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  1. What's missing compared to PS here is PE (2x/week), Recess daily for 30 min (group games are offered and taught by an aide, such as kickball), daily writing in response to the lit lesson, oral presentation (show - n - share weekly - thought out, not winging it), and a long term project (something like a state activity that culminates in an oral presentation with a poster or diorama, a science fair, invention convention). Arts and crafts are also offered weekly..either via art class 2x/week or a whole class project. The point there is developing visual spatial skills amongst other things. Fast finishers also usually get in a half hour of independent reading and play logic or strategy games. But don't worry about that; your school, your choice. First graders still like to play.
  2. You also bring up the very good point that he is working alone, with no one checking on him other than glancing in the window at some interval. Hopefully if he's asleep they woke him up after they determined he was alive. Working alone is a no-no these days. I'd quit based on the employer's lack of committment to workplace safety alone...and I wouldn't have him give notice, I'd walk him out if I was the parent and realized that.
  3. Earth Science (high school, Regent's Level or better) is one where you will want an older textbook, from the 50s or 60s. The older texts cover concepts that have now been dropped due to lack of thinking skills, lack of knowing how to read a graph or table, lack of middle school chemistry, and the general dumb down of full inclusion. You will also want a newer textbook to cover the recent discoveries, as a jump off for doing more in depth reading. And you'll want to grab some applets off the internet, the Earth Science teachers have a couple of very good ones available to illustrate such things as moon position around earth position. Field trips helpful too. Regent's Bio here is gen ed 8th grade now. It is a waste of time..students that have good study skills and reading skills go directly to honors level and a few self-study the couple of extra chapters and take the AP exam. In my area, the sequence for top students is now: Honors Bio - 8th Honors Earth Science - 9th AP Chem 10th Regent's Physics 11th (school refuses to offer Honors or AP section) 12th is AP Bio if they didn't self study and take exam earlier OR DE whatever student wants or online class - its pay to play here. students generally pick either AP Physics or self study AP Enviro. keep in mind there are no other challenging classes in my district aside from AP English, so they do have the time available to study and make up for not having the reg ed chem after 7th grade honors physical science/intro to chem. More affluent schools will have the students preparing for Science Fairs, Physics or Math competitions etc.
  4. It saves on puts the directions to the venue, the hotels, suggested eateries, etc on there as well as links to the registries. It may have a rsvp manager and seating chart helper. Its very impersonal, and makes you , as a guest, feel that you are being shaken down for gifts, especially if there is no receiving line after the ceremony. People do appreciate photos posted though.
  5. He should give notice. The job is a set up for failure. Most student jobs allow reading or homework to be done while no one is there. Until he is done, he needs to come up with a plan. Push ups, situps, whatever it takes to stay awake and moving. Also food/drink.
  6. Does the cavity prone child drink as much fluoridated water as everyone else?
  7. the formality level is expressed via the invite itself, the venue, and the time. Bride should not bother trying to dress the guests; some will wear the one outfit they have whether it fits the desired formality level or not. Others have medical issues and will wear what works and don't appreciate the criticism. Bride should be reminded that the pleasure of the guests' company in celebrating the occasion is what is important.
  8. refresh preservative to irritate your eyes and good sleep...
  9. The article also mention explicit teaching...that is sooo needed. Its too short an article to mention spelling and fake phonics....what we saw was an approach called phonics that took sounds and labeled them 'chunks'. Syllables were never discussed, dictionaries were not in the classroom and instruction in how to use a dictionary was not given. Can't imagine how unhelpful that is for an ENL child.
  10. That's great, but the trend now is to take the math as dual enrollment while in high school. The better high schools offer math thru Diff Eq, which means there is nothing left at the CC for the first two years of college. Here the CC is very lame, one can't even take a programming language. CCs as you know are trying to help people who don't want to move out of the area, so they don't offer a lot of choices if there isn't a lot of demand in the area. One can easily get Computer Science jobs at the very large city south of me, or the large Fortune 50 companies a county over, but the courses necessary to transfer to those types of majors just aren't in the CC here. These students can take all the allied health they want, but forget about anything else.
  11. What I was told was that the transfer limit will prevent that from happening. Roughly one can only transfer half of the credits necessary for the degree, whether one is internally or externally transferring. One doesn't transfer in credits that aren't needed for the degree. As a dual enrolled student, nothing to worry about since not matriculated, take whatever.
