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  1. I don't want to live in a lighthouse because the stairs would terrify me every time I had to go up or down. Plus I'm at the age where I just want to live in a one story house.


    On 10/14/2019 at 6:10 AM, DawnM said:

    So, not a lighthouse, but my friend built and owns this treehouse.


    That looks like the treehouse hotel where Princess Elizabeth was staying when her father died and she didn't yet know she was the queen. It was in Africa of course.

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  2. Dh swears by Brooks but I've long been a fan of New Balance (recommended to me by a podiatrist years ago). I don't know anything about Vionics sneakers but if they're anything like the sandals, you won't be sorry. I have several pairs of Vionics sandals and can walk around all day in them without my feet getting sore or tired.

    I have ASICS, Brooks, and New Balance walking shoes. I can wear either the Brooks or NB to a theme park all day without complaint, but can only comfortably get a few hours from my ASICS.

    ETA: I strongly believe it's a YMMV situation with any of these brands. I tend to over supinate, which isn't as common as over pronation. Your gait, weight, arches, etc. will all contribute to any problems you might have, and will also determine which type of shoe is best for you.

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  3. 16 minutes ago, Sneezyone said:


    That is, quite frankly, what is so troubling about this most recent incident. It was/is beneficial to our national/strategic interests to remain. It was not beneficial to the individual who made the decision, however.

    Yep. The theoretical leader has business ties to the theoretical country committing genocide. It's definitely a conflict of interest .

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  4. I'm still catching up on this thread but wanted to respond to a few things before moving on.


    On 10/8/2019 at 2:01 PM, Pen said:


    Could you Try to change your inner self talk to Yay! He’s drying a dish! Or whatever and dispute your own feeling bothered by”wrong” towel?

    I’d be bothered if a dirty floor mat or dog drying or car washing towel were used on dishes.  A hand towel? No.  If someone dries hands on towel then touches dishes or if someone touches dish direct with hand towel, so what? 


    Yes, and maybe just leave the room so you don't have to see what he's doing. Just accept that he does things differently but they get done nonetheless. 

    I loved my mother and I miss her terribly, but I still recognize her faults. One big one was that she believed there were two ways of doing things - her way and the wrong way. It's a philosophy that leaves you with no one doing anything to help because they don't want to be criticized for doing things differently. 

    On 10/8/2019 at 2:01 PM, hjffkj said:


    There are things that I do differently than dh, like loading the dishwasher. He is so inefficient at it. But I don't stop him from doing it. I will rearrange things if I open it to put something in a notice that it is a messy. I do that when my mom loads it too. But I'd never mention that unless they were to ask, which my mom has done. I simply reply, " more fits if arranged this way."


    I too rearrange the dishwasher as we start using more dishes (I run mine every other day) it makes sense to rearrange. When dh called me on it once, I pointed out that I also rearrange the items I put in. Sometimes you just need to make room for dishes that weren't dirty when you first loaded it.


    On 10/8/2019 at 2:08 PM, PeachyDoodle said:

    I wash all laundry in cold water. It saves a little energy, and if the clothes are going in the dryer it's hot enough to kill most everything.

    So do I. There was a time when washing in hot water was necessary because detergents didn't work efficiently in cold water. Those days are long gone but we hold on to the belief that hot water = cleaner than cold water.

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  5. I love all these pictures. Will post mine shortly.


    2 hours ago, Scarlett said:

    My little terror.


    Love the pose! 😄 

    2 hours ago, CindyH in NC said:


    PS The photo is of him laying down so sweetly with his favorite toy.  That sheep has been with him since we first brought him home and he still carries it around a good bit.  He will take it to the catio or into the laundry room where the litter boxes are, and into window sills so it can help him watch for us when we are away from home or even just outside.  He hates to be left alone.  


    This is just too cute. ❤️ 

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  6. Ds uses Windows 7 and we've been telling him for a while to upgrade. The problem is he won't get security patches and is on our network. That's a big deal. We bought him a bigger hard drive the Christmas before last and he never installed it. I'm frustrated over that - it wasn't cheap but we gave dss a fairly large gift that year and wanted to match it for ds. 

    Every time there's a new os for Windows people complain but other than Vista I've never had issues with any of the upgrades. There's a lot to like about Windows 10.

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  7. On 10/6/2019 at 7:20 AM, heartlikealion said:


    He throws my drugs in my face sometimes like a, “are you on your period?” type comment. “Have you taken your pills today?” It’s true I’m more prone to snippiness without them but I fear he deflects from his own bad behavior or the topic at hand by pointing out my flaws. I’m the crazy one. I’m the problem. Kwim? 


    22 hours ago, Danae said:


    You use this as a causal example, but I want to stick a flag on it. The only reasons a considerate man would be asking about your period are for planning sexual activities or offering to pick up supplies/chocolate if he’s going to the store. Maybe inquiring if a camping trip or festival involving port-a-potties would be ill-timed. If he throws that at you to insinuate you’re being moody or irrational that is NOT normal. It’s stereotype jerk behavior, not what you should expect from a loving relationship.

    Piggybacking on Danae's comment: The only reason a considerate partner would be asking if you took your meds should be in a caring, I love you and worry about you sort of way, and maybe if the partner is normally forgetful about taking meds. He should not be using your mental health as a weapon. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, egao_gakari said:

    Oh and that reminds me. I heard from my brother-in-law (who sometimes gets his facts a bit confused) that the tap water in Florida is not actually safe to drink. That's not correct, is it? I didn't see anything like that when I did a quick Google about it.

