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  1. Ooooh this is giving me so much to think about! So this afternoon I have been pondering painting the entire room a creamy white. I want it to be bright, but not distracting or obnoxious, and not boring. Then I thought, since I have all the playroom storage, a bookshelf, futon or couch, chair, etc., do I really need to paint the wood? I strongly dislike the wood. But a lot of it will be covered if I put everything against the walls. I LOVE this idea! I think that could actually maximize space. Hmmm. That makes me think I *should* paint the bottom, then I won't have to have everything against the walls. Yeah...I know I will want lights installed but DH doesn't see the need right now :glare: He thinks it will be fine with the slider and a few lamps but I *KNOW* we will need more light. I'm going to look through all those threads!
  2. This was from when we were in our townhouse. We did "school" at the kitchen table and read-alouds on the couch in the family room. ETA, I don't know why these pics are so big. I keep adjusting them but the are staying the same. SORRY!
  3. Ok, I looked it up on google maps -- the slider faces directly north. I guess the light will be pretty consistent all day?
  4. Wow--I didn't realize there were so many replies! Thank you! I don't know what direction the room faces. I can figure that out when I visit the house again this week. I need to take some measurements and look at paint chips in the actual light of the rooms. I would love to do built-ins right away, but it won't be in the budget. We need to replace carpet in the entire house because they had cats and I'm allergic. We also want to paint several rooms. For the paint, I have been looking at these two Benjamin Moore colors, Brittany Blue and Heaven on Earth. They are both light, icy, gray-blues. The first is a little more gray, the second is a little brighter. And I think I have decided on Cotton Tail for the wood paneling. It is a soft, creamy white. However, I've been thinking that maybe I won't dislike the greenish-bluish that is in there after I paint the wood paneling? I'm not sure about furniture. We will have all this playroom storage in there and the chair that is partially pictured: I also have a writing desk that is stained a brownish-cherry color, bookshelves that are a similar color, and I will be getting a cabinet to store all our homeschool stuff. My mom has offered us her family room couch and loveseat (she has been wanting to get a new one) which are in great condition, but I don't like the fabric on them. I would probably want slipcovers rather than work around the colors. We also have a futon that is an option to put in that room. It is very neutral--light, unstained wood and a cream colored cover. So much to plan! It's fun but really overwhelming! And of course I wish I had a very generous budget to work with !
  5. main program - HOD Little Hearts Phonics/Spelling/handwriting - SWR & Cursive First Math - RightStart A (started this last year) Foreign Language - ASL (this is ongoing since they were babies) and French music Music - Musikgarten classes (ongoing)
  6. I hope it is ok to put this here, as it is all about getting our classroom ready! We are closing on our new house next month. The pics below are of the room that will be our classroom and playroom. It is on the main floor, off the kitchen. This is how the seller's have the room currently. We will be replacing the carpet (or putting in flooring.) We are definitely painting the wood paneling and molding. I was thinking white, linen, or antique white for that? Then I want a soothing color on the top half of the wall...blues, greens, grays, or, I don't know?! Something conducive to learning and not distracting. I do have a very large white board that we will be hanging up (like 5x5ft I think) and two rows of cork bars (36in each.) The pellet stove is staying. (yay!) I would love specific paint suggestions if you have them and/or pics and links. Thanks!!
  7. Ditto this. My kids have been in Kindermusik since they were babies, DD just finished up Young Child 1. I am absolutely amazed at what she has learned and what what she is internalizing. The music school that I take them to is switching over to Musikgarten next year, and I am equally excited about that. It seems to have a stronger emphasis on early ear training. I think this foundation will just be excellent for them to transition into the group piano class before private lessons (piano or anything else.) I have a very strong music background, but I am so glad that we have been doing this. Aside from the music training, it is an outlet for them to work with other children in a small group setting. I can't say enough positive things about it!
  8. Here you go, this is an awesome job chart: http://cultivatedlives.blogspot.com/2011/05/picture-chore-chart-tutorial.html There is a PDF of the cards and a tutorial on how to make the board. I made this for my kids and they LOVE it. We are only sticking to the basics right now (getting ready for the day and ready for bed, and cleaning up their toys, etc.) since we just started it. I color coded mine for morning, day, and evening jobs, and duplicated some (brush teeth, etc.) and I stamped a gold star underneath the "job" column. So when they do all their jobs each day, they can see that they got a gold star for the day.
