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  1. I would love to know more about this as well. I was thinking of CC for my dd when she hit 11th or 12th grade. I will send you a PM.
  2. I haven't carefully read every single reply (sorry!), but please go get your heart checked out. My dh had absolutely NO markers for heart disease and appeared to be super healthy. However, he had a heart attack about 6 months ago. He had 100% blockage in his dominant artery. He was complaining that he was out-of-shape and got super winded whenever he exerted himself which made no sense to me because he was always active. However, it was his heart. Fortunately, because he was always active, his heart had created other robust circulatory pathways which prevented him from having major heart damage. I pray it is NOT your heart. However, I never would have believed my dh was having heart issues, so I do not want you to ignore that. I trust you are able to find help soon and that it is something easy to correct.
  3. Sorry for the delay in responding. Between sickness, taxes, and life, I didn't see this message until last night. I apologize for the error in my original post! My son is currently a college freshman, so this information was from last year. He informed me that he was waitlisted at UCSD as well. He applied everywhere as an engineering major but is currently a Data Analytics major. His AP tests were in French, Spanish, Calc, & Physcis C Mechanics. He turned down the waitlist offers. We didn't want to jeopardize big scholarship opportunities at other schools for a "maybe chance" at a UC school. If I remember correctly, it was going to be mid-July before he was notified if he made the cut which obviously is too late for other schools. Because of his NMF status, he was offered full rides at 2 Texas schools and full tuition at 2 other Texas schools. (He didn't apply at any other NMF schools.) He was also offered the Presidential Scholarship at Chapman University which is where he decided to attend. His second choice was probably UTD--they definitely made him a VERY attractive offer. Best wishes to all of you as you make final decisions!! It is an exciting yet stressful time!
  4. Congrats to those admitted to a UC school!! My ds applied for the 2017-2018 school year and was waitlisted at UCI & UCSD, denied at UCLA, and was accepted at Cal Poly SLO. He was a NMF, had 4 AP exams, Math Level 2 Subject Test (800), Lit Subject Test (760), plus Medals for National Latin Exams and National Spanish Exams. The top UC schools are obviously very competitive, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!! The admit/reject offers often do not make sense to me. 😉 Fortunately, ds was offered very generous scholarships at other schools which actually made them less expensive than a UC school. Big hugs as you navigate the college application process!! I personally found it exhausting!
  5. Thank you!! I just didn't want to jeopardize anything!! You are always so helpful!!
  6. Yikes! Just when I am ready to upload all the documentation to the Common App, I realized that I forgot to include PE on our course descriptions. PE is on the transcript because it is required by the state; however, no school ds is applying to requires PE. Should I revise the course description, or not worry about it? Thanks as always from the wonderful and wise advice from this board! I wouldn't have made it through this process without everyone's help!!
  7. It seems that many of you used one of the transcript slots for course descriptions. How then did you handle the following question under the Home School tab of the CA? Did you just say "See Course Descriptions"? If the student has taken courses from a distance learning program, traditional secondary school, or institution of higher education, please list the course title and content, sponsoring institution, instruction setting and schedule, and frequency of interactions with instructors and fellow students (once per day, week, etc.). In addition, if the student has taken any standardized testing other than those listed on page 2 of the Common Application, please also describe below. Also, what qualifies as a homeschooler's assocation? Are you a member of a homeschooler's association? I'm sure I am over-thinking this entire thing, but I do NOT want to mess up. My son is a MNMSF, so I haven't completely ruined his life; but everyone else's course descriptions and homeschool journeys sound so much more amazing than mine/ours that I become filled with doubt! : ) Thank you for your help!!
  8. It was a second math/supplement to the "regular" AoPS books. He is definitely NOT lacking in credits, so I don't need to list it. I was just wondering how most people handled it. Thanks for the responses.
  9. I am currently working on my son's NM application and transcript and am not sure how to list AoPS Volume I: The Basics & Volume 2: and Beyond. Did you list it as a separate course? If so, how many credits did you assign for the course? Thank you for your help!
  10. I am currently working on the NM application and have a few questions: 1. Do you write anything in the school profile comments? If so, can you give me some examples? 2. Can you only enter the transcript after completing the school profile section? 3. Do you only list AP classes on the school profile section if the class is approved by the College Board? (DS has a few courses that are AP compatible but not College Board approved, so I wasn't sure if I should mark it on the AP section or Highest Level Courses.) 4. Do you list an AP course if your student didn't take the exam? (DS took AP Calculus AB through Derek Owens but did not sit for the exam.) Thank you for any help and words of wisdom.
  11. I just sent a PM regarding the Fishbane text. Thank you!
  12. We have decided to use the Campbell Biology: Concepts and Connections Text with Mastering Biology. For those that have used the program, Did you purchase directly from Pearson? Did you purchase the Instructor's Guide? If so, was it helpful? (I wasn't sure if it was necessary if we were purchasing "Mastering Biology".) If you ordered directly from Pearson, are there any challenges as a homeschooler? Is there a lab kit that works well with this program? We do not want to do dissections! I found a few syllabi online which is great; however, I am not a whiz at Biology so I can always use additional help!! Thank you in advance for your assistance. Warmest regards!
  13. Wow!! Thank you!! You obviously spent a great deal of time and money researching this topic, and I appreciate your willingness to share with the rest of us!! Warmest regards,
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