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  1. Ds has no credit. Back before the pandemic he wanted to buy a new computer and hoped to get credit with Best Buy where he bought it. It was around $900 and he was turned down because his income wasn't high enough and he had no credit history. We paid for it and he paid us back. Now he's looking at moving out - not yet but after the pandemic - but will need a credit score to be approved to rent somewhere,as well as to get utilities. We don't want to encourage him to apply for a credit card. His ADHD, even on meds, would probably have him buy things with the card on impulse. Plus I'm convi
  2. Wait. Yes. This I think. It's really not clear but if you read it several times it comes through.
  3. That's what it sounds like to me. It was just poorly punctuated.
  4. The most I can take is about 70%. Any more than that and it becomes a chore. Eating chocolate should never be a chore. πŸ˜„
  5. I saw something last night about how Lincoln and Douglas found each other in their graves (or heaven or something) and looked at each other, horrified. πŸ˜‚
  6. I forgot to mention what I actually finished. I don't remember when I last posted an update so I hope I'm not repeating myself. I recently read Girl Woman Other, last year's Booker prize co-winner. I loved it, gave it 5 stars, and added it to my top 100 list on GR. At the same time I was listening to The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. While both books are very different, I realized after I finished them that both books had an underlying theme of the relationship betewen mothers and daughters. A few weeks ago someone - can't remember who - posted about the Gaslight Mysteries and said
  7. How about "Moderator lost control within the first 30 seconds."
  8. I don't generally choose a banned or challenged book during Banned Books Week because I tend to read them all year round anyway. However, it turns out I'm actually listening to and reading a few this year. I started listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last week. I usually listen to an HP book when I either can't decide what to listen to next or am waiting for an audiobook to become available at the library. Then, a friend had been reading Lady Chatterly's Lover and talking about it. Several years ago I read Madame Bovary and planned to read Lady Chatterly but never got aroun
  9. I currently have dark wood cabinets and dark wood floors with steel appliances and black top stove. It's gas but the grates are nearly black and the stove top is black. Previously I had light wood cabinets - maple - and off white ceramic floors with steel appliances. Both look good. As @Bagels McGruffikin said, the steel is pretty much neutral.
  10. That's interesting. And new. In the past they always announced when there would be an update to let us know the forums would be unavailable. I think this is the first surprise update I've seen in the nearly 20 years I've been here. I guess as technology and software improves the update happening doesn't affect members so we don't need to know in advance that it will happen. I guess it just happens in the background now, like most other updates.
  11. Wow. I truly don't get any medical people not requiring masks as well as not wearing one themselves. Glad you found someone you could go to, and an ENT was a good choice. I hope you can find a new primary doctor (he was your primary?) soon. Recently in my area a doctor who ran a mask optional clinic died and it was discovered he had Covid. That isn't necessarily what killed him but he was still passing it to his patients and staff. What is wrong with people? I was going to use the link to our local newspaper but it might be behind a paywall. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/
  12. It would be reasonable but if I knew the move home was temporary and we could afford it I probably wouldn't. I'd rather he save his money to be able to move out when the time comes. If I knew the stay was going to be longer then yes, I would. Ds is currently out of work. He was laid off at the start of the pandemic (he worked in a cafe) and when he was still working he contributed. Although he's been collecting unemployment we haven't asked him to pay out of that money. He's applying for jobs like crazy and getting some interviews but no job yet. Once he starts working we'll give him time
  13. LOL. I haven't heard it put that way but that's me too.
  14. Old Bay is commonly available in Florida.
  15. I heard about this last night. Everything I was hearing then sounded like he was the one who stopped the woman when it was actually his wife. He did get a sheriff deputy to stop but she's the one who took the baby from the woman. It's not his fault, it's the media's for how they wrote the headlines. I had a celebrity crush on the young Joe Montana back in the day. πŸ™‚
  16. Yes, that's the only time I smell it. I'm going to wash it today and see if that works.
  17. Nothing really. Maybe the food. I grew up in NJ about 15 minutes from NYC and the ethnic makeup is similar. There are so many different ethnicities and they each have their American version of old country food. That's something you really don't get here, although you can get amazing Cuban food. I was 13 when we moved to Florida and swore that as soon as I was 18 I was moving back. By the time I turned 18 though, Florida was in my blood and I wasn't going anywhere. I'm still not. With all the problems we have and all the Florida Man stories, it's still my home and the place I love. Most of my f
  18. I'll agree with others about the eyeballs and not teaching young children. I don't see how teaching six year olds is better than 4 or 5 year olds. I could totally see him teaching high school (or whatever it's called in France) and it not being an issue there.
  19. Thank you. I love beef barley soup. There's something very comforting about it to me even though it's not a soup I had often as a kid.
  20. πŸ˜‚ We actually have about 4 months a year of lovely weather. And I'd still take our summers over cold winters any day. Anyway, we don't have glassed in porches here, well very few do. Ours are usually screened in. I might be able to put it on the sill of a west facing window in the afternoon. As I said though, it doesn't really bother me. I do seem to have an enhanced sense of smell, but just because I can detect odors doesn't mean they're irritating to me. I just wondered if it was just me or if anyone else noticed it. I already knew I was weird. πŸ˜„
  21. I might try washing it if it bothers me. Sun isn't an option right now because it's still so hot and humid. All it would do is get damp from humidity. πŸ™‚
  22. Now I'm curious which one you thought had more of an odor. I have the blue one. I didn't actually notice anything when I took it out of the wrapper. It wasn't until I wore it that the smell came through. I had to run out today for a few errands and it seems to have less of an odor. I'm hoping I was right that whatever it is will dissipate after a few uses.
  23. Sorry, I had stuff going on and just got to this. I tried it again and it worked. Not sure what the problem was but at least it seems to be gone now.
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