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  1. Yes but I don't know why. We only did it because it was tradition, the same reason we had him baptized. They don't do anything for him nor do we expect them to. I'm godmother to my niece (my only sibling's only child) and we have a close relationship but not because I'm her godmother. We'd be close anyway. Our grandchildren don't have godparents and aren't baptized.
  2. I have herniated discs. I went to physical therapy so long that they told me there wasn't anything they could anymore do that I couldn't do myself at home, and they gave me an exercise program to do at home. I try to be consistent but there are days I get lazy and don't do my PT exercises, then I pay for it in the form of increased pain. The exercise aren't going to cure my herniated discs but they do help relieve the pain. Your dh's lack of exercise is likely making his pain worse. I will say that he shouldn't try to treat himself because some exercises can exacerbate the problem, but he should see a physical therapist and should be consistent with whatever exercises they give him to do. This. Well, I don't have all of those problems but I have back issues that limit some of my physical activity. I don't use my back pain as an excuse to treat my dh like crap. And I definitely wouldn't insist on us getting something I knew I couldn't take care of (like the Christmas tree) over his objections, then complain to him for not taking care of it because I can't do it. His back pain is not an excuse for his inexcusable behavior towards you.
  3. Our last two hotel stays (both within the last 3 months) have been at a Marriott and we had nothing but good experiences with them. I also agree with @SKL - You get what you pay for, at least in most cases.
  4. I agree that you're more likely to see negative reviews than positive. When I read reviews I tend to discard the very negative and the very positive and look at the middle. Those are the ones that are more likely to tell me the real story with some positives and some negatives. As for the hotel industry dying out, that's definitely not happening where I live. Tourism is the biggest industry in my state. The "happiest place on earth" is less than an hour from here and there's a cruise port 30 minutes away. Hotels are thriving. In my city, which doesn't get a lot of tourism on its own, two new chain hotels were built in the past year and they've had no trouble filling the rooms, especially when a Falcon Launch is scheduled.
  5. Agreeing with others that you did the right thing. Feeling bad about it is normal because it is hard to do the right thing. IOW, it's okay to feel bad about it while still realizing you made the right decision.
  6. Yes and no. Although it was killed then, it was technically still on the books. Efforts to revive it this century failed and it was officially abolished.
  7. All of my grandparents were born here. All of my maternal great-grandparents were born in Italy and came here with their parents when they were in their teens. No one is really sure when my father's family came to the U.S. from Ireland, but we think it was during the famine, so that would have been sometime just before the Civil War. I have visions of them as the kind of characters who were extras in Gangs of New York (movie with Leonardo DiCaprio).
  8. I was just wondering about the people 5 - 10 years younger than me who grandparents who were born in the 19th century while mine were all born in the early 20th. I wondered if maybe they were among the youngest, so their parents and therefore grandparents, were older when they were born. I mentioned large families just because it was pretty common back then. I was thinking that maybe their parents were the youngest of a number of siblings. Why they had to be many in order for them to be the younges I have no idea. Not sure why that came to me lol.
  9. All of my grandparents died fairly young. The grandfather who died before I was born had a heart condition which my father inherited (and he died at 42 from that same heart condition). I don't know how old my grandfather was but I think he must have been in his late 40s or early 50s. The other three were in their mid to late 70s when they died. Both of dh's grandfathers died young, one of a heart attack and the other from complications of diabetes. I think they were in their 60s when they died. Both of his grandmothers OTOH, had long lives. One lived to be 95, the other to 103 and both were born in the early 20th century. I don't know when his grandfathers were born. His father just passed last year at the age of 92, his mother two years earlier at 89.
  10. Since you didn't make multiple answers possible I only answered that I"m a member of an active group. Actually I'm a member of about a dozen groups, some quite active, some slow, some totally inactive.
  11. This is interesting to me. I'm older than most posters here, including the OP yet my oldest grandparent was my maternal grandfather, born in 1908. None of mine are still alive. My paternal grandfather died the year before I was born. The rest of my grandparents died in the 1980s. To those of you who had grandparents born in the late 19th century, did your parents have a lot of siblings and/or were they among the youngest? My mother, born in 1934 was the oldest of three children, and my father, born in 1927 was the middle child of three.
  12. The people I know who feel that way about Snopes are mostly some of dh's relatives and I can't really unfriend them. However, they're not saying facts are a liberal conspiracy. They question the validity of Snopes on the grounds that the information is being manipulated to favor liberals. I usually try to send them to a neutral site if I can find one because they either believe Snopes takes things out of context or doesn't tell the full story.
  13. That's when we added to it. Sometimes it was because you didn't want the person who would have been it to be picked, if you ended it normally. Sometimes it was in an effort to try and make it land on a specific person so they would be it. I heard the n-word version growing up in the 60s in New Jersey but we always said tiger. It was forbidden to use the n-word in any way in our house.
