaching award at commencement. I will bet my 401k that she's personally saving many smart kids from IS. For me ,the hard part was the communication. It is so hard to explain things to poorly educated people who have risen in the work ranks and want to defend their ego by telling newbs they are stupid that I had to either get out, or beleive. I got out. I knew from college that nonlinear thinkers exist and I enjoy working with them, or being their customer (I'm looking for a specialist doctor now who can think out of the box).
  24. unprofessional and ironic...drama places a high importance on communicating, and this is the example??? I do realize though that many of the students cannot take anything seriously unless the F word or feigned anger is involved. my dc have done both community and school theatre...all involve high school staff but the F word and that poor motivation technique isnt being used in community theatre, even when cast members are high school age.
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