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  1. There were hundreds here in Central Florida stationed around the area ready to help. They're probably all heading north now. Dorian caused relatively few power outages here, and probably not more than local power companies can handle.
  2. I hadn't heard about this but I didn't care for that one anyway. I added it to my list after one of our threads on true crime podcasts but I just didn't like the hosts.
  3. It's going to be about 60 miles off the coast. Some of us will get tropical storm winds but hurricane force winds are highly unlikely. Yes anything can happen, but that "anything" would still be within known weather patterns. The two high pressure systems are keeping it from taking a sudden west turn. The current weather conditions aren't the same as they were for Charley or Andrew, which both took unexpected paths within the weather patterns at that time. We had a few stray outer bands come through tonight but our worst weather will be tomorrow into Wednesday. Ds will officially be 22 at 12:54 am, a little over an hour from now. He'll get a hurricane for his birthday this year
  4. It's a high pressure system to the northeast. As it starts to fall apart it will allow the hurricane to be pulled north. There's another high pressure system northwest of Florida keeping the storm from being pulled towards us.
  5. I feel your pain. My brother in Cape Canaveral has decided not to evacuate. My adult niece, his only child. is beside herself and asked me to try and convince him to leave. They're determined to ride it out after evacuating in the past when they didn't need to.
  6. Slow moving is good for the mainland U.S. but obviously bad for the Bahamas where it's just sitting there slamming them. The reason slow is good for us is that there was a high pressure system moving it towards Florida. Hurricanes will always try to track north, towards the pole but the system was preventing it from doing that. The slower the hurricane moves, the more time it gives for the high pressure system to fall apart, and then there's nothing to prevent it from going north-northeast out into the water or just skirting the coastline. One of the models had Matthew making landfall in my county as you probably remember. Then it took that last minute wobble to the east and hit north of me. As of the 11 am update we're still in the cone but it's most likely going to stay offshore. We'll get tropical storm force winds and maybe some hurricane force gusts. We're boarded up and ready. I acquired two spare young adults (friends of ds22) and their service dogs. The cats aren't thrilled about the dogs, but we're all here for the duration.
  7. LOL we're probably having hurricane food, which means whatever I can use up so it won't go bad if the power goes out. 🙂
  8. Yes, and the Waffle House Index is a real thing. It came from Craig Fugate when he was Florida's emergency management director during the 2004 hurricanes. It was after Hurricane Charley that he discovered Waffle House stayed open and the Waffle House Index was born. Absolutely yes. I'm in Brevard County near Kennedy Space Center. Wherever he is, there's likely a facebook group for hurricane prep/help like the one linked above. I know young people don't use facebook but in this case he should make an exception. No, it's been going where they said it would. Each change in the track was still inside the cone. Yes to all of the above. Also, forecasting has improved in the last 15-20 years and keeps getting better. Just last year the cone narrowed even more due to improved software. At this link you can see the projection for several hurricanes compared to where they made landfall. All are within the projection. This one talks about improvements in forecasting where a storm will make landfall. Compare the forecast cone of Katrina in 2005 to what it would look like today. I both cases it made landfall within the projected cone but Katrina today would have a much smaller cone. We have corrugated metal but it does get harder to put up each time, since dh and I are both getting older. Fortunately we have 2 adult sons to help, one still living at home. They won't always be here or able to help. I have a friend who got tired of evacuating (though honestly she only left because of fear, not real need to evacuate) and they had their house completely redone. They replaced their sliding glass door and added automatic hurricane shutters to their other windows and are preparing to hunker down this time. Yes, summer is normally our rainy season but this summer has been exceptionally wet. Some low lying areas have already flooded or come close to flooding. This very slow, very wet hurricane is going to be a big problem on that front.
  9. That year was crazy. Charley, Frances, Jeanne. We weren't affected by Ivan but that was the 4th hurricane to hit the state in less than 2 months. What Katie said or in our case - We have a water cooler that uses 5 gallon jugs because we hate the taste of our city water. During a hurricane we get an extra couple of the 5 gallon bottles.
  10. That just doesn't make sense but people often don't make sense. We've never evacuated even when others did (we've never actually been in either a mandatory or voluntary evacuation zone) but we always prepared. I would think especially after what the panhandle went through with Michael, that people would be more likely to prepare. My friends and I are sharing silly memes on social media but behind the scenes we're getting ready for the storm. I remember when your sister wouldn't prepare and your mother (? I think) wouldn't evacuate, and how stressful that was for you. Often new people are terrified and over prepare, which is better than not being prepared. A lot of times it's native or long time Floridians who scoff at preparing for a hurricane, until they learn the hard way that they should have done something.
  11. I tried it years ago for my chronic back pain. Zero relief. I think some people get placebo effect relief from it but there's no medical evidence that it actually does anything. If it gives you some relief go for it, but use it in addition to other things.
  12. I've been out of the loop for a while and didn't realize you're so close. If you want to try and meet up at some point while you're here PM me. Were you here for Charley too? It came a few weeks before Frances and went through Orlando. It hit the west coast first then went across the state through Orlando, then up and out near Jacksonville. Still, by the time Dorian gets inland it should only be a Category 1 so mostly you'll get wet. I'm glad you'll be here for the kids. I can't imagine how scary it would be for them to be here without you!
