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  1. Ds lifeguards when fhey swim, if he is in town. Unfortunately it is more of a splash session, as the current leadership cancelled the old routine of 20 laps, some games, some free play, and relay races. What does your troop do when they are at the pool ? Hiking, orienteering, and rock climbing are offered all the time, and cancelled for lack of interest. It boggles me, as video games are the preferred activity, but my boys will take the real deal over video. They want to rappel, hop creeks, scramble, etc. Very sad, as the troop has some awesome mbcs that lead these activities and it will mean a tiny crew for high adventure in the next few years. Mountain biking is not offered at all, but ds is hoping to get some parents enthusiastic and talking it up to their boys by offering a short local trip that is flat, where the parents can go shop for two hours and return., maybe a poker run type of thing to encourage boys to keep going. Then he plans on heading back to college and join the area mtn bike club, eventually to become an mbc.
  2. We finally got around to ds' s Eagle CoH this month. He did his BoR right before leaving for college, and I didnt have the energy to do the CoH in Jan, so this was the first opportunity that worked for us and the Troop. It turned out very well; another family had been dragging their feet on scheduling theirs, so I talked them into doing it jointly. It was almost surreal to be at this point on the scouting trail. Public school is still in session here, but colleges are out, so several of the young men that became Eagles in the troop the last few years were in town and able to come. Everyone had a lot of fun catching up w each others' activities. The Eagle that led the songs for us is a voice major; after two years of college it is amazing to hear the changes in his singing; his Camp is happy he is returning this summer. We also had some of the high school aged boys play their instruments to accompany him, so hopefully we have inspired the current Troop members to let their lights shine. Of the 15 boys who crossed over with ds, 3 achieved Eagle. 2 aged out, 10 dropped out by the end of 9th grade. Ds is thinking it would be a good idea to lead a mountain biking day trip for the troop. They dont have a lot of physically active older boys, and the leadership could use some help to get the younger ones outside. I think though, he is going to find that the boys dont own bikes and the parents wont support the investment. Our town population changed tremendously in the past three years.
  3. The SM and the SPL needs to talk to the ASPL and PLs. If they are wearing what they want in order to earn respect from other youth, then they need other options to earn respect..the SM can set them up for success. The SPL can certainly pick someone else as an ASPL asap, if the current fellow isn't working out. One has to be careful here, and ascertain that lack of ability to obtain the uniform components are not part of the problem. Sending home for repeated disregard is a Troop rule. It is followed up by a conference with the parents, scout, and scoutmaster as it indicates there is an issue that needs to be resolved. If this troop has never done required full uniforms for the leadership, then you have to decide how important that aspect is to you. Ideally, the boys will discuss it at greenbar. Maybe your son would like to take the lead on that, with Memorial Day parades and resident camp coming up now is a good time to talk about the image the Troop wants to present.
  4. 1. Scouts are to wear whatever the SPL told them to wear. In the winter, that is a full uniform including neckerchief and slide. In the summer, that is a scout t-shirt or troop t-shirt, scout shorts, w/scout socks. People coming from school/religious activities can change in the restroom. SPL and PLs are to delegate if they are changing rather than delay the start. SPL and PLs are to be watching for health of their groups; if scouts are overheating, the SPL or PL is supposed to notice it and direct them to take off the neckerchiefs. Scouts themselves should not be wearing a tshirt under the uniform shirt if that's going to make them too warm for the meeting...if it does, they are supposed to take off the tshirt, not the uniform shirt and a PL will direct them to the restroom to do so. There has to be some sanity though. We had one SPL that wanted all boys to bring a full uniform and dress for dinner on a canoe trip. His Dad was the SM and supported him. That didn't fly and it highlighted the confusion the family had as to what was leadership and what was bullying as they were using the full uniform rule to toss out scouts that they didn't like. The initial correction was to use the Greenbar process, eventually both were removed from leadership as they just didn't get it despite the training. 2. The SMs coach the SP and his team at Greenbar if needed. Usually they'll go for a suprise uniform check, handing out ice cream sandwiches to those correctly dressed. Those who weren't dressed will be gathered in a group, be directed to open to the correct page in the scout handbook on uniforming and walked thru it. The Scoutmaster will say a few words in closing for the benefit of the parents who have not figured out how to support their boy's efforts to get all the pieces of the uniform. Essentially,he'll list all of the places they'll be needing the full uniform in a few months and just state that this is how the Troop does it - those who don't want their child to wear the uniform need to think thru their decision, but there is no discussion on it - it's a Troop req't. Anyone that needs financial assistance is directed to the appropriate person. Repeats of boys not dressing correctly, usually to 'be cool', never because they are new or just had a major growth spurt& haven't acquired all the uniform parts, are handled by sending the boy home after explaining to the entire Troop that Scouts are expected to dress appropriately. SM will speak with parents and boy.
