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  1. As a cradle Catholic who went to Catholic school until 4th grade, I have to say I had more fear of nuns than of God. 😂 Seriously though, I agree. God, at least in Catholic teaching in the 1960s in my area, was taught as loving - not angry and vindictive (even though there's plenty of evidence for that in the bible). Funny how when I let go of all belief in a god I didn't become a debauched, immoral person. In fact, my life didn't change at all other than the fact that I stopped going to church and church related activities. And stopped praying. I'm just as boring as a heathen as when I was a believer.
  2. Huh. Then I guess I'm glad I bought Passport. I also enjoyed Mrs. Wilson. It was fascinating - I ended up reading a bunch online about the real story. I too thought it was pretty cool that the actress who played her is the granddaughter of the real Mrs. Wilson. Since I have PBS Passport for a year I'm finding a lot I want to watch (Indian Summers seems interesting - I watched one so far). I found some for me to watch when dh is at work, and some I think we'll enjoy watching together. I figured I might as well take advantage of it since I have it now.
  3. Based on the time time stamp on your post, I was finishing up the final episode right around the time you were posting this. 🙂 I bought PBS Passport just so I could unlock all of the episodes. After watching one episode I knew I couldn't wait. I love the musical. I saw it in London in the 80s not long after it premiered there. In fact Colm Wilkinson who played the old priest (Bishop of Dean) in the movie was Jean Valjean when I saw the West End production. Still, as much as I love the musical there's so much that it leaves out. I thought this miniseries was very well done and was pleased at how much of the book they were able to include.( I read and enjoyed the book more than once.) Fantine's story is one example. It really doesn't make a lot of sense in the musical, but this production includes most of her backstory that's in the book. Well it was actually a BBC miniseries so depending on what's available to you from the BBC you might be able to watch it now. ETA: There are 6 episodes so if they're already up to episode 4 you only have 2 weeks left. I started watching when there were only 2 episodes and didn't want to wait. If I was just starting to watch it now with it being almost over, I'd wait for the last two episodes.
  4. Yes. Those kinds of books are not new. The difference is... This.
  5. I knew that Jenny Lind was an opera singer but didn't know there was a connection between her and Barnum. I didn't realize he was the reason she came to the U.S. Her nickname was The Swedish Nightingale. I only know of her as an opera singer, nothing else. I guess I thought that's what she was known for. Didn't realize others don't know she was an opera singer.
  6. I'll answer. -- What led you to homeschool? I have one homeschool graduate, my only biological child (my stepson - father of beautiful Emma- was a freshman in high school when I met his father). I was a teacher and knew our local school system was broken. It wasn't my fellow teachers I took issue with but the system itself. At first we were going to send him to private school but at one point my husband made an offhand comment that "maybe we should just homeschool him". As a ps teacher I knew nothing about homeschooling so I started researching it. We decided it was right for us and never looked back. He did try taking a few classes in 9th grade but decided that traditional school isn't all he thought it would be, and came home after less than one term. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We did a combination of WTM inspired homeschooling and dual enrollment at the local community college. He didn't start dual enrollment as early as he could have because of his moderate-severe ADHD. He wasn't ready until late in his junior year. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? Sigh. I had hoped he would at least get his A.A. and then take time to decide what he wants to do. (I need to change my signature). His grades were falling because he just couldn't get himself interested in taking classes that weren't actually leading him somewhere. While even someone without ADHD could have trouble with that, his disorder makes it really difficult to work towards what to him is a non-specific goal. I appreciate that he didn't want to keep letting us pay for college when he wasn't doing his best but am sad he didn't finish the A.A. He is so close. He is currently working about 30 - 35 hours a week at a cafe. He's interested in auto mechanics and has started doing the maintenance on our family vehicles. The CC he was attending has an auto mechanics program and he's considering it. He's also looking at possible apprenticeships. One thing that has him hesitating is that a friend's father is an auto mechanic and said it can be an expensive career. He said many places expect you to bring your own tools and those tools are expensive. You also need a place to either store them at home or lock them up at work. He's still thinking about what he wants to do. So, that's where we are. I'm both worried and not worried. His brother is a firefighter/paramedic (our county calls him a firemedic) but he didn't get there in a straight line. He did a brief stint in the Air Force, afterwards held a few different jobs while he tried to figure out what he wanted to do, then finally went back to school. He didn't join the fire department until he was in his late twenties. I'm one of those weirdos who always knew what I wanted to do. I can't remember a time when I didn't know I wanted to be a teacher. I know that's not how most people are and am trying to remind myself that 21 is still young and he has time to figure out what career he wants. As long as he's working and contributing to the household it's not my place to tell him what he should do. Help him if he asks for advice, yes. Tell him what to do with his life, no. I don't think things would have been different had he gone to a traditional school. I think he and his brother are alike in that they both needed/need extra time to mature.
  7. I haven't seen it and am not sure I want to. I adore Hugh Jackman but I read a number of reviews that said it whitewashed the cruelty of PT Barnum. Not sure I want to watch a musical that does that.
  8. I think of tights and pantyhose differently. Tights are popular with big shirts here. Pantyhose have been out of style in my area for a long time.
