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  1. Both Mexican and Chinese families here are affluent enough to send the kids back for the summer. The times have changed, and bilingual is accepted as assimilation is not the goal. Native English speakers have to go elsewhere to learn another language, or marry outside their group.
  2. I ive in an area with a lot of first gen immigrants. most want to improve their english, not teach their native language to others. I couldnt even get family members to tutor my sons, as most have assimilated and dont speak the grandparents language. The bilingual ones speak, but dont read so dont feel comfortable giving lessons.The neighbors sent their kids over to play with strict instructions to practice their english, not give lessons in their native language...they are to speak the mother tongue only in thier home. The school district is so focused on special needs that they only offer three years of spanish, the amount required for the diploma. When I lived overseas during the middle school years, I would try to have conversations with the neighbor kids in their language. They wanted to practice their english, so that didnt go to far. Now, it doesnt matter.i can shop and hear many different languages, but people switch to english outside their group. My receptive is still pretty good thanks to my middle school instruction, but it will take years to get past a child level...and that will require immersion, which wasnt even possible when I lived in that country. I went into a pastry shop this summer, in the catskills. Everyone was speaking their mother tongue. The clerk shifted to english for me, asking what I had in my bag. I didnt know the english name, so I asked what the word for it was. I got the generic, pastry, rather than the native name, as a response. Maybe next time I can convince someone to tell me the name.
  3. Probability and stats is integrated into algebra 1 and 2. I had ds take the AoPS Intro Course concurrently with Alg 1, as he had the time and it has more interesting problem sets. As others mentioned, science is gated by math. AP Stats seems like a waste of time with the slow pacing...I took my calc based stats in college w/o AP Stats, just the prob and stats units in Dolciani and that was fine. I dont see AP Stats as essential for a student who will be taking calc based stats. I have used my statistics background at work and did take further courses...really useful in Quality Control and Reliability Engineering.
  4. Find a paying job or start a business (assuming my health issues don't knock me out) the meantime I am spending time on fitness that I used to spend on afterschooling and of course working on my list of things I always wanted to have time to do. I'm casually tutoring a few teens that want to pick up their math skills too, but that's like mbs...they want, but they don't follow thru.
  5. I'm almost retired!! Ds has finished up and moved on to college, so I only have his Eagle CoH to assist with and I'm only wearing one hat - mbc. Most of the boys only want to do badges at camp, and the parents of most won't transport them in to town for mbc meetings outside of troop mtgs, so I doubt I'll get many that want to do my badges as they are all nonrequired. But you never know....
  6. Most of the ones that started at the beginning of the school year finish by B&G. Occasionally some fall behind, but we had a lot of fun after we went to Resident Camp and other groups pointed out that some of the work could be done in really fun ways. For ex., one told us that they'd had out seeds at moving up and the scouts would grow pumpkins (Wolf elective 15) and then they have everyone bring in their decorated pumpkin for the Oct pack meeting. The den game would usually incorporate one or more of the physical requirements (Wolf 1). There were some ldrs that read the book and used their den meeting planning chart to get it all in in fun ways. It also helped that each den had a responsibility at the pack meeting.
  7. Our Troop doesn't break, although they don't hold weekly meetings in July and August. Younger guys and those not working as Camp Counselors usually have a 50 miler type of opportunity in August, July is Resident Camp. Older guys usually get Camp Staff gigs. Ds didn't this year as he likes to work Cub Day Camp and this year's locations didn't work out transportation-wise; he didn't want to do Resident Camp as he didn't want to quit his current weekend job before he had been there for a year. Some of the mbcs also see summer as a great time to meet. The boys usually do a fundraiser and there are some service projects too. My son actually likes summer better because there is less talk, more action.
  8. I think each council does things a little differently. The Troop's Advancement person did the blue cards. The pics were not uploaded with the final application; the software doesn't seem to be that advanced yet. He scanned them in and did something with sizing so the file size wouldn't be too large, and stored them as a separate file. The members at the project approval stage -- the EBOR members that approve the project, before it is started. They had printed out copies of their own from the electronic version of the project workbook (w/o pics) and had read them over before ds went to the live meeting and distributed his copies with pictures. Saved a lot of time as they had prepared their questions and comments in advance. I think it will be a few years before they get to skype though. '
  9. My son is the first one in the troop to go thru with the new app too. He e-mailed as well as hardcopied. It was apparent at the project approval stage that members had used the e-mail copy. I'd suggest, if your council has a yahoo group, to put up a request that anyone going the way of the DAC bring it over to him, or meet him at a council event.
  10. Boys are busy working on Eagle Projects here now that the weather is cooperating...we have a lot of older boys finishing up right before they age out, so they've been busy since school let out.
