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  1. The junk mail/bulk mail does not get forwarded. However, most companies get address updates from the post office, so it will eventually get to you after a few months. You will also receive the previous occupants junk mail/bulk mail since it can't be forwarded to them. Consequently, you still get junk mail!
  2. Freeze it, make lasagna, or baked ziti. Have a wonderful day, Jean!
  3. I had a piano studio, and I, along with most other music teachers I know, had a very similar policy to FaithManor. My kids also have taken art classes, and we had to pay in advance. The ballet studio we used one year made the parent initial every single bullet point on the contract as well as sign the contract. This was done at the studio. Any co-op that we have been involved with required payment in advance, and the teachers always had lists with payment information. Couldn't you provide your husband with a spreadsheet with the payment information? If the name isn't on the list, the student can sit in the back of the class and observe. Maybe you need to ask these people how they would feel if their employer didn't pay them for their work. I actually had to use that analogy with one family before they finally got my point. They seemed to think that being a private instructor wasn't an actually job. I guess I was supposed to do it for free. Unfortunately, you need to be very firm with people at the beginning, or some people will take advantage of you. Once you have a good relationship with them, you can tweak your payment policy if needed. Good luck collecting!
  4. Warm thoughts and prayers. (I was the blonde that attended ECH and was always very interested in your daughter's piano.) I miss all you wonderful ladies! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  5. My sister-in-law has attended a church for quite some time that is like this. The men's events have no children with great catered food. The women's events are with children, and the women are supposed to bring their favorite foods and help with the clean-up. She HAS never quite understood that either!! I hope you find something that can encourage you. It is so difficult to find your place in a new church or community. (We moved 1,200 miles about 6 months ago, and it is HARD!!)
  6. Absolutely not! It is very fun for kids, but it is VERY loud. I think you can get better food elsewhere for less money.
  7. Wells Fargo is regulated by the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency). They have a website that might be helpful to you occ.gov and another site where you can file a complaint helpwithmybank.gov. If they actually denied the account for credit reasons (or lack of credit reasons), there is Regulation B (Regulation 202) that you can read to understand the rules, or to see if the bank is following the rules. You can search for this Regulation, and it will come up at the FDIC site. Best of luck!
  8. I live very close to Disneyland (east about 7 miles) in Villa Park, CA. I recently moved here, so I haven't met any other remotely classical homeschoolers. If the location works for others, and you have other people to invite; I would be glad to offer my home. Let me know if you want me to send in my info. Warmest Regards!
  9. I love, love, love wild blackberries; however, I would strongly encourage you NOT to plant wild blackberries. The blackberries/marionberries that you can buy at a nursery and plant may not taste can't as fantastic as the wild varieties, but they will not take over your yard in one summer. You really do not want to have wild blackberries in your yard. They grow at an alarming rate and can get out of hand rapidly. It can take several years to actually get rid of the blackberries once they seed in your yard. I used to live very close to Jean, and blackberries were technically a "noxious weed" in our area. The county didn't fine people because they were so difficult to control. We bought a vacant, blackberry infested lot next to our former home. We hired someone with a tractor to grade the property and remove the blackberries; we brought in 6 dump truck loads of dirt and planted grass. My husband kept it looking beautiful; however, we still had blackberries coming up after 7 years of weekly mowings, using chemcials to kill the berries, and digging the berries up by hand. Each year the problem decreased, but it still was a problem. The taste, however, is divine!
  10. Are you filing anything on a Schedule C? The SE tax is calculated on an amount before some deductions are subtracted from your income. Good luck with your taxes. I always get really grumpy when I am doing our taxes!
  11. Ann, You are very welcome. Do not hesitate to contact me. When is your official move date? Our home is Washington sold within 2 days, so I definitely was in panic mode for awhile! Warmest Regards!
