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  1. They made my rebel dh go out in the hall when he refused to say the pledge with the class in 8th grade. lol This isn't a new issue. My homeschool kids learned it in 4H.
  2. A lovely picture! Thanks for sharing with us. Congratulations!
  3. Jean this cracks me up. It reminds me of a patient I had as a young nurse. The doctor approved coffee enemas at the patients request. After the first one,he wanted another but there was only so much coffee and the night shift was coming on. He got instant decaf. I never knew if he needed caffeine or not but I knew the night shift did.
  4. 20 years in dh's office, no sag and very well filled/over filled.
  5. I've read that the baby has been reunited with parents after getting health care.
  6. There’s a good idea, glittet sealer! Who knew? 😆
  7. If you've been taking care of siblings kids and love them it's not easy to say that you are going off for the day without them, too bad so sad. She knows the parents are not going to make this easier on anyone. However it gets sorted it sounds like she needs a break from all the childcare.
  8. I guess folks don’t understand how much health care costs can increase for all of us by not getting this under control.
  9. You remind me of my daughter. We went to a smaller conference with SWB when dd was a teen. She was beside herself to meet Susan!
  10. When I was 14 a group picked us up early in the morning . My mom alerted me so I was wearing appropriate clothing . She might want to sleep in her sweats . But the whole thing is off to me in the middle of the night .
  11. I have a glitter girl. We’ve used it , carefully, from time to time over the years. What a mess. And now I read it’s particularly bad for the environment.
  12. https://www.callie.com/personalized-name-night-light-for-children-01?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxMaY4cCz8gIVls3ICh3gsgkzEAQYBCABEgJ5dvD_BwE
  13. The Amish won't do well without the rides from neighbors, the cell phones some of them have or using a neighbors phone, chemicals used on their farms, modern health care, grocery stores etc. They have continued need for large amounts of inexpensive land without much zoning. These are all part of current very conservative Amish culture in our area.
  14. Who knew all this existed? https://theteapotshoppe.com/product-category/tea-sets-for-children-2. I've seen lovely childrens china tea sets, little like for dolls and a child can have a small amount, for not much money at local thrift stores.
  15. For a laugh, my feed has Washing a Cat followed by Jokes and Memes. That's how I feel about washing cats. haha
  16. I don't think money is a problem for her. 😉 it's great that she continues to speak up!
  17. They told me Tylenol and fluids. There isn’t much else one can do 😞. It gets better the next day.
  18. I've recently read a couple of things that suggest it's the end of the year or next year for our precious little ones to have vaccine access.
  19. I just watched this with my sil and his parents this week. Dsil and his father had a different memory than mom did. She smiled , held her ground, and said, "I don't remember it that way." I'm thinking she was probably right. My sister and my daughter remember a lot of detail. I don't give either of them 100% accuracy . lol
  20. I agree about the driving. I always take a train to NYC.
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