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  1. I was never a Sean Connery fan, Bond or any other roles, but he was an icon, This is sad.
  2. Other than gel or acrylic, neither of which I want to do, nail polish doesn't last on me. I'm hard on my hands and nails, digging in the garden dirt (even with gloves on it takes a toll) washing dishes, etc. I've basically given up on having my fingernails painted and stick with toes. Of course I live in Florida where we wear open toe shoes year round. That option probably wouldn't work in a colder climate where you're about to enter a season of feet hidden in socks and shoes.
  3. We never had luck growing citrus trees. The ones both dh and I grew up with were also well established. It's like some mysterious person planted and nurtured them years ago and all our families had to do was go outside and pick the fruit.
  4. Sure it could have been peaceful for some. Mostly us white folks. It could have been peaceful. All we had to to was ignore extrajudicial killings of people of color, families separated and children put in cages, repeated violations of The Hatch Act, attempts to silence journalists, bungled handling of a worldwide pandemic, and basic all around disregard of the Constitution. Life could have been pretty peaceful these past four years.
  5. We currently have only cats but for most of my life I've had both. Sometimes they became best friends, sometimes they agreed to live and let live but I've never had a situation where they didn't get along. I don't understand the claim that cats and dogs don't like each other. Its not been my experience nor that of anyone I know. Let Mrs. Spycar have her way. 🙂
  6. As the one time mom of a calico I too am outraged! Also outraged as the current mom of a mask and mantle (bicolor) cat. Her stepsister the tuxedo gets a special day but she doesn't.
  7. Thank you! The first one did work and I followed them but then I ended up following a bunch of others - some you linked and some that were recommended by Twitter.
  8. I'm just plugging along with Spanish on duolingo and a few other sources. I get more answers right than wrong and it keeps wanting me to level up, but I don't want to. I want the practice. I don't care about crowns or lingot or any other rewards. I've been doing the stories too, and I did one of the podcasts. I don't think I'm quite ready for those yet though. I'm still mostly refreshing my years-ago high school Spanish. I looked into turning the competitions off but found out to do that you have to set your profile to private. That makes it completely private and doesn't allow you to ha
  9. I'm in! I keep waiting for it to be cool enough to go for a walk. We've had a few evenings where it's only about 80, but then we also have been getting rain right around the time I would be able to go out and walk. I found a route in my neighborhood that's exactly a mile. It wasn't my intention. I was just trying out different walking routes in our new neighborhood and was pleased when I walked up to my driveway after trying a route, and Map My Walk told me I had walked a mile. Most days I hope to walk outside but when I can't I'll do indoor walking. Our subdivision clubhouse h
  10. Like most of the Covid thread, this one moves fast and these posts are a week old. But... I don't know about Texas but A/C is on year round here. There are a few days in winter where we can turn it off and open windows but those aren't many, Also we've had really mild winters lately and have barely had any cold fronts make it this far (maybe North Florida, but not as far as Central and South FL). This year they're saying it's going to be another mild winter. Also, as for being outside, Floridians don't do a lot of outside activities in summer because it's too hot. What outside act
  11. I love that this thread is still going, even if it's only an occasional post. I found that series through the Book A Week threads. I love it too but would never have considered it if not for The Hive. Another reason to love this place - endless book, tv, and movie recommendations. 🙂❤️
  12. Ooh, would you mind linking to that Twitter account? They sound like someone I'd like to follow.
  13. Aw hugs. Mine was talking with friends and looking at apartments when the pandemic hit. He lost his job to Covid so is still here but it will be hard on me when he does leave.
  14. Also, a number of historians call WWII just a continuation of WWI.
  15. Agreed. One aspect of my college studies - I majored in special education - was learning about "thalidomide babies" in the UK. We've obviously come a long way since those days but one of the reasons it didn't happen in the U.S. was that due to tight FDA testing rules it hadn't been approved here. I think we tend to forget the fact that testing has a real purpose, and in many cases time is the only way to see results of testing. I certainly want to see a safe, effective vaccine sooner rather than later but not at the expense of safety. Oh, and I'm 100% pro vaccine (unless ther
  16. Oh no Scarlett! I'll keep them in my thoughts. ❤️
  17. U.S. East Coast (Florida) and I've heard it but never used it in a conversation. I think it's regional in the sense that it refers to a very specific type of people smuggler bringing Central and South Americans into the U.S. through Mexico. Not regional in the sense that people in other areas have never heard of or used the term.
  18. I was an Italian brat! Well, not really. I was a goody two shoes. My brother was the Italian brat. 🤣 My family doesn't put sauce on them but I've known some Italian-Americans who do. It sounds like this isn't a good option for those anyway because they're too lean. It's hard for me to imagine any kind of sausage being that lean.
  19. I don't know much about deer meat but my recommendation would be to grill them. Put them on a nice bakery sub roll and add grilled onions and peppers. If they're a bit dry you can cover them with some Italian pasta sauce or even pizza sauce. Usually the onions and peppers produce a tasty liquid but red sauce is good too.
  20. I used to be hit and miss but have been getting it since the early 2000s when we all were miserable with flu. We missed one year when there was a shortage but otherwise we get it. I push dh and ds to get theirs because they tend to put it off for no real reason. I'm usually the first to get it and then I bug them until they get theirs. I got mine a few weeks ago. Dh has been sick and they wouldn't give it to him but now that he's recovered he's planning to get it. Ds23, the adult child with ADHD keeps meaning to but keeps forgetting. This thread reminded me to remind him. 😀
  21. I have an appointment this morning. I wanted to wait but I could tell my prescription isn't working anymore, plus my eyes have been burning lately. I had to pre-register like you do at many appointments now, including answering the usual Covid questions. They'll take my temperature when I arrive and said everyone must wear a mask. If I need new glasses I'll go through them on site. It costs more but I always choose ins. covered frames then pay more for some lens additions like blue light filter, transition, etc. I'll come back this afternoon to update how it went. This type of
  22. More than I'd like to admit, though we're doing better than we did a few years ago. I recently stopped my produce delivery service because we were throwing too much away, even when I ordered their smallest box. I've gone back to my early pandemic plan of curbside grocery pickup. That way I can choose the fruits and veggies we eat, and ones I need for upcoming planned meals.
  23. When I saw the title of your post my first thought was stand mixer, then I saw she has one. I would suggest either All Clad or Le Crueset cookware.
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