  12. Ann, I just moved from Kirkland, WA to Villa Park, CA (close to Tustin, Orange, Anaheim, etc). We also wanted a yard and a decent garage--those can be very difficult to find. I would recommend that you look at any properties on a satellite map. (Some real estate sites such as Zip Realty have this feature, but you can also use Google or MapQuest.) Many of the homes with larger lots are on hills, so much of the property isn't usable. Also, we found that some of the homes with better pricing were either in TERRIBLE condition or next to massive power lines, on a major road, next to a school, etc. You definitely want to be aware of HOA dues and the Mello-Roos (spelling) tax. Not all areas have these, and it can make a big difference in your monthly expenditures. A big difference that I noticed between the Puget Sound area and Orange County is there is a much bigger difference between the quality of schools and neighborhoods within the same city. When I lived in Kirkland, WA, there were no bad schools or bad neighborhoods. (This was true of all the Eastside.) However, in Orange County you can go from a great school and great neighborhood to terrible schools and terrible neighborhood within the space of a few miles. This can make real estate shopping on-line difficult. Regarding homeschooling, I personally think homeschooling was easier in the Seattle area. Hen Jen was very sweet and helpful to me, and I really appreciate her help!! I found it much easier to find rigorous homeschool groups in the Seattle area. (I don't know if that was the Microsoft influence or what.) Many of the groups that I have found down here also seem to have ALOT of rules that seemed to have nothing to do with homeschooling. I wish you the best in your adventure. Moving is so much work, and I trust it goes very smoothly for your family. Feel free to ask me any other questions. I am the newbie here, but we looked at homes from San Juan Capistrano to Yorba Linda and everything in-between!
  13. :grouphug::grouphug: to you Arliemarie and your precious sister!
  14. You have received some great advice. I would add that you do not want to have any dirty dishes or wet towels when the packers arrive. We recently had a corporate move that took 2.5 days to pack plus 2 days to load. I arranged with our coordinator for the packers to start with the books, china, tools, etc. and save the kitchen and bedrooms for day 2; however, the packers refused to do that. Consequently, I was madly trying to do the dishes as the packer was packing my kitchen. Make sure you keep one bathroom with soap, toilet paper, and paper towels and mark them as "do not pack". They will pack those unless they are marked otherwise. Oversee the packing of the bedding. They were supposed to keep the bedding together; however, part of our bedding was in our daughter's bedroom in a box marked "toys". That is very frustrating when it is very late, and you are very tired. it would be very helpful if your kids could be somewhere else! Best of luck with your move!
  15. I will agree that space heaters are terrible power hogs. However, where we live using 1964 kw would cost about $525, and the power company has requested a rate increase again next year. Once you are over 347 kw, the rates range from $0.24 - $0.31/kWh...brutal! Then there is the gas bill to pay on top of that. I will admit I just about fainted from the power bills when I first moved here--4 months ago! Good luck getting your energy usage down.
  16. My not quite 11 year old figured it out within a few minutes. However, we have done Math Olympiad and the Singapore Intensive Practice Challenging problems which I think helps with problem solving skills. I am absolutely not a "mathy" person and am in absolute awe of the brain power of many of the people on this board. However, I think everyone can benefit from these types of problems. At least that is my current theory--I will probably be proved completely wrong on many things. ;)
  17. Patty Joanna you make me laugh!! I trust that you are doing well--I miss you and the other wonderful ECH ladies!! Hugs to all of us struggling with this issue!!
  18. I think both Elizabeth and JudoMom have great ideas, and I will do what JudoMom does. However, one thing I have done that helped both of my children tremendously is to play the CDs. We listen to the CD in the car, and I have them listen in their room while playing. Generally they have already listened to the chapter 2 - 3 times before I read it to them and ask them questions. This has also seemed to help with long-term retention. I do not do the entire chapter in one day. I read a section (after they have heard it on CD), and then we do the questions and narration. I usally read the entire chapter again after we have finished the map work, questions, and narrations. I highly recommend all the wonderful book sections in the Activity Guide to aid in retention. Good Luck!
  19. We love audio books in our house, and I think they really helped my daughter become more confident in her reading. My kids figured out how to use a tape player at a fairly young age, and I kept the "kid" tape player and tapes in the bottom of their closet or on the bottom shelf of their book case. At times I made my children follow along with the book while listening, but other times they just listened to the stories while coloring or building trains and LEGOS. Definitely keep the books once the tapes wear out. Of course, I don't like parting with any books! :001_smile: I also liked the option mentioned of putting them on CD and numbering the books. Enjoy!!
  20. Hugs to you, Jean!! I would be going out for lunch also! Hope you have a great rest of the week!! T
  21. Wow!! Thank you very much. The sale prices still worked as of 9:15 PT. I just bought myself a present or two!
  22. The kids still talk about the Alamo play. We found our flags that we made when we moved. I hope that you are finally feeling better!:grouphug:
  23. MyLittleWonders, thank you for sending the links. I thought I read somewhere that I had to swear that I was qualified to teach all subjects in order to file the affidavit. (Of course, I can't find that now.) I am fine for the elementary years, but I am definitely not "qualified" to teach upper level math or science classes. Is this even an issue? I have a tendency to worry about things--fortunately my husband is more reasonable! I didn't realize what a "rebel" I was until I started seeing all of the rules everyone wanted me to follow. I really like Singapore math and don't really want to change that!
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