  13. I should add that we're high and dry - high being relative since this is Florida and we're about 3 feet above sea level. We also have a barrier island protecting us. Even if we take a direct hit we'll see minor damage.
  14. @Robin M Happy Belated Birthday to James and Happy Belated Anniversary! I haven't finished any print/Kindle books since my last update but I finished four audio books. I only listen to audio books when driving or working around the house, and I haven't been driving much so that tells you what I've been up to. 🙂 I've been doing major decluttering and made multiple trips to the thrift shop. They do have pick up but the place I donate to has one small truck and they have a long waiting list for pickups. I just wanted stuff gone so I took it in myself. This weekend I might get some reading done since it's going to be wet. Yes, we're right in the path of Dorian, in the Cone of Doom. Our most trusted local weather forecaster specifically said Titusville (my city) has a high likelihood of taking a direct hit. Sigh. Dennis is going to have a hurricane birthday. The storm is coming through overnight Sunday into Monday, and his birthday is Tuesday. The last time he had a hurricane birthday was 2004 when Frances came through for his 7th birthday. Anyway, on to books. I finished listening to Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President - an account of the assassination of James Garfield. It sounds like he might have been a good president and had he lived things might have gone differently in the South after the Civil War. Perhaps Reconstruction wouldn't have been so awful. Never Enough - a true crime tale of two murdered brothers, one by his wife one by an unrelated person, though the emphasis was mostly on the first brother Priceless - memoir by an FBI agent who went after stolen art and historical artifacts, as well as going undercover to catch those who either stole or tried to sell the stolen items. Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet - because I needed some fluff Currently (still) reading A Moment in the Sun, Fantasyland, Everglades: River of Grass. My book club chose The Bluest Eye for our August book as a tribute to Toni Morrison. We meet the first Tuesday of the month but I doubt we'll be meeting next Tuesday because most of us will be doing storm clean up. It's a reread for me but it's been six years since I read it so it feels new again.
  15. I knew but I didn't know back when Queen was popular. I watched a YouTube documentary on Queen a few years ago (long before the movie) and found out then.
  16. I didn't connect my anxiety and panic attacks to menopause until after I was past it all. I never had them before and haven't had any since, so I'm sure now it was menopause related. Night time panic attacks were the worst. I'd wake up from a sound sleep absolutely sure I was dying.
  17. I don't know about instant coffee but brewed coffee should be okay for a few days, a week at the most.
  18. I'm post menopausal and never experienced anything like that. I thought going through peri-menopause and menopause was no picnic but reading some of the posts in this thread maybe I got off easy.
  19. For years I've sold things from around the house on eBay but now it seems like it's mostly professional sellers on there. I haven't tried to sell anything in at least a year. Last week my cousin told me about the Mercari app. She sold a few things and didn't have any problems.Well, she had a problem with a buyer saying her item didn't arrive but as soon as she said she'd open a ticket with FedX it magically arrived. That was a buyer though and not Mercari. I don't know how or if they handle disputes. She hasn't requested her money yet and they require a minimum of $10 in your seller account before they send it. I've looked online and there isn't much there good or bad. Has anyone used it? Do you know someone who has? Should I just stick with eBay? I'm decluttering and there are a number of things I could sell for extra money. I just don't know where to sell them. I'm not sold on Facebook Marketplace either.
  20. Yes this. It sounds like your dh hasn't really thought it through. There's no reason to say no if your ds is responsible and doesn't have anger issues. As for the lonely sword guy, no that won't happen. Tagging on to Farrar's post, the geek community is large and supportive. If your ds is already planning to go to the Ren Faire with friends then it sounds like he's already part of that community. While I agree that letting children play one parent off the other is a bad idea, that doesn't sound like what's happening in this instance. They're negotiating and discussing, not secretly ganging up on dad. For one thing, this "child" is sixteen, two years away from being a legal adult. For another, if at that age he hasn't seen his parents model how to handle disagreements it's time to see it now before it's too late. A united front isn't always the best thing, especially with a teenager. Showing children and teens that it's okay to disagree, and showing them how to settle disagreements, is part of parenting. In the end the teen might not get what he wants but at least it won't seem like an arbitrary no. He'll see how both parents worked it out and came up with the answer. That, imo, is better for learning conflict resolution than "Dad said no. The end."
  21. I quit using subscribe and save because I'd often get an email saying the item was no longer available. When I searched it was available but from a different seller, or in a different size, or some other slight difference. It defeated the purpose of not having to go and order the item. They do always let you know before an item is shipped but I just didn't find the service all that convenient.
  22. Oh, and see if your town (or a nearby town that wouldn't be too far for you) has any kind of photography club. I was surprised to find mine has one and though most of them are more experienced than me, one woman is as new as I am. And they all help each other out. If you can find something like that it always helps to have in-person help.
  23. I signed up for the next class in A Year With My Camera. The course begins anew every month except August and December, so I signed up for the September course. It's free and she sends you an email each week with the lesson. There's a facebook group but that's entirely optional as are the workbooks you can buy. The idea of the class is to help you "get off auto". That's exactly what I hope to do with my new dslr camera. There are also a bunch of tips and mini lessons at her website.
  24. Good luck. Maybe one of these two will want it and you won't have to go through showing it to a bunch of prospective buyers. We're looking for an agent to come in and tell us the minimum we have to do to get ours market ready. We're hoping to have it ready by the middle of next year.
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