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    Anti Hate. If you hate gifted kids, or peaceful classrooms, dont bother contacting me. I believe all children have the right to learn in peace, at their level of instructional need. It saddens me greatly to see that full inclusion does not include all learners' academic, emotional, and social needs, and that so many think it is fine for children to physically attack classmates and teachers, drawing blood and breaking bones. There are other ways. Let us use them productively so that each may walk the earth in peace, rather than promoting hatred of this or that group and drawing blood.

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  1. Heigh Ho


    cleats are needed for futball (soccer) matches here in rec league...they have a good resale system worked out
  2. Heigh Ho


    age and league level?
  3. said in a derogatory manner: most people don't call these days, they text. okay, so, you called to tell me I'm dumb for receiving your call rather than awaiting your text? riiiiiight...
  4. A hand cycle is not 'the' way, its 'a' way. In this case I described, its what the lad's physicians recommended due to his particular disability, after the Scoutmaster showed the mom several possibilities that Paraolympians used. Its not up to the volunters or paid employees of BSA to interpret the medical needs..they can't replace the lad's physician team. The volunteers in the lad's unit may suggest ideas for the lad and parent to discuss, but its up to the family to decide what's appropriate. A different scout may need a three wheeler or a quad, or different gearing..up to them to figure out what works for the area they live in, just as it is to a family of a nondisabled scout. The BSA is not a public school .. it doesn't have teams at the local level with lists of accomodations, equipment to loan, and expert PT and OT available for free. The family has to do some of the legwork, and in cases like this one, where no one local is able to make suggestions, it sounds as if National may be able to offer some.
  5. Where in NY are you seeing hungry children? This state is over the top with food support...they even have feeding stations all summer long for age 0 to 18, no questions asked. where in NY are you seeing teachers that can't teach basic? A/C????? Really??? The previous editions in my district are 10+ years old. You bet your boots that not having the current does affect the students. But it sounds like you only want to hear about poor districts...not us. We are middle class, which means we don't get Title 1. Poor schools have Title 1 money and lots of grants for things like orchestra. They aren't lacking current books. Sounds like a rant.
  6. ime, with 2 lads, the chance is zero. one of mine tried to do an Eagle Scout project on Sunday a.m., he was a looney tune and they just had him sit and dispense tools. He was better Monday, but he was not up to cross country practice. number two was wiser and took it a bit easier over the weekend, but he wouldn't have been up to 3 hrs of dancing or 2 hrs of CC practice either. they were told nothing until after the first weekend if okay'd at checkup at that time
  7. We had a special needs scout grow personally by being held to the requirements. He and his parents figured he'd get a waiver on everything he couldn't do or they didn't want to pay for.... swimming mb..couldn't get in to the pool on his own, had never put his face in water hiking mb...couldn't walk too far with his physical disability and his usual walking aids cycling mb...couldn't pedal with his feet could've knocked him over with a feather when he learned he was expected to use approved accommodations.. ...pool was accessible, and he needed to take lessons like everyone else ...accommodations such as wheel chair allowed, just as if he was going about his daily business... ...handcycle allowed his mother was just as shocked...she hadn't planned on taking him for swim lessons, or getting him a wheelchair, or a bike with a hand pedal. She wasn't involved in Paralympics, but the scoutmaster was....opened a lot of the world for them after they saw the videos of possibilities... He didn't have much time left to build the muscle to earn Swimming or Biking, so ended up finding a wheel chair and getting his Hiking in. He'll have a much better life now that he knows possibilities and a path to personal fitness. Our SM was kind to son wanted to do his 20 mile hike but couldn't get another kid to do it and I was too ill to be hiking up and down all day with a full backpack, so he suggested to the SM that he could run the trail instead of walk, to shorten my time out. Instead the SM suggested a flat trail that I could bike and take rests on while the kid and sib kept walking. Darn kid never finished his writeups, but I sure enjoyed not feeling like a patient while I was out there.
  8. Ime farrar is right. These tests include obscure material - if the dept chair decides a unit or a subuni isn't going to be taught due to low chance of being on test, the students who don't have a tutor or the right text will be caught short. What we found is that the school was using dumbed down textbooks for some subjects, such as science, and there wasn't a snowball's chance in Hades of getting enough out of the text to grab more than a pass on the Regent's or even answer all the questions in the problem set bank...we did what eveyone else did and bought the amsco test prep books and we bought the graphing calculator so the kid wouldn't have to play 'pass the calculator' during the algebra exam and had enough experience with it to not waste test time. The only place we didn't see the updated text necessary was R. Global History. And in NY, its not poor schools that have issues as they have Title 1's the rural schools and the diverse schools...they don't have the tax base or the Title 1 funding to do the remediation they need and buy materials for the on or above grade level students.