    I'm not sure where he got that from. There are several places where the tap water has been unsafe for years. Flint, anyone? Florida has safe, if not good tasting, tap water. 

    Bottled water is depleting our aquifer. Yes, Zephyrhills water (owned by Nestle) tastes good, but Floridians are paying a high price for it. - NYT link. Requires paid subscription if you've reached your free articles for the month


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  9. 1 hour ago, PeterPan said:

    Ok, I'll just ask, have you thought through the heat? That's going to be a huge shift. Is your FIL declining and needs assistance or are you just totally sick of the weather? 

    My mother moved to FL from the long winters and lake effect snow of Indiana. She didn't last very long. The heat is horrific when you're a northerner, and the cost to move back was SO high. 


    The majority of people adjust. If they didn't Florida wouldn't have become the third most populous state, behind only California and Texas. Even the Native Americans who came here thousands of years ago migrated south from colder climates.

    My family moved from Northern NJ to Hallandale (just north of Miami), then up to Central Florida. We got rid of all our winter clothes thinking we'd never be cold again. Now we're among those "silly Floridians" who bundle up when the temperature goes below 60. Same with dh's family. They went from East Tennessee to Key West, then came up here a few years later. None of us who weren't born here have any desire to leave. The kids born here are curious about a four season climate.

    Dss always said he wanted to live where it gets cold. Shortly after high school he moved to Kansas City, MO with the promise of a job. He lasted 6 months, and having gone through one winter decided he couldn't go through another. Before he left Florida, he couldn't get it through his head that it not only doesn't warm up by noon in winter, but it stays cold every day for months.  Ds is now saying he wants to move to a colder climate and dss has been giving him brotherly advice from one native Floridian to another. 😄 


    1 hour ago, PeterPan said:

    See I love hearing this. I always think through like what would I do, would I move there. I would check if the *humidity* is different in FL vs. where you are in TX. That can make a big difference in how it feels.

    Even the locals of FL seem to think it can be torturous. The guy to watch is Denis Phillips on FB. 

    I also think factor in how your family rolls with outdoors. My mother's dh loves to landscape and it was too uncomfortable to do that. He didn't like the stress of the hurricaines. He wanted to be outside much of the day, and she was happy inside. So she would have stayed but he was just so miserable. He's older (70ish) so that would affect it too. And I think the Floridians alter their sports times to fit the weather, playing ball later, etc. I think just factor it in as a family. 

    We swim in FL in January, hahaha. The natives are wearing sweaters and boots and we're in the pool. :biggrin:

    Yes, the humidity is much higher here. Both Florida and Texas are hot. It just depends on whether you prefer a dry sauna or a steam bath. 😂

    As for outdoors, who says summer is the outdoor season? We spend much of the winter outdoors, and outdoors in summer means a pool, the beach, or the springs. On Christmas Day it's common to see kids outside in shorts riding their brand new Christmas bikes. People often grill out for Christmas dinner or a New Year's Eve party.

    Gardening is done from October-ish to April. Did he try to do landscaping in summer? Summer "gardening" mainly involves keeping the bugs and weeds at bay. We have a longer growing season than places that get freezing temperatures, but active gardening is best done in late fall, winter, and early spring.

    Yes, Floridians agree that the heat can be unbearable but people from cold climates will also say the cold is unbearable, and some stay indoors as much as possible during winter. 


    ETA: Often the people who have trouble adjusting are the ones who can't (or won't) change their ideas about when to be outdoors and what the seasons mean in a tropical (south FL) or sub-tropical (north and central) climate.

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  10. 8 hours ago, Farrar said:


    The mid-range sit down dining options are actually better than WDW in my opinion. We had a great meal at Mythos, which was sit down and tons of cool theming, and a really good meal... for a price that was not cheap, but definitely much cheaper than similar options at Disney.

    If you decide to eat at Mythos be sure to make a reservation. They get pretty busy. Another good option is Finnegan's Bar and Grill in Universal Studios. It has Irish Pub (American style) food.

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  11. 10 hours ago, gardenmom5 said:

    to those saying the antivax sites sound like something that should be on the onion. . . . . imagine how hard it must be to be a writer for the onion when people are this warped!   truth is stranger than anything they can come up with!  what's a satire writer to do???

    I saw a meme not long ago that said:

    BREAKING: The Onion on the verge of collapse after not being able to make up sh#t that is more idiotic than current reality. 

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  12. 32 minutes ago, Mrs. Darinski said:

    You think what has been discussed?  😉

    My guess is she thinks the movie has been discussed. Actually it was, but the thread wasn't very long. 

    I liked it. It was comfort food. As soon as the theme music started I felt like I was about to visit an old friend. It wasn't an exciting movie but it wasn't an exciting series either. It was a soap opera with British accents and great costumes. 

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  13. This thread is funny but also shows the flaws in fitness trackers. I wonder how a good old fashioned pedometer would compare to today's trackers.

    I don't have a fitness watch but I use the Google Fit app on my smart watch. When I set it for fitness walking it has a glitch that keeps resetting the distance, and always to the same number - .04 miles. Everything else stays the same - time, heart rate, and steps. It only resets the distance and does it multiple times. I tried to pay attention to see if I'm doing something to confuse it but I can't figure it out. I can go on my 1 hour walk and in the end it will tell me I walked 7/10 of a mile or some other ridiculously low number. 

    ETA: I also tried using the app on my phone in case it's the watch version that has a glitch. Nope. Same thing happens with my phone in my pocket tracking my walk.

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