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  1. I was going to post that you had some strong opinions about that book. 😂😂
  2. They've had issues and have come under fire for over promising.
  3. Thinking of you this morning and hope things are looking up. Also, I meant to ask but we've been dealing with car stuff and handyman stuff - was that toddler in the tub from your other thread actually Benjamin? If so how did that happen? Wasn't he just born a short time ago? 😄
  4. Yes this. We don't want to take a chance that there would be a safety issue. It apparently received more than just body damage.
  5. We thought about trying to have it fixed but I don't think it would be cost effective. Plus when you look at it up close there's the sneaking feeling that there's some serious unseen damage and we don't want to compromise safety. Sigh
  6. I posted about ds' accident with our car in this thread. Today we heard from State Farm that they're totaling it. The cost to fix it is more than 85% of the current value. Our 2016 Camry with high tech features is gone. 😞 After paying off the balance we'll have $3800 left to put down on another vehicle. It won't be new. It won't have the bells and whistles the Camry had. I'm so sad. Believe me, I'm so happy ds is okay, and I told him not to beat himself up over it (he's trying not to but without much success), but I'm still sad. I'm not letting him know how much this is upsetting me but with our impending move, fixes to our current house, and Christmas around the corner there's no way we can replace it with anything close to what we had. Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulders - and I really am crying as I type this. But it's better to let it out here that to let ds know, when he already feels as bad as he possibly can.
  7. My niece's husband saved his Legos though they were stored at his parents' house. When they were dating and would come to visit he'd disappear into ds' room to build with Lego together while I visited with her. They now have 3 kids and he's glad he saved those bricks, glad his parents had the room to store them for him. It's what gave ds the idea to save his. They're in big Rubbermaid bins (so are the Thomas trains and tracks) so they can be stacked anywhere. Currently they're stacked in his closet.
  8. That's heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for that family. And you didn't need any more stress with your friend in poor health. Hugs to you.
  9. I don't see those things as mine ton either keep or get rid of, at least not the good stuff. Ds has chosen to save his Thomas trains and his huge collection of Lego. I told him I think he made a good choice.
  10. I haven't had any serious regrets over sentimental items. If I really want to remember it I take a photo. If I really can't part with it I don't. For the most part though I toss nearly everything when purging and I haven't been sorry. The one time I was sorry it was an easily replaceable item and it wasn't during a declutter/purge. When I first bought my Instant Pot I thought I wouldn't need a crock pot anymore so I gave mine to my adult niece. I later realized the IP isn't at its best as a slow cooker and bought another one. The new one is more up to date anyway and I got it on sale so it wasn't a big deal. I grew up with a mother who though not a hoarder, was close. She kept so many "sentimental" items that they more or less lost their sentimental value and just became junk. She also saved a lot of things because"I might need it someday". I"m sure being a child of poor immigrant's kids (all 4 of her grandparents came from Italy in the late 19th century), during the depression contributed to her being that way. For me growing up though, I saw clutter I never wanted in my own house and though I do accumulate clutter, I'm good about recognizing it and making time to get rid of things I know aren't worth saving. And if I wasn't fully on board, cleaning out her house after she died cured me of any remaining doubts about saving things. I don't want ds to go through what my brother and I had to deal with.
  11. I was too old for Mr. Rogers. By the time it began nationally in the U.S. I was a pre-teen. Romper Room was my kiddie show. I had no idea that Romper Room ran until the mid 1990s. I came from a single parent family which, while not dysfunctional caused us to be ostracized due to 1. The era when divorce was shameful. 2. The fact that we were Catholic, which made the shameful divorce of my parents even worse according to our social circle and family. When I think of Mr. Rogers being made fun of I think of SNL and Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood. **WARNING** Mild language and implied domestic violence (brief)
  12. Same here! Mine (2016) is the mid level model. The lower model had knobs and the top model had bells and whistles I didn't need. The middle one was just right. 🙂 ETA: Like you said, the warranty was better than that of the model with knobs.
  13. Apparently they made "improvements" a few years ago that actually made them no better than any other machine. They responded to the outcry of complaints by redesigning the 2019 ones. I got mine the last year they had the older design (2016). Speed Queen Gets its Mojo Back - Review of 2019 models
  14. Well I'm not putting my SQ in my will yet but when the realtor came and asked which appliances will be included with the house sale I told her I'm willing to part with all except the washing machine. 😄
  15. Yeah, we just stared at it in shock when it arrived. It's going to take serious work. Fortunately it doesn't seem like the wheel base was damaged. We're so thankful he's okay. He won't say but he must have been really scared. It's scary enough for an experienced driver but he didn't get his license until he was almost 18 so in the big picture he's really inexperienced at driving.
  16. I also said upthread that he plays the same character in every movie but it probably got lost in my rambling post. I can watch movies with him but they're not usually my choice.
  17. Oh well. Enjoy your pie, but if you want to try real key lime pie some time buy the juice. The limes are really small so it takes a lot to get the amount of juice you need. Plus they're a pain to juice. As long as the ingredient is just key lime juice you'll get the same flavor as with fresh ones, with a fraction of the work. They have a different flavor. All the articles I found say they're more tart than other limes but there's more to it than that. Though hard to explain it's a kind of tartness and sweetness you don't find in say, Persian limes.
  18. I love my Speed Queen which I never would have bought if not for The Hive. I like that it has a real agitator yet is gentle on the clothes and gets them cleaner than an non-agitator type.
  19. Sorry, I don't. The texture is notoriously tricky to get right so I always let someone else make it (bakery, restaurant, etc.). Just don't try to substitute any other kind of lime. The flavor won't be at all right. You have to use key limes or a good bottled key lime juice.
  20. I'm not really a pie lover but key lime and blueberry are the only two kinds of pie I never refuse.
  21. Oh that's awful. They keep saying how rare it is but still, they can be quite aggressive. It's tragic.
  22. Thanks everyone. The tow truck driver finally arrived (and we do appreciate that he's not home with his family tonight). Hopefully he'll be home in about an hour.
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