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  1. Hi, I have a similar issue. My left ureter is completely blocked. I had a stent in 2017 and developed “stent colic.” I had a significant amount of pain from the stent and never really got comfortable with it. After 2.5 mos my urologist declared I wasn’t a good stent candidate and removed the stent. He said some people feel discomfort initially but after a month or so it gets better. He said another option would be to change out the stent and, in doing so, it may reduce the pain. I am sorry you’re having pain, I remember it well. Best of luck
  2. Hi there, I don’t post very often but I’ve been a member/lurker for many years. I’ve had cancer twice— as a child and as an adult. That certainly colors my advice. In 2016 I was dx with stage 3 endometrial and stage 4 ovarian cancers. I was treated at Sloan Kettering in NYC. Sloan has a reputation for being aggressive and I chose the most aggressive treatment offered. I had no choice on the surgery, it was an automatic tah-bso but with chemo I chose the most aggressive treatment (dose dense chemotherapy versus standard protocol). In your shoes I would go for a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction. Given the extent of disease in one breast I would be concerned that there is already imperceptible disease in your other breast. I believe you mentioned there may be bone mets as well, that would only strengthen my decision to have a bilateral mastectomy. Have you had your tumors genetically mapped yet? I would discuss this with your surgeon and medical oncologist. Are you estrogen or progesterone positive? HER2 negative or positive? I am so sorry you’re dealing with this. I know only too well the emotions that follow a cancer diagnosis. My best, Ryan
  3. By Chloe is a vegan fast food restaurant and bakery with locations on Bleecker St and Union Sq. Juice Press, multiple locations, is vegan and has juices, smoothies, soups and salads. Any sushi place will be good as long as you avoid the soy. There are a few frites restaurants, especially in the village, that are vegan and gluten free. Digg Inn has multiple locations serving vegan, gluten free foods as well as meats and grains. Little Beat and Little Beat Table have a similar set up as does Roast Kitchen. The majority of thos restaurants have locations around midtown. I'd personally avoid Senza Gluten in the village, as the old joke goes, "the food is bad, expensive, and the portions are so small ;)" keste pizza on Bleecker St is supposed to have the best gluten free crust and plenty of non-dairy toppings. Hope this helps!
  4. Yes, to both. I live in the West Village so Chelsea Market is local to me. The Italian import shop is fun. Certainly worth it to say you've been but not places I frequent especially considering Bouchon Bakery is in Rockefeller Center! Now, Little Prince and Wallse....
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