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  1. I have at least twice had a fleeting thought that I should just take one noodle out of the boiling water and keep checking that to see if the pasta is cooked rather than having to keep going back in for hot noodles.
  2. The dog food I usually buy through Chewy (Royal Canin) has been out for a while. Used cars are more expensive and harder to find. I've also noticed when I look for t-shirts or shoes on online sites such as Amazon, most colors and sizes are sold out.
  3. The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher is an interesting 19th century true crime book. (there is also a British TV series on Prime now based on this real-life detective) https://www.amazon.com/Suspicions-Mr-Whicher-Victorian-Detective/dp/080271742X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=mr+whicher&qid=1602975906&s=books&sr=1-1 I also liked Fatal Vision mentioned above.
  4. The afterschool program at our local school is not actually run by the school; the program uses school space but it is completely separate. This program is now the one that is running the daycare during remote learning, in the school cafeteria, and there are not many children signed up as it is pricy. At least in my area, that is usually how the childcare programs tied to the schools work--the school is not making any money from them, just allowing the space as a service to the families.
  5. We definitely qualify, but I am getting the "cannot determine eligibility" message when I type in info at irs.gov. It's frustrating, because there is no way to get more answers.
  6. I would caution against a keto diet. It can help with weight loss in the short term but possibly at the expense of your longer-term health. There are a lot of healthy foods that you cannot eat on this diet (whole grains, fruit, beans), and a lot of unhealthy foods that are approved (butter, bacon, etc). We definitely need more long-term diet research, but Nutritionfacts.org is a very good site for breaking down what studies do tell us about diet and health, and there are some videos about keto there. https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/keto-diet/
  7. I would not leave my 14yo daughter home alone even one night overnight, and she is very responsible. I think she'd be scared and lonely.
  8. You have to actually read the articles. I can't do the work for you. Functional foods refers to fruits, veg, grains, etc., which contain carbs. I am leaving the argument. Feel free to have the last word, which I know you want, but despite the long-winded mansplaining, you have not provided any evidence or convinced anyone that you know what dogs need better than animal nutritionists do. From second link, just one example: Examples of functional foods studied in human nutrition include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, prebiotics, and probiotics. The results of these studies have high
  9. Great, there are a few links on my post, in addition to the many links I have provided that show the recommendations and conclusions by those who spend their lives studying canine nutrition.
  10. It's really obnoxious that you request a study from us and claim there are dozens of studies on your side, but every link we send you is ignored and you have not provided a single study to back up your point. You ask us for studies, ignore what we share, then tell us to go find the studies you have read on Google Scholar. I'm going with what the consensus of experts in veterinary health, including my own veterinarian, recommend. I am feeding my dog Purina Pro Plan because it's been well-researched with long-term studies, and developed by animal nutrition experts. Here are some articl
  11. Hi everyone, Here is an informative link for understanding the DCM issue. I hope it helps some dog owners! https://taurinedcm.org/good-canine-nutrition-demands-good-science/?fbclid=IwAR1fxyeYYrfbN4lSDHyVFD6Z8-hRWSM9-rbMGde_cze2rxfo-iHA28s_4_c
  12. Bill, your source did not show that carbohydrates are detrimental to dogs, quite the opposite. My understanding is that "PMR" diets are not recommended by animal health experts. I think it's a fad diet along the lines of "paleo" for humans, to be honest. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/canine-corner/201703/dog-owners-are-wrong-about-the-health-benefits-raw-diets?page=1 https://www.avma.org/KB/Policies/Pages/Raw-or-Undercooked-Animal-Source-Protein-in-Cat-and-Dog-Diets.aspx
  13. Saying "full stop" is not the same as providing sources or references for any of your points. I am willing to believe that some dogs may not technically require carbohydrates in their diets, but do not believe that they are harmful as you say, and I believe they provide many benefits. Also, in my opinion, bone and organs is not really going to make an all-meat diet more balanced. We've asked you multiple times for any links to back up your opinions, but you have not given even one. I'm not going to continue arguing about it, and it's your right to feed your dog as you want, but please be care
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