  14. This. Plus, when you call someone out or correct them on SM you'e doing it publicly in front of all their family, friends and coworkers. Instead of changing their minds, most people get defensive and dig in when called out publicly like that. This is about the extent of what I do too. You said it out loud to us which helped you get it out of your system.The Hive can be useful that way. 🙂
  15. I love the Skinnytaste website. In addition to individual recipes, she offers meal prep recipes as well as a weekly meal plan. The meal plans have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinners are meant to feed a family while the breakfast and lunch recipes are for one person. Maybe you can find some ideas there. Meal Prep Meal Plans I've made mason jar salads and I find they hold up well. I usually use romaine lettuce though sometimes I'll use spring or baby greens. They don't do as well but they're fine if I mix them with romaine. Spinach lasts well too. I usually eat my jar salads based on ingredients. I eat the ones that might not last as long first, saving the heartier ones for later in the week. I'm not working but am trying to eat healthy lunches. Though I love salads I hate the prep and often choose something easier for lunch, so even though I'm home I make mason jar salads for my lunches for the week. They all tell you to put the dressing on the bottom but since I'm home I don't do that. I dump the salad into a bowl and then add the dressing. If I was working I'd take the dressing in a separate container. Here are some mason jar salad instructions (not really recipes) that I found easy to make and they last in the refrigerator.
  16. While I agree with you I think part of the issue is how Hollywood handled the casting of ethnic characters in the past. So often they had white actors playing an Asian, Native American, or Hispanic character. Some of that I'm sure was due to lack of diversity but once ethnic actors became more plentiful the practice continued. I think the person who has the best audition should get the job, but if you have two who test well and one is the same ethnicity as the character, the role should go to that actor. Hollywood had gotten better at casting for ethnic roles but sometimes a casting director does make a seemingly dumb choice. I've never seen Aladdin and didn't know people were upset about the casting. While I didn't care much for the movie Crazy Rich Asians (the book was fun though), I like that it had an all Asian cast. People would have had legitimate complaints IMO, if they cast white actors in those roles. And obviously there were enough Asian or part Asian actors that casting white actors was unnecessary.
  17. This is our situation right now. In February it will be 4 years since our sweet boy crossed the rainbow bridge, and this is the longest I've been without a dog since I was 7 years old. I so desperately want one but we're in the process of fixing up our house to sell. We already have 2 cats and that will make it hard enough. We don't need to add a dog to the mix while trying to sell a house. However, getting a dog will be one of the first things on my to-do list once we finally move. Yep. When I worked as a vet tech during my 5 year break from teaching, many of the dogs we saw who got into something were Labs. They rolled in a pile of fire ants, or got tangled in fishing line, or some other silly puppy thing. They weren't always puppies though. Often they were adult Labs who were just really immature. @Scarlett consider what your lifestyle will be like. Some dog breeds require a lot of exercise and some need a "job". Others easily adapt to whatever lifestyle their owners have. Unless you have a lot of time to train and interact with your dog, a Lab probably isn't the best choice. Goldens are goofy but sweet and loyal. I don't know much about Boxers but I do know they're active dogs. All three breeds are intelligent. The smarter the dog/breed, the more they need mental stimulation. Without it they can become destructive, chewing things indoors and digging outside.
  18. My mother waitressed at the Sambo's here in my city in the 70s. The building still stands and has been a Village Inn restaurant since Sambo's went out of business.
  19. Neither I nor anyone else said the term is racist. Mammy is the song he sang in blackface. I asked if she heard of the song because she said she never heard of Jolson.
  20. I've been out all day and am trying to catch up in this thread I"m starting to see a trend. In general (and someone will probably say "not me!") most of the people who never heard of blackface or didn't know it was offensive grew up in less diverse areas. I too grew up with a single mom trying to make ends meet. We lived in the projects and often lived hand to mouth. There were whites, blacks and Puerto Ricans in our housing projects, and as kids we all played together. When we moved first to south, then central Florida I attended schools with large populations of black students. I wonder if this is the difference. My friends and I never talked about each other's cultures like that because we all lived close together in the city and we knew those stereotypes weren't true. As for Prince Harry, yeah that was stupid and someone should have said something to him. He was however, about ten years younger than Trudeau was during his stupid moment(s). I must not be much older than you. I graduated in the late 70s. I was in education so yeah, maybe I had more humanties and more sociology classes than a STEM student would take. Mammy? "I"d walk a million miles for one of your smiles, my Mammy". I'd link a YouTube video but it's offensive and I don't want to post it. Look up Al Jolson Mammy if you;e curious.
  21. After my post asking about those who never heard of blackface, some people said they heard of it but didn't know all blackface was offensive. However, looking back over some posts there were some people who said they never heard of it at all. I guess I could see this. Also, my grandparents generation saw blackface from their entertainers so maybe I grew up hearing them talk about it. I don't know how I know about it or that it's offensive, I just knew. I'm also a history buff so I might have learned on my own about this. Still, I can't imagine anyone in my FOO dressing up in blackface or thinking it's okay.
  22. Thank you for explaining. I guess I was reading such posts as having never heard of blackface at all.
  23. I'm going Monday with some girlfriends. Can't wait!
  24. I have a question for those of you who never heard of blackface until a few years ago. Sincere question. Have you never heard of minstrel shows? Vaudeville? Al Jolson?
  25. I'm from the previous generation - the first one that was given a name - and I knew it was wrong when I was in my 20s in the late 1970s - early 80s. No way did someone from such a modern, Western country not know it was wrong in 2001. I have to say I'm so disappointed that he did this, and I've never even been to his country. But a certain group (to which I belong) in the U.S. held him up as an example of what a good leader is supposed to be.
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