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  1. I'm so sorry, Susan. Haven't been on the boards in a long while, but news travels and I just want to let you know that you have lots of "old regulars" praying for you.
  2. Hey Chris- I'll try to find the picture. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I don't get on here much. Hope you are all doing well! :)

  3. Hey Chris! I miss you, too. Don't hang around the boards much, but I happened to see this post and had to say hi. Wish I still had the pic on our computer, but I can't find it. Someone posted one that looks very similar, if not the same. We're in CA, now. Probably headed back your way in a few years. Are you on facebook? Look for me, I'm there. Laura
  4. Great Books 1. Here is the book list: The Iliad The Odyssey The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories Aeschylus 1 Sophocles 1 The Landmark Thucydides The Persian Expedition Plato: Six Great Dialogues The Basic Works of Aristotle
  5. My dd will be taking Great Books 1 with Schola Tutorials. We're planning on using TOG for History/Bible. Has anyone done this? If your dc is taking a Great Books tutorial (with anyone), do you use anything "extra" for History? If so, please share. TIA!
  6. This is one of my dd's favorite books! We've made the bread from the recipe in the back of the book several times!
  7. Thanks for your input, Kate. I have all of the d'Aulaire books and have been thinking of using Beautiful Feet with my youngest. I think we'll be doing this next year! :)
  8. Praying for you! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  9. My dad has colon cancer and should find out Tuesday what stage, etc.. I'm looking for book suggestions about colon cancer. They need to be available on Amazon since I live overseas. Thanks.
  10. I think it's a year-long course. The TPS website does not mention it being only a semester long. HTH
  11. I can look around when I'm out and I'll let you know if I find any. Which set are you wanting to buy? I would have to mail them to you via USPS Priority mail or it would take about 2 months for you to get them. It may be a week or so before I have a chance to look for them.
  12. We used one of the history books for a very brief time. I'm not sure if it was 4th or 5th grade. Since Rod & Staff is a Mennonite curriculum, it focuses quite a bit on nonresistance, and this focus deterred me from continuing with it. Have you looked at the Table of Contents for the 8th grade book? There are a lot of chapters that have sections covering nonresistance during each time period. It may not be an important factor for you, but I thought I'd share. HTH
  13. It's been about 5 years since we used it and we did not buy a kit. I don't recall there being anything that I had a hard time finding.
  14. I believe the clear majority believe it *is* helping the child (and perhaps many other children), by alerting the authorities. Allowing the child to be in a home where this type of behavior is occurring, is most definitely not "helping".
  15. I would call the police and tell them your concerns. Too many red flags for me to ignore it. You mentioned that the same thing occurred 5 years ago, which means there is still a problem. The child is at risk, in my opinion.
  16. I posted several quotes where they spoke of such things in Aubrey's thread.
  17. Lots of families use SOTW secularly. Have you had a chance to see the book? I would not classify SOTW as specifically Christian.
  18. Here are a few quotes from 2 of the 3 books I checked out of the library. I really don't want to read the 3rd book, but if anyone needs even more quotes, I may oblige. Progressivism, the Great Depression, and the New Deal (1901-1941) p.22 "By 1900, if not before, it had become obvious to many thoughtful people that too many Americans were not getting their fair share of the growing American prosperity." p.30 "Although there were some improvements, farmers, laborers, and the poor were still not getting anything like their fair share of the nation's wealth." p.31 "But t
  19. I looked at the sample on Biblioplan's site and I would just use the maps in SOTW's activity guide. :)
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