  11. Eagle by 10th grade seems really reasonable to me. That gives them two years to use those leadership skills and plan and lead troop outings as well as explore their career interests via merit badges. Our Troop was not running according to BSA suggestions when ds first joined, so ds has very few merit badges as the scoutmaster at the time wouldn't hand out blue cards for those not First Class. He was very interested then, but the months of waiting for a camp out to get the last one or two rank reqt's diminished that enthusiasm. Many of the badges that look cool as an sixth grader look like check off lists of things already accomplished in other areas of the life by the time they get to 9th, especially for those in an honors academic program. Then when they start varsity sports and working, there is just no time (and little money, lets not forget they are supposed to be funding this themselves) to meet with mbcs that are at least a 45 minute drive away, and still get the work and schoolwork in. My son wrapped up his project at 17. It was not a challenge, other than logistics since we are too rural for a transit system and many don't have rides. He did learn a few things and meet some interesting state conservation people so it was worthwhile, but it would have been more of an accomplishment in his eyes had he done it at 15 when he would have had to work a little harder to persuade followers, or to exercise his project timing or paperwork skills. At 17, it was more of a check off list, but fun as the goal was so helpful to the community. Still, he's glad he finished up.
  12. Our Troop is in the town's parade, and attends the Veteran's Day ceremony at the conclusion.
  13. We had a relative of one of the boys in the den volunteer to give a Red Cross course that fulfilled the Readyman Req'ts. They used a CPR manikin. For Heimleich they viewed a video, then practiced what they could live. Another possibility is asking your Boy Scout Troop's First Aid Counselor where you could borrow training equipment from..probably your local fire dept or ambulance company. Our troop doesn't 'kick out' seniors or college students when they turn 18. They turn in to Ass't Scoutmasters and do what they have the time and inclination for. Our pack has crossed 'old for grade' boys after a year in Webelos, as it was clearly in their best interest. Most of them knew boys in the troop anyway from their baseball teams so had a good receiving friendship base.
  14. yes, great capstone!! My son finished his project this month also. It really was good prep for his college major decision and good reflection on what he wants to do with himself. I am continually amazed at how something that looked so big and difficult becomes so small after it's conquered. Troop CoH soon, I'm looking forward to sampling ds's cooking! He's loving that dutch oven. Dh would like to recruit (for employment) a young lady from ds's project team...her dad has taught her many useful skills and it was obvious. I don't think she wants to work indoors but if she changes her mind, she's got a career job in four years when she grads college. Joanneqn: there is no official medic position, but every activity has a designated-in-advance first aid person that will have a bigger kit than the personal kit.. There is no official cook position either...these are roles that may be needed in having a successful safe outing. Part of second class will be making a personal first aid kit.
  15. The scout can sew it on anyway he wants. One of the older boys showed my son to use a staple to affix it in place, then needle/thread. Remember, he's not just learning how to sew a badge on, he's learning that he's competent. He'll use this skill later to maybe fix a rip in something or make his own piece of equipment.
  16. Right now he's real busy with Tenderfoot stuff, but when he comes up for a breather around the time he's almost done with First Class, you might mention the National Outdoor Adventure Award. That one has segments that need a lot of record keeping; I mention it because the lads here think it's way cool. Agree w/ others, he is to keep track, but you can start him off by handing him the supplies. We use recycled binders here; folks bring them in as their offices get rid of them. ScouterMominIL, we also photocopy the signoff sheet in the handbook in case it gets lost. And our lost story is the washing machine...ds left a few blue cards and merit badges in his shirt pocket after one Court of Honor, and washed the shirt in his load right after we came home. The only time the machine has ever broken in the last 15 years was on this load so that load sat full of water all night as dh was away. The blue cards disintegrated and we never found two of the merit badges. Fortunately the Advancement Chairperson photocopies everything so ds didn't have to do them all over. By the way, in our area, the boys sew merit badges on to their sash too. Our scoutmaster tells them to bring a needle and thread to camp and get it done if they aren't up to date.
  17. Awesome. Welcome to the adventure. Be sure and start a binder for record keeping.....he'll need to keep track of his camping nights, hiking hours,swimming hours, riding hours, and service hours as well as have a place to put his merit badge and rank advancement cards. Also grab some tan thread so he can sew his merit badges on when he gets them.
  18. Congrats on your new Eagle, Kinsa!!! Ds is in the fund and build stage, with a goal of getting the bat boxes installed by Earth Day. Looks like he has plenty of help with the jrs and srs as well as lots of new tenderfoots that just came over.
  19. My scout is working on his eagle project, bat boxes. Mostly he's learning the importance of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, but there is the time management skill to polish up. His bud finished up in Jan and is waiting for/encouraging ds so they can have their ceremony together. He's got about half of C in the World to finish up as well. This troop has always been last minute charlies, so I expect it to take right up until his bday arrives, especially since he has a paper, 2 ap tessts, piano recital, school musical, and his job to do in the same interval.
  20. My scout is working on his Eagle project proposal. He hopes to have it approved this month. We figure spring break will be dedicated to the actual build. Beyond that, went skiing with the Troop, finished C in the Nation, and is working on Reading and C in the World. He'll probably age out before he can get anything else finished, but if we find a counselor willing to meet him at the pool, he can knock off Lifeguard.
  21. We also used hoppity balls, indoor tramp, trike & slide inside. They played a lot of floor hockey, chasing a ball rather than a puck. If I had to do it again I'd get those square gym scooters and send them to the basement or garage.
  22. Pick a college where you can live off campus easily with roommates at less expense than the dorms and know how to cook. Be an au pair while going to college. We have friends who hired a college student au pair from overseas each year for their children until age 16. People with preteen boys may prefer male au pairs. Know how to network before you get to college; you want to land with your feet running and find out where to get your books cheaply.
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