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  1. Thank you for the promising update eaglei. You all are still in my thoughts. :grouphug: :grouphug:
  2. :grouphug: Hugs for you, your son, and your whole family. :grouphug:
  3. Excited Elephants Eagerly Eat Edamame FTILO
  4. Voracious Cats Readily Eat Lettuce Ack! Too late! CCDRT Creepy Crafter Doesn't Read Tomes BSCDU
  5. That was my ringtone for a while, and I never mind if it gets stuck in my head. I went back to my Harry Potter ringtone because I've had it for so long and I missed it.
  6. Yep. Rejecting God or getting angry at God, means you think he exists. I can't get mad at the Abrahamic God any more than I can get mad at Thor, Apollo, or Athena.
  7. This is one of those questions that will bring different answers. The only thing we atheists absolutely have in common is that we don't believe in any deities. I personally believe all supernatural "experiences" have an explanation, even if we don't know yet know what that is (in most cases it's related to the functions of our amazing brains). I do however, know some atheists who believe in other-worldly type stuff.
  8. Right. It's not about whether an evil god is more likely than a loving god. It's all about ignoring the obvious.
  9. Thank you. I think I was having trouble explaining, but this is it exactly.
  10. I don't know atheists who make the problem of evil an argument against gods. I'm not sure which atheists you are talking about. As an atheist, I have made friends, online and IRL, with mostly like-minded people. None that I know consider your question an important reason for our lack of belief in mythology.
  11. The problem of evil is a philosophical question asked by both atheists and theists. To an atheist, an evil god is no more likely than a good one.
  12. The more animal behaviorists study, the more they are learning that attributes and emotions we previously thought were exclusively human, are not. Most of the research I've seen involves mammals, but I think there have been studies done on birds too, and the findings have been surprising. My dh is one of those agnostic-because-I'm-not-quite-ready-to-let-go agnostics. Ds and I are solidly atheist. Okay, I really am leaving now. Later.
  13. Not even Dawkins himself will commit to being a 7. You're in good company. :)
  14. I didn't think it was a gotcha question either. I thought we were all just having a conversation and sharing our opinions. I'm off to take ds to my niece's, where he will spend the week with her, her dh, and their 5 yo twins. He does this every summer and loves it. As her kids get older, what his week is like changes every year. After that, dh and I are meeting for dinner and and a shopping trip to BJ's. Woo-hoo! Big Friday night out! :lol: I hope the thread is still here when I'm able to come back. I've enjoyed it. Cathiasplace is right. We atheists come from many different backgrounds and don't all think alike. If we did, we could just let Laura handle this thread (since she started the topic) without us. :D
  15. Neither do I. I do know atheists who think some religious ceremonies are beautiful (especially Catholic services). I don't count myself among them. To be fair, I don't have warm feelings about Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, or even Paganism. I think religious beliefs had a time in history where they made sense. To me, they no longer make sense and I find it - not sure of the word to describe how I feel - odd, confusing, surprising, all of the above, that people still hold beliefs. Most anti-Christian feelings stem from the fact that many of us come in contact with Christians who try to convert us. Muslims also want to convert others, but the reality is that Christianity is the majority religion in the U.S., so that's who most of us come in contact with. Few other religions have beliefs that they should convert everyone to their way of thinking. So, while I don't have warm feelings for *any* religion, my feelings are much colder towards Christianity. ETA: Once I let go of my beliefs, I wondered why I held on to them for so long. So, I'm not being hypocritical. I asked myself the same question - "How could you believe that?" I can't answer it, just like I can't answer why anyone else does.
  16. Those of us who responded to your posts about the above have stated that it's about the Establishment Clause in the U.S. Constitution and not about being anti-theist or anti-Christian. You implied it's related to Merry Christmas greetings. We pointed out the difference. From your earlier post:
  17. I'm a strong 6. Was it linked upthread? I can't remember and don't want to check, so for the curious - Richard Dawkins' belief scale
  18. Off topic - I learned prefixes, suffixes, and root words in Catholic and public school in the 1960's (switched to public in 4th grade). I'm shocked at how many schools don't teach this anymore. Adding that to my list of reasons why I'm glad we homeschool.
  19. This is correct, hence the a in front of theism. A = without or not. Atheism is without theism, or not a theist.
  20. That was fun. And now I know where a Minecraft world fits. :D
  21. Yes, it sounds very much like the argument from incredulity.
  22. I wasn't saying it's proper, I was asking if it is. After I made a previous post about why atheist or pagan should/should not be capitalized, I was laughing at myself for being unsure about constitutional/Constitutional.:D
  23. I don't know a single atheist who objects to Merry Christmas greetings. I do however, know plenty of Christians who object to Happy Holidays. Just check facebook in December. You will see plenty of "IT'S MERRY CHRISTMAS NOT HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!" type posts. I do however, think it's rude to people of other faiths to insist that a store clerk give a Christian greeting to everyone. Language on coins and God in the pledge are different from a holiday greeting. Both of those situations involve the government, while the first one doesn't. That makes it a Constitutional issue. (So is Constitutional a proper noun in this case? LOL)
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