  9. In this area its common not to have middle or high school textbooks for math..the district is short on funding and students are below grade level in reading. Teachers are expected to use a variety of instructional methods and actually teach, not stick to any one approach. The first time a textbook is used is pay-for-play DE College Algebra, and the student will be buying it. The district money that was used for textbooks appears to have been designated for photocopies. The actual day to day homework from grade 6 to A2 is a problem set printed out from various resources. MIF is the elementary school curriculum and if the teacher isn't too good, one just hits the internet for explanations (or pulls out one's SM textbook) and extra practice as the dc aren't allowed to bring those textbooks home.
  10. There are technician jobs that will work very well with his wants...but they all require an education - 2 yr or 4 yr. A 2 yr may not be available at your closest CC, but possibly closer to a city or industrial area. Perhaps a job counselor or someone in your husband's network could sit down with him and tell him what's available in the area, and that would motivate the schooling. Look at something like failure analysis or quality control tech for a car or airplane parts factory or a research center -- it requires people who have good 3D ability, the patience to manipulate joysticks, the ability to focus, science education etc. and really not much people interaction. Managers are used to quirky people in these areas...the two I know usually put social people on one night shift, and people who don't want to interact on another on the other night shift..everyone's happy that way. These jobs have enough intellectual that your son won't be bored, as he would in a hospital tech or service job that's fairly routine day to day. And many of them are with employers who encourage the disabled to apply and can work around their communication disability. as far as motivating a job search, many teens and young people are afraid they'll never get what they want if they start elsewhere, and that means action paralysis. Parents and employers are really helpful moving them past it. Also, being a student while working is helpful -- managers like to see people who are striving. One has to help the student see what they'll gain from the employment. My son for ex, worked at the print shop for his college...after 2 years he had a whole different understanding of his role, and it piqued his interest to becoming very good at dealing with equipment communicating with other eqiupment...something he'd never been interested in but its essential in his field, albiet with different equipment. So, nudging them by insisting they find something is good as they will grow personally and each time they will reflect and decide what they want to see in the next possibility. I too would encourage you to get a full medical workup on your son...sooner the better as you want to know what assistance he qualifies for, and if he has the genetics that means he would benefit from supplements in vitamin D or B12. And use your good insurance before he ages out to get him counseling..yes, it will take time to sort thru counselors, but that's how its done.
  11. Peterson Directed, followed by Essential Learning Products cursive first, its much easier than print and its a fresh start as the student may view self as failure With PD, we used it until the muscle action made sense and was becoming habit - the student needs to write, not draw a letter at a time ELP has practical instructions on legibility vs perfection also important is finding the implement that gives enough feedback to the fingers ... we used a bic flair marker for a while, then eased into a pencil with a gripper and a fat barrel pen
  12. It would be a social nightmare unless she already has friends there. My district has students who do something similar, attend when the parent is working in the area, then go back to the home country for the winter, where there is no schooling. Tough to break in to established friendships, tough to slip right in where the class is since so much instruction has been missed. I would instead begin private lessons on another instrument and look for other places to play piano -- perhaps nursing home or library, then move her in to private ensembles such as youth orchestra. If she's looking for social, 4H, scouting and so forth is a better way to fill the need.
  13. Times have changed as far as student preparedness. My son applied to my alma mater with scores about the same as I had, but much more accomplished in ecs and more accelerated academically despite also living rural. Very surprised to be offered much less merit money, however I was in state and he would have been out of state. Also, many many more students with scores above 1400...I would have been very happy to have that high a percentage in that zone, would have made finding suitable study partners easier.
  14. you should talk to your insurance people...they are good at getting the hospital to bill correctly
  15. think out of the box, literally for that mile walk home...he does own a backpack?
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