  5. Here's the joke Redneck Mansion photo Leno used a few years ago. It's not considered trailer trash, because they've picked up the trash, no windows are broken out, and things are in good repair. True trailer trash has mounds of trash including discarded things that still have some life in them outside, and not just toilets or vehicles on blocks. That cuts down on the mowing.
  6. Mine has started to get out and meet more people! He's figured out how to a visual learner, it is bumpy going in an auditory class. He hasn't figured out how to use the lecture in all classes, but he has figured out how to get the info from the ppts and texts. And I have to say, I really really like the way Calc is taught with the online learning system - instant feedback, as many exercises and problems as you care to work, minivideos plus written explanation that includes the visual practice tests.
  7. No, mobile homes around here are more expensive than rundown apt bldgs and motel living. Generally they are occupied by seniors and divorcees w/children, although we also have the mobile home left over after construction scenario (which seems to be for a home office until a grandparent moves in).
  8. I am sure it varies regionally. Here, if they have the academics to go into electronics, or they have potential to be good at fighting plus are in shape/did varsity athletics they have a good shot.
  9. Parents of Lost Boys that I know are directing their son to the National Guard, or insisting that they attend CC part-time, working on gen ed requirements.
  10. The gap year advantages that I'm hearing are all about culture and worldview. Some here take the year in Israel for ex. The disadvantage is economic, as we're rural and there just aren't the jobs here ... far easier to find a job in a college town. One of ds's friends dropped out of college to pursue his business, but stayed in the college town for that reason..he can work enough for eating/rent and bring his business up to speed.
  11. I had traditional math until grade 5. ime, what is taught depends on the provider. There were no concepts taught to me, it was strictly algorithm and memorization of facts. My mother had apparently had a better education - she taught us all the addition and subtraction skills after 'count up' using board games. In college, I had a prof who made it a point to tell us that algorithm only math was not for engineers who wanted to be creative, maybe do research. He described the client's perspective...who do you want to hire..the person that whips out the calculator/slide rule/fingers and starts crunching, or the one who uses the back of the napkin (Ilikely many of them) with the traditional algorithm, or the guy that can use his mental math and estimation skills to come up with possibilities during the discussion (the guy that offers to get back to you with a quote isn't even in the running). So my opinion is that understanding and knowing concepts means the person has more options. I know for a fact that people with a traditional program can succeed..but ime these are people who have figured out the concepts on their own, or extended what was given in class.
  12. I guess that depends on your volunteer interests. I taught reading with Literacy Volunteers of America. Students range from inner city 10th plus generation to just arrived, here. I quickly found out I was teaching English more than how to read. The taxpayers in this area also fund free English instruction thru the school system for adults. Many businesses did the same before the recession, and paid the employees to attend. There is no such effort from any community that uses its mother language amongst itself, and English in mixed settings.
  13. My friends are finding teaching the fathers language difficult bc the fathers often travel extensively or work long hours. Many tim es the learning co mes with the summer with family abroad, or during the times the grandmother can come for an extended visit.
  14. My affluent friends hired a nanny...a college studen t who spoke the language they wanted their children to learn. The Sat. and immersion school opportunities vary locally . Probably the easiest way is to move, and put your child in a school where imm ersion is offered.
