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  1. I didn't want to put this in with my book update but I also have an Emma update. She's free from the feeding tube! She had been pulling out the ng tube and they were going to have to have a gastric tube (stomach tube) inserted if they couldn't get her to take enough nutritionally from either a bottle or solid food. They had a date scheduled for the tube but the doctors said it could be cancelled as late as the day it was supposed to happen. Thanks to an amazing occupational therapist she's now taking a bottle regularly and they were able to cancel the procedure. She's also beginning to enjoy some tasty, albeit mushy, solid food. This is the first professional photo taken without her tube. All her previous ones had the tube taped to her cheek and going into her nose.
  2. I finished quite a few books since my last update almost a month ago. I keep meaning to post but the week gets away from me. Before I know it, it's Saturday and I decide to just wait for the new thread. This time I decided I'd better jump in at the start of the week's thread so it doesn't happen again. Finished - Buried in the Sky Pachinko The Ghost Map An Old Betrayal The Laws of Murder Richard II The Beautiful and Damned audiobook - which I just finished about an hour ago. I felt like it had been forever since I read a mystery and I was really missing my favorite comfort genre. I decided to read my next Charles Lenox mystery, An Old Betrayal. I must have really missed mysteries because I immediately started the next one, The Laws of Murder. I also could have easily picked up the next one but I had some other books I wanted to get to or finish. Buried in the Sky and The Ghost Map are both non-fiction and each was good in its own way. Richard II was part of my personal Shakespeare challenge plus I had tickets to see it on Friday so although it wasn't necessary, I really wanted to finish it before the play. I finished just in time - Thursday night. I listened to The Beautiful and Damned because I've long been curious about other F. Scott Fitzgerald novels but have only read The Great Gatsby. I wasn't impressed. Bored, immoral rich people were interesting in the short, <200 page Gatsby, but 400+ pages of their empty lives was about 300 pages too many imo. I finished it because I wanted to have read at least one of his other novels (It isn't the only one I tried to read, but is the only one I was able to finish). I think I'm done reading Fitzgerald now. 🙂 Currently reading - Still- Devil in the Grove and The Winter of Our Discontent. Both are good but also easy to put down. I don't think I'd call them sip reads but I'm reading them slowly and will finish when I finish. There, There is for my book club. It took a little while to grab me but now it has and I really like it. If I have any complaints it's that there are a lot of characters. I know from the synopsis that they'll all come together at one specific event but I hope by that time I remember who they all are. It's really quite good. And last, I'm reading the next book in The Saxon Stories, Sword Song.
  3. Jane Austen's wit and social commentary (although she only commented on the class she wrote about) help keep her novels out of the romance category for me. I don't read much romance but I do love Jane Austen. I've only read two Heyer novels - The Grand Sophy and Cotillion. Of those I liked The Grand Sophy better but I'm not really interested in reading any more of her books. It would have to be "I have nothing to read. Oh, here's a Georgette Heyer book, I'll try it." These days though my problem is one of too many books to read, not too few. 🙂 My version of flufferton books are detective (often of the amateur variety) novels and there are some that straddle the fence between mystery and romance. In that kind of story there's often a relationship that develops between a detective and a wrongly accused character. I don't mind the romance aspect in those kinds of books. I liked Jane Eyre but didn't love it. I just don't get the appeal of Rochester and I probably will never understand it. I haven't read The Scarlet Pimpernel but have always thought I might like it. I don't know why I never seem to get around to giving it a try.
  4. That's been happening to me lately too. I'm going to wait until the new thread tomorrow to post my update.
  5. It really depends. For me it was, but I've been thinking about getting rid of it. Lately I only use it to make dough though I used to use it regularly to make bread. If you have the space, if you make bread and dough regularly, I think it's worth it.
  6. My mom did too, but without any gravy. We put ketchup and mustard on it, and she served it with sliced tomatoes on the side. Basically it was just a hamburger on a plate without the bun. I guess she was ahead of her time though she didn't realize it. People doing low carb diets now order hamburgers without the bun. 🙂
  7. I'm so sorry. It's such a difficult decision to make and the whole process is heartbreaking. (((hugs))) I've made that decision too many times to think about but dogs and cats bring so much to my life that I can't keep from having pets.