  9. I was watching Les Miserables from Masterpiece. I bought PBS Passport just so I could watch it. It's so much better than the musical because it includes more from the book. Just came to check WTM before going to bed. My photography club is going to a botanical garden early tomorrow morning so I probably should have already been in bed.
  10. Same here. I never washed it and always heard it was not recommended because it would spread germs. I guess there are enough people who weren't aware of it for them to find it necessary to issue the warning.
  11. L'eggs were everyday pantyhose, like for work. For special occasions you paid more for silky ones like Hanes (who also made L'eggs but made higher end ones too). I'm sure you remember the Joe Namath pantyhose commercial as well as I do. My mom never left the house without putting on lipstick. She was horrified that I didn't get that gene, especially since my lips are rather pale. I'm glad too because they're too hot to wear here in Florida. I wore a pair of navy blue fishnets to school in 9th grade. I thought I was so grown up and fashionable!
  12. That was pretty normal here in Florida. If you wanted to look a little dressy you just added pantyhose to your shorts outfit.
  13. I don't remember when pantyhose became popular or when I started wearing them, but I know I started wearing stockings with a garter belt first. It's possible that pantyhose were more expensive so I had to stick with stockings until I could afford pantyhose (or until the price of those newfangled hose came down). I think my first pantyhose were L'eggs. I wonder if they even still sell those eggs. 😄 Pantyhose were the sliced bread of women's fashion. Those and self stick menstrual pads, eliminating the need for that awful belt they used. Or safety pins. Pads kept in place with safety pins. Yeah, I'm old lol.
  14. Hmmm. Apparently I have the Hapgood (1888) translation. According to that reviewer he's one of the translators among "all the rest defacing Hugo as much as his detested 'masons' were then defacing the medieval facade of Paris". I'm not very good at choosing a translation on my own which is why I usually look at a number of sites and read many opinions before choosing one. I know enough to know that word for word translations (which a lot of early translators did) is usually not the best way to go, and that those who can translate the author's voice without changing too much are the best. However since I don't read any other languages I'm not able to make that decision on my own. That's where opinions, essays, comparisons, and discussions are helpful to me.
  15. Yes, I'd like to know that too. I'm pretty sure my free Kindle version is one of those early translations. I tried to look it up but I guess it's not as popular a topic as translations of other novels. Usually I can just google "best translations of _____" and get a bunch of hits. Not so with this one. I'd prefer an ebook edition but would go with a print book if that's the only way I can get a really good translation.
  16. Yes. It helps only a little. But if the herb keeper helps only a little then I'll stick with the mason jar. I was hoping to find something that extends their freshness a bit longer.
  17. Don't worry. I have a facebook friend I've never met in person who said something similar when I shared that picture on FB. 😂 I have the free Kindle version and was going to start it but I need to finish another book or two first. Out of curiosity I checked my library. They have it always available as an ebook (there are a number of public domain classics on their always available Overdrive list). There are hard copies available at several branches. Oddly, it's the audio books and dvd's of various movie adaptations that are all checked out and have long hold lists.
  18. There are some herbs I can't grow here because of the heat (they bolt too quickly). Others I don't use enough to make growing them worth it. I prefer to buy them fresh but then I use a small amount and end up with the rest going bad before I can use it all up. I've tried all the tricks and most don't work as well as I'd like them to. I've been looking at fresh herb keepers and saw this one. Anyone have it? Do you like it? Is there another one you have and like? I'm tired of tossing store bought fresh herbs into the compost bin and need to find a way to extend their freshness.
  19. That was what I took as your meaning. Since Christians are in the majority in this country over other religions and "nones", they are the ones who can have an impact on laws.
  20. Oh @DawnM I'm so sorry. This kind of thing always happens to other people. Until it doesn't.
  21. It was terrifying for a friend of mine whose son goes to school there. She said it was a weird feeling. It didn't feel real until she got the text from the school. I heard about it from my friend above just before I went to bed last night and came here to see if there was a thread about it. I was surprised there wasn't (yet). And yes, I could have started one myself but since I was going to bed I didn't want to start a thread and then just leave. This morning I was surprised it wasn't a bigger thread.
  22. As a PP said, how can anyone even ask why more women don't report rape and other sexual assaults? Until the victim blaming culture ends women will continue to be afraid to come forward.
  23. This is state specific. Florida has a mix of elected and appointed judges but even our appointed judges come up for a yes-no retainer vote every so many years. I just looked and NY has a similar setup. One difference is in FL they're non-partisan elections and in NY they're partisan. Also, NY judges seem to serve longer terms (I only skimmed the info, didn't read the details).
  24. This. In the U.S. at least it seems you are either pro-Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict, or you're anti-Semitic. There is a section of the political spectrum that won't allow the two to be separated, thereby making debate always end with those who are pro Palestine being called anti-Semites.
  25. I"m in Central Florida. We have pest control spray around the exterior of the house quarterly and we rarely see any bugs. We get the occasional palmetto bug and some house spiders. What we see in the house more often than bugs are anoles and house geckos. We usually don't know one is here until we see one of the cats trying to catch it. That's when ds comes to its rescue and puts it outside.
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