  15. Are you learning a few italian words along with learning to play violin?
  16. So true! One of my great great grandparents was a member of the Cherokee nation. He learned english because he lived around english speakers. The kids grew up speaking the mother's language...English plus a smattering of welsh. she wasnt english, but a scot who had been sent to live with welsh relatives and of course back then english was the language of upward mobility. There are only app 15000 people now who speak Cherokee and less than 600, 000 who are fluent in Welsh.. I appreciate their heritage, but if I was to try to learn all my ancestors languages and cultures, it would be a lifetime. English is the common language in my profession.
  17. Both Mexican and Chinese families here are affluent enough to send the kids back for the summer. The times have changed, and bilingual is accepted as assimilation is not the goal. Native English speakers have to go elsewhere to learn another language, or marry outside their group.
  18. I ive in an area with a lot of first gen immigrants. most want to improve their english, not teach their native language to others. I couldnt even get family members to tutor my sons, as most have assimilated and dont speak the grandparents language. The bilingual ones speak, but dont read so dont feel comfortable giving lessons.The neighbors sent their kids over to play with strict instructions to practice their english, not give lessons in their native language...they are to speak the mother tongue only in thier home. The school district is so focused on special needs that they only offer three years of spanish, the amount required for the diploma. When I lived overseas during the middle school years, I would try to have conversations with the neighbor kids in their language. They wanted to practice their english, so that didnt go to far. Now, it doesnt matter.i can shop and hear many different languages, but people switch to english outside their group. My receptive is still pretty good thanks to my middle school instruction, but it will take years to get past a child level...and that will require immersion, which wasnt even possible when I lived in that country. I went into a pastry shop this summer, in the catskills. Everyone was speaking their mother tongue. The clerk shifted to english for me, asking what I had in my bag. I didnt know the english name, so I asked what the word for it was. I got the generic, pastry, rather than the native name, as a response. Maybe next time I can convince someone to tell me the name.
  19. Probability and stats is integrated into algebra 1 and 2. I had ds take the AoPS Intro Course concurrently with Alg 1, as he had the time and it has more interesting problem sets. As others mentioned, science is gated by math. AP Stats seems like a waste of time with the slow pacing...I took my calc based stats in college w/o AP Stats, just the prob and stats units in Dolciani and that was fine. I dont see AP Stats as essential for a student who will be taking calc based stats. I have used my statistics background at work and did take further courses...really useful in Quality Control and Reliability Engineering.
  20. Find a paying job or start a business (assuming my health issues don't knock me out) the meantime I am spending time on fitness that I used to spend on afterschooling and of course working on my list of things I always wanted to have time to do. I'm casually tutoring a few teens that want to pick up their math skills too, but that's like mbs...they want, but they don't follow thru.
  21. I'm almost retired!! Ds has finished up and moved on to college, so I only have his Eagle CoH to assist with and I'm only wearing one hat - mbc. Most of the boys only want to do badges at camp, and the parents of most won't transport them in to town for mbc meetings outside of troop mtgs, so I doubt I'll get many that want to do my badges as they are all nonrequired. But you never know....
  22. Most of the ones that started at the beginning of the school year finish by B&G. Occasionally some fall behind, but we had a lot of fun after we went to Resident Camp and other groups pointed out that some of the work could be done in really fun ways. For ex., one told us that they'd had out seeds at moving up and the scouts would grow pumpkins (Wolf elective 15) and then they have everyone bring in their decorated pumpkin for the Oct pack meeting. The den game would usually incorporate one or more of the physical requirements (Wolf 1). There were some ldrs that read the book and used their den meeting planning chart to get it all in in fun ways. It also helped that each den had a responsibility at the pack meeting.
  23. Our Troop doesn't break, although they don't hold weekly meetings in July and August. Younger guys and those not working as Camp Counselors usually have a 50 miler type of opportunity in August, July is Resident Camp. Older guys usually get Camp Staff gigs. Ds didn't this year as he likes to work Cub Day Camp and this year's locations didn't work out transportation-wise; he didn't want to do Resident Camp as he didn't want to quit his current weekend job before he had been there for a year. Some of the mbcs also see summer as a great time to meet. The boys usually do a fundraiser and there are some service projects too. My son actually likes summer better because there is less talk, more action.
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