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  1. In addition to dealing with the medical issues, you need to address the legal issues if at all possible. Who will make medical decisions when the person is unable to make them for themselves? Should assets be taken out of the individuals's name? Should someone else to be added to the accounts, house, etc? Should someone take over the bill paying, etc? If this person is still driving, should his/her license be revoked? Many counties will have a senior/elder care group that you can talk to and get additional information or at least some items to consider. If you can find a support group in your area, they often have great resources also. These are not easy conversations to have but not addressing them can be catastrophic. I wish you the best as you navigate this challenging situation.
  2. Our average charges per kWh are: First 300 kWh: $0.13. From 301-400 kWh: $0.16. From 401-600 kWh: $0.27. Anything over 600: $0.31. Our electric bill is always over $300 and then we have a gas bill on top of that. The COL is quite high where we are.
  3. I am an annual pass holder, and the crowds at Disney seem to always be bad and some times are truly dreadful. The only times we managed to get on the Radiator Springs Racers ride (which is our favorite) was when we were able to get in the park an hour before opening. The fast passes for that ride can be gone within an hour of the park opening, and there have been days (not holidays) when the wait for the ride was 2.5 hours. If you can get a fast pass, the line can be over 45 minutes to get the fast pass. I know more than one annual pass holder that won't be renewing their passes because the crowds have become too great. I think there are many wonderful things to do in Southern California besides Disney that won't be as crowded and will cost less money. Have a fabulous time whatever you decide to do!
  4. I think the amount a person spends is very personal. It depends on how well you know the person and your own financial situation. However, your gift sounds perfect to me and sounds like a gift I would purchase. I always give books for babies. Books were some of my favorite gifts as a new mom. Enjoy the baby!
  5. In my area the house on 1/4 acre would run 1.25 - 1.5 million to be in a good neighborhood. For a smaller lot or less desirable neighborhood, you could get under a million. However, closer to the beach would be even higher.
  6. G5052 comments are all great. I also had my quarterly taxes withheld from my husband's paycheck. My record-keeping was also very similar. I required payment in advance with 30 days' notice if they were going to discontinue lessons. This may not exactly work with your situation, but I found people to be much less flakey if they had paid a deposit and paid in advance. I always had a contract that detailed my policies--this avoids most confusion. Warmest regards,
  7. I was paid directly by many different families for several years. As far as the federal income taxes went, I filed a Schedule C, Schedule SE, and any other required forms/schedules which could change depending upon what happened that year (purchases, IRA contributions, etc) along with our 1040 form. If you use Turbo Tax, it will walk you through all of the tax forms. Your particular state/county/city may have license requirements and/or taxes and fees. If your income is small, usually it isn't too bad. I never found it to be that difficult--it was just tons of paperwork. Do NOT get behind on your paperwork. I always seemed to get behind on my bookkeeping around the Holidays. You can set up a SIMPLE IRA to save on Federal Income Tax--you will still have to pay SE tax which used to be 15.3%. It wouldn't hurt to have a consult with an accountant to ensure that you have filled out all of the proper forms and file all the proper taxes and to put your mind at ease. I consulted an accountant every few years when I had a question, but I filed my own taxes and did all my own paperwork. Have fun! Teaching can be so rewarding! Warmest regards,
  8. Another free item is the Griffith Observatory and Park. You could take a picnic and have it on the grounds plus take a hike after seeing the exhibits. Parking is challenging but the driver could drop everyone off at the top of the hill with lunch and then go park the car. We love both Getty Museums. You can also take a picnic and eat it on the grounds. They will keep your lunch for you in the coat check room until you are ready to eat. Have fun!
  9. You can also contact Chemical's regulatory agency. If they are a state-chartered bank, it will be the state in which the charter is held. (I'm not sure if this Chemical Bank is the Financial company chartered in Michigan.) If they are a National Bank, it will be the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The regulatory agency can often get action or answers for you because banks definitely want to keep them happy. Good Luck!
  10. I don't have any recommendations for you, but I wanted to congratulate you on your citizenship! We are thrilled to have you here!!
  11. Fantastic job to your daughter for working so incredibly hard and to you for preparing her so thoroughly!! Congratulations!
  12. I think this sounds like a positively, lovely idea! Let me know the time and place, and I will be there. I haven't had a chance to figure out the schedule yet because of rehearsals and recitals.
  13. Thank you both for your help! I feel so completely inadequate some days--I'm glad there are helpful people here with functioning brain cells. Have a beautiful day!
  14. Can you tell me how you solved it? I was getting a much higher number. Thanks for the speedy math minds! My brain is positively fried today!!
  15. All Ye Brilliant Math Minds, I would really appreciate help with a math problem. I am too tired and too math deficient to trust my answer. Problem: How many combinations can you get with the following? A1....A10 B1....B4 C1....C4 D1....D4 E1....E4 Each combination will include an A_, B_, C_, D_, E_ but order does not matter. This is not a problem from a book. My husband is trying to figure out something at work. Thanks for your help!!
  16. We live in Southern California and also have a tiered rate. Our rates are as follows: Tier 1: 294 kWh = $0.13/kWh Tier 2: 88 kWh = $0.16 Tier 3: 206 kWh = $0.24 Tier 4: 294 kWh = $0.26 Tier 5: Once you've reached 882 kWh = $0.31 It makes for some rather spendy electric bills!!
  17. Thank you for posting! Glad it was a good experience. Does Greg Landry teach all the lab intensives?
  18. Thank you, Sawuk. Anyone else? Hope everyone is having a great day!!
  19. DianeW, thank you for the very thorough response and comparison. I greatly appreciate it!! I will let you know if I have more questions. Warmest regards,
  20. Thank you, MomatHWTK. Does anyone else have any comments or suggestions? Warmest regards,
  21. Thank you, Minniewannabe. I appreciate your list. Does anyone else have any suggestions? We are somewhat flexible on the days--we are trying to decide how long we are going to stay. We have 4 days paid, and we will at least stay a week. Thanks!!
  22. We are going to be in Orlando in June, and I think it would be great to see the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral--even if I miss a few things at WDW. Are the tours worth taking, or is it better to explore on your own? According to the website, it takes 2 days to do both tours, and I'm not sure if we will have 2 days to devote to this portion of the trip. If we only have 1 day, what would you recommend? I would appreciate any BTDT advice. Warmest regards,
  23. I know that many of you are experts at the entire WDW experience, and I would appreciate your help. My husband has a conference in Orlando in June, so we are going to take the family for a vacation. Is it necessary to schedule food, or can you just eat whenever/wherever the mood strikes? We are not foodies by any stretch--my children are happiest with fruit, peanut butter, and mac & cheese. Are there plenty of "quick" places to eat? We live very close to Disneyland, so I was thinking of skipping the Magic Kingdom piece. Would you recommend this? Is there any point to Downtown Disney? We are not big shoppers--is there any other reason to go to Downtown Disney? Is Hollywood Studios a must see? We are not big TV/movie people and based on where we live--I would think I could maybe do some of that at home. I would really like to go see the Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral if I can make it work. (I will post a separate thread about that.) Thanks for all your help! Have a lovely day!!
  24. What bank is this? All banks are regulated by some agency, and this is definitely something that should be reported. If you give me the name of the bank, I should be able to find out where to report them. If you want I can try to find out the actual regulation that would apply to this situation. Best of Luck!
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