  8. There are 2 pregnant women now in NYC who have the measles. I believe they're from the same Orthodox Jewish community where the outbreak is.
  9. Yes to the pudding too. It must have cost more because we had it less often than jello. My mother loved butterscotch while my brother and I preferred chocolate. Gag.
  10. I wasn't aware of a different standard for devices. That's interesting, but also a bit unsettling.
  11. Give me above 80 rather than below 30 any day, all year long!
  12. I agree. She was 19 and a mixed up kid. Now of course there are a lot of mixed up 19 year olds who don't go on to become gruesome murderers, but she probably asked herself that question and has not come up with a good answer. I think what matters is realizing how awful it was to be who she was at 19. She has done that and she has repeatedly shown remorse. It's been 50 years.
  13. I didn't realize she was up for parole again. I do think she should get it this time.
  14. With 57 degrees and 100% humidity I'd be bundled up like I was in the frozen tundra lol. Humidity makes hot feel hotter and cold feel colder.
  15. What do you all consider humid? The past few days, maybe a week, we've had humidity around 35-45%. Everyone was in shock to see it that low in late April. Even today it's only 65% which is also pretty low. We're used to humidity of 70% or higher most of the year. In summer it's not uncommon for the humidity to be higher than the temperature. 90 degrees with 95% humidity is a normal summer day.
  16. I'm a Floridian who freezes at room temperature 🙂 so take my comment with a grain of salt, but that seems cool to me too. Even my friends who keep their homes cooler than I do don't usually set it that low. ETA: I wonder if young men get hot easily. Ds 21 often gets up at night and turns the thermostat down to 70 (we keep it around 74-75). He does have a fancy computer in his room and even though the computer has a fan, it heats up his room. However, he turns it off when he goes to bed and still turns down the thermostat.
  17. While asthma isn't an issue for us, both ds and I feel the effects of pollen when we open the windows. But it's so rare that we get to enjoy cool, fresh air in the house so we do it anyway.
  18. I don't watch much tv and shows I do watch aren't the kind with tv personalities, such as talk shows or news shows. If I had to think of one it would have to be Dr. Oz.
  19. Where I live most people only turn it off for a few months a year. It's always on from March to October. November through February depends on the weather. We love it when we can turn off the A/C and throw open the windows for a few days.
  20. It's possible that Strattera does work for some people with impulse control ADHD. There are still a lot of unknowns about the disorder but it's so much more than being able to sit still and pay attention. The dopamine theory is not the be all-end all of impulse control and hyperactivity ADHD. The disorder is being better studied today than it ever has been in the past and they keep learning more. It doesn't get the attention that say, autism does, but it is getting more attention (no pun intended) and more/better research is being done than ever before.
  21. More on the new device: I saw something earlier this morning on facebook saying that the FDA approval was based on one very small study. That seems odd to me that they would approve it, but the moderators of the group where it was posted (an ADHD group) said they'd look into it and try to learn more.
  22. That's so common and so frustrating. It's happened more than once with dh and me as a couple, but the worst was my own first new car buying experience It was the late 80s and car salesmen were pretty much just that - all salesmen. When I finally decided on which car I wanted I had more than one guy trying to convince me he knew better than I did. I had to insist that no, I will NOT get tired of a manual transmission. I want my car to have a stick shift tyvm. Once we got past that, they kept at with the payment question. They couldn't wrap their heads around the idea that a young professional woman (or any woman for that matter) understands how interest works. ETA: I had several people tell me I should take my (5 years younger) brother or some other man with me when I went car buying and shopping but I was a maverick (for that era) and determined to do it on my own.
  23. And that's why it works on those with inattentive adhd but not so much on those with impulse control-hyperactivity.
  24. I posted a link to the story in this thread a few days ago. So far the only information coming out is about the test subjects.
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