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  1. On a recent soup thread I said we Floridians must take advantage of rare soup weather.This weekend is one of those times. All meal plans are out the window as I plan soups or stews for the next 2-3 days. By mid-week we'll be back up to the 80's.

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    2. Chelli


      I know exactly how you feel! It's going to be the same for the Houston area too.

    3. Lady Florida.

      Lady Florida.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one in Florida or other warm weather locations who does this. :)


    4. ByGrace3


      Yes! We broke out hoodies today! Ya know, cause it hit the 60's. woohoo!

  2. My avatar got randomly changed to an older photo, so I fixed it. I put the one I want back. It's mine. I snapped it outside in my front yard. I own this photo.

  3. Finally edited my signature. Hard to believe in less than a year there will be 3 legal adults living in this house.

  4. Hard to believe I'll soon have a 17 year old young man in the house. Where did the years go? I feel fortunate to have been able to have him at home all these years.

    1. elegantlion


      My son will be that age soon too. I'm not sure where all those years went either.


  5. Tropical Storm Arthur will barely affect us, but that doesn't matter to local news anchors. They love a storm, even when it's not going to hit us.

    1. sassenach


      My favorite was the year we had Charley, Frances, and Jeanne. I can't remember which storm, but there was this moment when the reporter was in a boat, leaning into the wind, and then this dude just went walking all normal behind her in maybe 8 inches of water.

    2. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      ^^I saw that! So true that they over-dramatize. I went through Hurricane Andrew. Making Andrews out of Arthurs makes people indifferent when there is real danger, imo.

  6. Thanks to Parrothead for linking the photo resizer, I have an avatar again.

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      And a darling one at that!

    2. lovemykids
    3. Violet Crown

      Violet Crown

      Oh the adorableness. And by that I mean both of you.

  7. Trying to figure out where my avatar went and how to get it back. Hmm.

  8. Grandbaby + Christmas = So much fun!

  9. Waiting on a call from the body shop. I want my van back!

  10. A sick teen doesn't get out of school as easily as a sick youngster, but he does get to do homeschool lite.

  11. The upside to not hosting Thanksgiving dinner is that they send you home with leftovers even though you didn't do much work. The downside? No turkey soup. :(

    1. MrsBasil


      I told my mom(who hosted) that I would strip the carcass for her if I could keep it. I've told other hosts that as well. Luckily I know people who are squeamish about tearing the meat off the bones. :)


  12. This is the first time in 20 years I'm not hosting Thanksgiving. It's strange not to be preparing for it today. The adult kid has taken over. They get to do the work while we play with our grandson.

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