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  1. Touchless keypads are hit and miss here. There are some you can set up with apps (I've done Target, Publix, Walmart, and Sams). Others depend on your bank. Our credit union doesn't support Google Pay, Apple Pay, or any other such pay system. So, we can do touchless in some places but for ones that depend on a remote pay system that isn't from the store's app we have to use the keypad.
  2. We never had a mask mandate in my state. My county didn't have one but some of the cities within the county did. Most have rescinded the mandate or are about to because our governor said cities are not allowed to penalize people for not wearing masks. It makes mandates useless. Fortunately many businesses are still requiring masks regardless of the incompetence of our state government. I started wearing a mask before it was recommended and will continue to do so until there's widespread vaccination. I hope masking becomes normal during flu season as it is in many Asian countries.
  3. I haven't changed my name but I recently changed my avatar to a recent picture of our sweet granddaughter Emma. Sometimes avatar changes throw me off because I recognize people by their avatars as well as their names. If they changed both I'm in trouble lol
  4. Is there any way to change the mode? I think we had something before the update. This blue is just awful both aesthetically and in terms of ease when reading. I looked in my settings but couldn't find anything.
  5. Who are you there and how do I send a friend request? Do you have any idea how many duolingo members use some version of Matryoshka? I would never have thought there's be so many. 😂 I think I'm just floridamom there. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a bunch of people with that username too.
  6. I agree with all of the above. How far do you want to go from the Orlando area? If you go east you have Canaveral National Seashore, a truly unspoiled beach (there are no bathrooms either - just portable potties). It's beautiful and you can see the Kennedy Space Center off in the distance. Since it's a national park there's an entrance fee unless you have a parks pass. There are also nature walks on the way out to that beach as you'll be on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Blackpoint Wildlife Drive is great and that time of year you should see all kinds of snowbirds that are migrat
  7. I was always hit or miss with the flu shot. If I remembered and had time I would get it, if not I didn't. In 2002 all three of us got a horrible case of the flu. Ds got it first, then me, then dh. Ds was 5 and as yet undiagnosed with ADHD, so all we knew is that he was a very active child. While he was sick he was pretty calm. About the time dh and I were at our worst, he was getting better and nearly impossible to keep up with. That was one reason we started getting vaccinated every year. In 2005 my high school friend's husband died from complications of the flu. He was in his late 40s
  8. Other, because I already got mine and that wasn't an option.
  9. I agree. And not just treatment but testing. Sports figures were being tested daily while regular people had to fight to get tested. The disparity is what makes me so angry. Yes, he does seem like a likeable person even though I too disagree with him on most everything. I wish him well.
  10. What would really make this a post for old times sake is if it got out of hand and someone started posting kilt photos. 😂 Alas, those days are gone. sigh
  11. Maybe this will also be the scenario that has us finally looking at the EC and either eliminating it or making major changes to it. As was posted upthread, most states have rules about how electors are allowed to vote but there needs to be something at the federal level that addresses this very outdated system imo.
  12. The odds on him being president or the odds on him being the presidential candidate?
  13. Thank you. I thought maybe I had to get farther in on my lessons before it gave me speaking exercises but after reading your post I checked my settings. I now have speaking exercises turned on. I'm using my laptop. I do have the app and might use it occasionally but for now I find using my computer more convenient.
  14. This is how I feel. I don't want him to suffer horrible (I'd prefer his horrible suffering to happen at the polls) but I want him to get sick enough to take it seriously after he's better. And I do hope Barron is okay. He's an innocent in all of this and these people are his parents, whatever we think their faults are. Oh yay! You offer so many great replies that I'm happy we can finally like them.
  15. We need to care what others think because we don't want to get to this point ever again about anything else. No, you're not the only one. People on this board are people I've known for years. And everyone is a real person. It's not like the comment section on a news site or reddit where there are so many people that everyone is anonymous. I think this is the only way he and his followers will take it seriously.
  16. Not just a lack of masking but openly mocking it as weak and unnecessary.
  17. I just did Duolingo's version of the CLEP test 🙂 for Spanish and tested out of the introduction and "4 skills" whatever that means. I don't think it means the first 4 lessons but maybe it does. I will do more tomorrow because dh wants me to watch a movie with him.
  18. I didn't have to do a password reset. It kept telling me there was an update in progress and the forums were unavailable. I just kept checking every now and then. When it came back I had to log in (I usually have it saved so I don't need to) but it accepted my password.
  19. I'm jumping into this thread because it's never too late to try and learn a language right? I also need some accountability. Duolingo keeps reminding me I'm overdue for lessons. I started with Italian because that's my ancestry, then added Spanish. I then realized two things. One - I probably shouldn't have picked two such similar languages. Yes, there are major differences but there are also words close enough to confuse me. Two, my ancestors didn't speak Italian. They spoke Neapolitan, which is considered vulnerable to extinction by UNESCO but isn't available on Duolingo. Most people i
  20. He pays for his phone but is on our plan. It's cheaper for all of us that way, having a family plan. Yes, more and more your credit score is used for things other than credit. I don't think it's good but that's how it is.
  21. I really enjoyed The Goblin Emperor and I heard that about Angel of the Crows - that it was very different. I recently heard the same thing about Yaa Gyasi's latest novel, Transcendent Kingdom. Two different reviewers said not to go into it expecting anything like Homegoing.
  22. Thank you all for the suggestions so far. They're helping me brainstorm. Keep them coming! This isn't something that's going to happen soon but he and I were talking about it yesterday; about him wanting to get a place with some friends, and how he can get credit. I started trying to come up with ideas then thought to ask the Hive.
  23. Thanks. That's something to look into. In our area getting approved to rent often as hard as, or harder than getting a mortgage. Even if the homeowner isn't using a third party to manage the property, and many do, they put you through all kinds of credit reporting hoops. The only way to get around it is to know someone who has a house to rent or through a friend of a friend kind of thing. Unfortunately we don't have anyone like that in our circle at this time.
  24. We all use the same credit union so that's a possibility.
  25. He's actually saving up for a car so that's a good idea. Obviously he needs a car before he moves out. He currently uses our older vehicle which has become his without really being his.
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