  9. I am addicted to laminating. It is one of my favorite school "tools." Here are a few of the things we have laminated: Weather set -- laminated all parts of this and put magnets on the back. OH and the kids' name cards, you can see one attached to the easel. Seasons wheel (I created this after searching high and low for something like it) Our schedule with cards from here, that I put magnets on the back and use on our schedule board: http://homeschoolcreations.blogspot.com/search/label/Workboxes Most recent use - job board. LOVE this! I linked the blog that I got the idea and pictures from. Mine is color coded for time of day rather than for child. When they do all their jobs, they see the gold star at the end of the day. The tutorial for this awesome job board is here: http://cultivatedlives.blogspot.com/2011/05/picture-chore-chart-tutorial.html
  10. Thank you, these replies are so helpful! My kids are 5 and 3. So this is really for DD with DS tagging along, which he loves to do. I'm thinking we could combine them in later years. The thing is that my DD could sit and do read-alouds with me all day. I have looked at FIAR, and we love the literature. I just really do not like the layout of the instructor's guide. We've read most of the BFIAR titles and really enjoyed them. The way everything is integrated with Bible and character building in HOD really appeals to me--so I think we will jump into that and just see if we need to add any read alouds. THANKS!
  11. Bump To clarify, I am suddenly unsure of what we are doing next year. I have been set for awhile to continue with SL. But we have done a lot of the P3/4 and 4/5 titles this year and my DD is not ready for the K set. I was going to just continue with these titles for next year and follow the guide strictly...but I am kind if disappointed with what I see mapped out for Bible. It doesn't seem too deep and doesn't seem to correlate with much? I just LOVE the literature based approach and the schedule. I am such a type-A planner. But I also want a Christ-centered approach and I want there to be spiritual depth to our schooling. We are set with math (RS) and writing/phonics (SWR) so really I am looking for something to tie in everything else--Bible, literature, history, science. HOD looks SO great! And the other thread about MFW/HOD really has me wanting to try it!
  12. If so, can you tell me why? Do you feel like you are missing out on great literature or that you have to supplement a lot? The Bible component seems much richer with HOD--is that the case in your experience? Anything lacking with HOD compared to SL?
  13. I haven't used this personally but a friend of mine LOVES it: http://www.queenhomeschool.com/bookpage/bookframe.html and the site has other copywork books also, different themes. Some of it is religious with Bible verses, not sure if that is what you are looking for or not.
  14. Just bumping for anyone interested. They are expecting the first hatch today.
  15. Well, I will say that I hated the instructor's guide. It was designed for a classroom and is very scripted.
  16. I think I know what you are saying. The way the FIAR guides are structured make me feel like I need to sit and weed through everything and plan first. That is why I much prefer the structure if the SL IGs. I like a chart format with quick activity suggestions, not pages and pages that I have to read through to pull out what I want. I did find this, it might help you if you want to do SL but supplement with FIAR: http://thedaisypatch.net/pdf/FIAR%20by%20Seasons,%20Geography,%20Themes.pdf
  17. We're using Level A and love it. My kids are 5 and 3. I started it with my DD when she was just under 4.5 and my little guy tags along. I think they are getting an excellent foundation with this program and I am so glad I started with this. The kicker for me in choosing it was when we were at a conference and DH and I spent a lot of time talking to the RS lady. After getting a good feel for the program, my DH (who is very much a math person) said, "THIS is what I do in my head and what I am always trying to explain to you." Math has always been a challenge for me and I am hoping to give my kids the skills they need early on to think mathematically in a way that I never did.
  18. I bought the Journeys of Imagination guide this past winter. Shipping it took FOREVER, like two weeks. I don't know if they print the material as they get the orders for it? It was very frustrating to wait that long for ONE item, especially for a time of year when they should not be bogged down with orders. I also do like their "no resale" policy. It really turns me off they they try to mandate that.
  19. The music school that we have been attending for Kindermusik the past 5 years is switching over to Musikgarten. After looking into the program in depth, I am totally on board with it. We have had a great experience with KM but it seems that MG does more with ear training before introducing the students to reading music. MG also teaches solfege, which KM doesn't (or, at least, hasn't up to my 5yo DD's class, Young Child 1.) Our KM teacher is amazing, and she is very excited about the change.
  20. Last year I think they hatched in April. There is no one in the next right now! I'm watching for one of them to come back. ETA - nevermind--she just came back. I am so fascinated by this.
  21. There are also some lesson plans here and some info about eagles: http://www.dukefarms.org/Education/Research/Duke-Farms-Eagle-Cam/
  22. Just wanted to share. We were watching this a few minutes ago and it showed one eagle coming back and switching places with the the other to sit on the eggs. So amazing how they just know what to do! This farm is about 30 minutes from me. Poor things have to sit in a snowy nest this morning. http://www.ustream.tv/channel-popup/eagle-cam
  23. I TOTALLY agree. I was dissappointed with the catalog at first but really, I don't blame them. Nobody is entitled to the work that they have done without purchasing it. The info is still online and the IGs aren't even that expensive.
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