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  1. Thank you all for the kind words. I am very grateful! I'm still not sure I have the entire posting thing figured out, so hopefully everyone will forgive any blunders. Jean, I really miss you, and the rest of the ECH group! The fact I want my children to study a foreign language in elementary school seems to make my very odd! Have a lovely day!
  2. PSP stands for "Private School Satellite Program". From what I understand the ways to homeschool legally in California are by filing your own affidavit (which terrifies me) or using a PSP. The PSP maintains your records, provides testing, etc. Some also have teachers that meet with you to provide help and ensure that you are making progress. I know there are also Charter Schools which I realize can be somewhat controversial in some homeschooling circles. I moved from a state that only required me to fill out an "intent to homeschool" form each year and have my child tested each year. Consequently, having someone dictate what history I need to study each year seems very strange to me. Especially, when I do not see the wonderful SOTW on the list.
  3. We are actually in Villa Park. I couldn't handled the density of some areas in Orange County, and I was so delighted to actually find space and some trees. The winters in Chicago must seem brutal to you. It is a huge change for us, but we are hoping that it will be a great thing for our family.
  4. Sorry to keep pestering everyone with my questions! As I mentioned previously I recently moved to Orange County, and I am trying to figure out how to legally homeschool. I would probably prefer to file with a PSP, but I am trying to research all of the options. If you school through a Charter School, do you have to follow the California scope and sequence? I looked at the 5th grade history requirements, and they aren't even close to what we are studying in history. I am starting to panic that I am going to have to change all of our curriculum or that someone will determine we are "behind". I met with CHEP, and the teacher thought that probably wouldn't be a good fit because I already had all my materials. I know Charter Schools allow more flexibility in choosing your own curriculum; however, many of the things we are studying do not match the state requirements. Also, when I was reading the list at Julien Charter School, it was daunting. Maybe there is a disconnect between what I think they mean and what they actually mean. Someone of the items seemed much higher level thinking than what I would expect from a 5th grader. Do they have to take a huge final at the end of the year demonstrating all of their knowledge, or is it just pass a chapter test with one sentence answers? How big is the research paper the student is expected to write? I moved from a very good school district and worked with many, many different students over the years. I maybe had one student in 5th grade that could have told me what an appositive was. Fortunately, we have learned that with Rod & Staff and MCT. Are the California schools that accelerated? I would love any words of wisdom and encouragement! I am starting to feel desperate, and I truly feel like I have failed my son. Many thanks!
  5. I recently moved to Orange County, CA from Washington State, and I am struggling to find a PSP that is a good fit. (I will post my questions about Charter Schools in a separate thread.) Are there any classical PSPs in Orange County? Since we are new to the area, I was hoping for a PSP that also had classes. The PSPs that I have found with classes seem to have very strict requirements about parenting or other issues that seem to have nothing to do with education. I am a Christian and am fine with a Christian group, but my educational goals seem to be very different from the few groups I have visited. (I was very spoiled by some of the people in the Seattle area, and I am really missing them!) I am located close to Orange but am willing to drive a reasonable distance for a good fit. My children are 5th grade and 1st grade. Thank you for any assitance that you can offer!
  6. I have been a long-time lurker; however, I have finally broken down and registered. This is my first post, and I am very nervous! I am the Mom of two wonderful children and am fortunate to have a great husband. I have been trying (with varying degress of success) to homeschool classically since my ds was in Kindergarten. We have recently moved from Washington State, and I have many questions about homeschooling in California. I will post my questions in another thread, and I would greatly appreciate the collective wisdom of The Hive. Warmest Regards.
  7. This is a test post. No need to respond. Thank you.
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