  12. and another -- courses transfer in but gpa won't include those lighter gen ed courses....big consideration for those who will have to adjust study habits and want the gpa to go on to grad school...
  13. She would benefit from a tutor who can explain using visual representations (aka pictorial) and move her to abstract (numerals..) ...her artistic work says she has part to whole relationships, so really a matter of moving from pictorial to abstract correctly. The algorithms aren't too important at this point; she can use a calculator until her numeracy skills are where she can easily understand the algorithm. What's important if she is going on to Algebra is that she has the part/whole relationships down, the ability to group and regroup, as well as the understanding of the distributive, associative, and commutative properties. A good tutor will have her happy fast. I can't even recommend a program, I pull from different books to get the explanation on paper for a student to take home as'll spend less on a tutor than resources you have to dig through in order to complete her k6 learning. someone like this: this guy is teaching teachers in the video, rather than students. You will note the pictorial is not distracting with colors or textures and taking base 10 blocks apart/putting them together or even the more abstract area model. Its just the essential group/regroup and place value understanding with pictorial representation. Abstract comes later, and concrete needs to be left behind. on memory, has she done any bloodwork? memory is related to b12, and there are plenty of people who have low b12 due to genetic variations and find their memory recall improves once they have are taking the correct supplement. Of course, the problem could be that she needs the visual representation rather than the verbal abstract explanation in order to move the concepts into memory at this point in her math development. I"m not sure what tricks you are referring to for memory aides, but it is of course common for people to use such visual techniques as a memory palace as a learning aid. Things like the nines finger trick though, are absolutely useless as far as understanding and knowing.
  14. -- no availability of undergrad research in future major -- no clubs (solar car, etc) in major -- more difficult to find quality internships and co-ops -- transfer may be a 2-3, so costs a year
  15. its the age and stage. You do need to teach her the skills if she hasn't figured them out already. You also need to teach safety rules, the ones about being alone etc. and what to do about sexual harrassment. The students who are employees have had training courses, so she won't have to worry about TAs or tutors being inappropriate, but she needs to be aware of what to expect. My son's experience is that things are much more appropriate at the CC than at the high school. Older guys know what jailbait is and aren't interested. Same age, gotta watch out.
  16. Consider the AoPS online classes to be honors level, the way today's high schools label things. How much credit you give depends on how you determine credit. In my state, seattime rules.
  17. It sounds like you start the clock on the HOPE as soon as you ask them to pay for more than 12 credits. Transfer of credit in depends on U. Not all credits will transfer due to depth, content, etc. and the program she matriculates in.
  18. sounds like she is missing the concept and needs to nail it and place value in order to move on to understanding the algorithm. perhaps working on a double digit multiplied by a single digit will help. How did you explain this concept in the past? I have had the most success with using the poker chip method, as it forces place value. The area model is too distracting to some.
  19. You aren't overthinking, you've realized they want to see some evidence that you have the current skills for the job. So your high school typing class is now outdated, they probably want MSWord Proficiency. You need to come up with some certifications or a portfolio to show them you have what they need.
  20. keyboarding speaking for three minutes with ppt slides to illustrate points use MS word to produce a report use flash drive, email or whatever school procedure is to collaborate or to turn in work comfortable socially to the point that the student can join a sports team, a club, or another ec and be involved in student life comfortable changing for Phys Ed in a locker room similar to the Y read nonfiction on grade level or higher
  21. when she multiplies, how does she do it? can she explain what she is doing? can she draw the concept?
  22. Does she have memory issues with other subjects? Does she understand the concept of multiplication? Can she mentally multiply 2 digits by 2 digits easily? How is her visual ability?
  23. The way its done at public school here is: High School Spanish 1, then College Spanish x, College Spanish y, ... Eventually the student's college will need an official transcript from each early college provider. They may also need other info if the student is wanting to transfer in credit and the early college provider is not known to them. How you list intensive study will be determined by how much the course covers and your state's rules for what constitutes a high school credit.
  24. is useful if you are going to force a placement change. Keep in mind if the teacher wants an easy year, they won't appreciate questions about knowledge that should have been gained in the honors pre-req class..but that' s easy to overcome with peer tutoring. i did move my son out of reg ed English to AP English Lit, based on the PSAT score. It didn't slay him that they wouldn't let him in honors Engl earlier, because honors Engl was restricted to very easy lit, appropriate for ENL learners, so nothing was done on grade level until AP. No regrets at all, he enjoyed the AP class thoroughly.
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